Elsa Marie Dsilva: The Women Safety Enthusiast Who Chose To Work For The Need Of The Hour

According to the United Nations Women, one out of every three women faces some kind of sexual assault at least once in their span of life. Governments are other various agencies are trying to bring in change and laws regarding the same making women aware and confident about standing up for themselves but still the way to go is quite long. a lot of non-governmental agencies are also pitching their ideas in order to make the world a better place for women to reside and move around freely without having to worry about their safety. However, the story seems too far to be true.

When Elsa considered her approach towards women safety, she could neglect what women have to face because she being a woman was best at understanding what it meant to feel unsafe all the time. So, she chose to find and create a platform for women where they can freely talk about what they had to face and what can be done about that. She came up with SafeCity. She is the CEO and also the founder of SafeCity. It is one such organization which uses crowdsourced data to create awareness amongst women about sexual assault, harassment, and abuse.

SafeCity was founded by Elsa in the year 2012. The organization presently represents in our country as well as in some other countries as well. Elsa is a trained counselor. However, when she made up her mind to work for the safety of women, she changed her mind and also her career and became a way to create a social space to aid in the enhancement and improvement of the lives of the women across the globe. So far, her journey has been tremendous. Despite all the ups and downs, she faced in switching careers, leaving her job and career choice, and turning herself towards these issues has seen a lot. however, above all, she still chose to follow her heart and her passion and made all the women out there proud.

Noticing her inspiring story and journey, Elsa has won a lot of awards as well. she won the title of Digital Women Award in Social Impact and ‘Female Entrepreneur Award’ (2013). Her concept and vision hold great power to transform the condition of women all over the world. SafeCity is a flagship program where she and her team encourage people to talk about their personal stories about sexual harassment, and abuse or violence.

She herself encourages women to report about the things that have happened to them even if it was to be done anonymously. Their aim is to provide information which they have with them to the people so that their situational awareness and the process of decision making regarding their safety can improve and be made better. her journey is quite futuristic in approach and probably she will continue to serve people the same way with her entrepreneur model. Her courage is a remark that despite what she and other women have been through, their journey towards becoming better each day must never stop!

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