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Around 15 years ago, when web hosting was still an “alien terrain” for the non-technical website owners, a web hosting company made its humble beginning with the name of EverData Technologies. It started out modestly but was guided by healthy ambitions, clear objectives and a keen adherence to integrity. Today after a span of around 11 years and several milestones to be proud of,  the journey has been positively phenomenal. A lot has been achieved, a lot more is waiting…..!
A Vital Juncture of achievements and aspirations
Right from hosting websites for local home-businesses through meeting the crucial digital needs of the reputed international universities EverData technologies is successfully catering to diverse clients. Counted as one of the most promising web hosting companies, the company is presently at a vital juncture where it can be proud of having successfully achieved several milestones but still aspires to touch new heights of innovation and make a meaningful impact on the industry as well as society.
What does it offer?
EverData Technologies offers a host of traditional as well as new age purpose specific web hosting packages to meet the diverse needs of our clients without any budget restrictions. Each of the hosting plan comprises of several packages with different prices and features to further widen the choice menu.
Shared Hosting
Shared hosting plans are best for the beginners but equally good for established businesses with modest digital needs. The clients can enjoy the power of sharing. EverData Technologies offers world-class hardware, best management, and excellent user experience:

  • Cost Efficient
  • Managed Allocation
  • Unlimited happiness

VPS Hosting
For the websites experiencing frequent outages it is the time to upgrade their hosting plan for offering the dedicated resources by opting for VPS hosting plans.

  • Dedicated Resources
  • Better privacy
  • More Security
  • Better control
  • Option of Managed/unmanaged packages

Dedicated Server
When the business has reached the greater heights, it is the time to celebrate but at the same time one needs to be cautious. A minor lack of resources for a little time means disappointing a large number of the global audience! Likewise, there is a need of the airproof security against DDoS and such sophisticated attacks! For that purpose EverData offers dedicated hosting solutions:

  • Full Privacy
  • Resilient protection
  • Well-managed support
  • Backups and more

Apart from the above mentioned plans the company also offers purpose-specific plans as well:

  • SAP Application Hosting Services
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Jelastic Cloud
  • SSD Hosting
  • SEO Hosting
  • Java Hosting
  • Collocation Services (Full Rack and Shared Rack Services)
  • Domain Registration, Reselling and Transfer

Major Strengths
There are dozens of reasons that establish our identity as one of the leading web hosting partner offering the best hosting services for diverse clients and industries. Here are the Top 7 reasons to choose us as your preferred web hosting partner:
Experienced Company

  • EverData holds a vast and versatile experience of 15 years and have worked closely with numerous global clientele ranging from start-ups to MNCs. It has gifted the company with required skills to provide specific hosting needs of diverse clientele for meeting their specific needs, industry and budget.


  • Everdata Technologies is committed to offer democratic opportunities to diverse online businesses irrespective of budget, industry and corporate status. Its Fair Price Guarantee ensures that our hosting packages should be affordable across different budget groups. Besides, the company keep on revising our plans to ensure that our clients should continue enjoying the competitive prices…Always.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee 

  • EverData Technologies are practical to the core and offers 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. If the client is not satisfied, the company would happily return your money!

Own Multiple Datacenters Worldwide

  • The company owns private Datacenter in Jaipur, the most favourable location that is among the safest geographical locations in India. Besides, the city is home to the best IT talent available at most economical prices. The business friendly ambiance of the government further reduces the costs that allow the company to pass on the benefits to our clients.

24/7 Support 

  • The company has an in-house team of customer support experts for the world class assistance and quick resolution. You can contact us via ticket, email, chat or phone. The support team offers the prompt and precise responses to all your queries and issues.

Dedicated Server Management 

  • As the company’s team comprises of a number of competent professionals to take full care of every aspect of IT infrastructure, a client will never have to worry about the monitoring or managing the server. The company promises full ownership of all your dedicated server needs so that you can concentrate fully on your business.

Latest Technology 

  • The company is serious about offering the best experience to our clients. With the help of a streamlined and healthy Research ambiance to ensure that every latest technology should be wisely integrated into the ecosystem to guarantee better performance, lower prices and enhanced user experience.

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