Ferrat Destine: A Rising Entrepreneurial Mastermind

Experiences have become a decisive part of our lives. Wherever we go, and whatever we do becomes our experience. It is always good to learn new things, because It helps us decide our path in life, and determine what we’re good at. Virtuous or depraved, experiences create room for improvement into a version of ourselves so that we can thrive, and become something better in future. Our experiences combined forms the stories of our lives. The stories might be too beautiful to be true or a bit uneventful with lots of adventure and excitement, although, not everyone appreciates the hurdles in a monotonous life.

It is a journey that is never going to be meek. Life was never a bed of roses for Ferrat Destine. He’s a man with many stories. He was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, where people often called him the project man for sharing ideas and building initiatives. Despite trying and failing several times in a row, he remained determined to accomplish his ambition. Ferrat wanted to share and build artistically. Later in his life, he published the first Haitian photo novel ‘Les Dessous Inavoues’ with the support of Sogebank.

Destine is a father, a friend and a counsellor. He does his best to help people in whatever way he can. He attended Union County College, where he studied information system and technology. He later transferred to Rutgers University in Newark, where he gave up studies, after a year. In his early college days, his life was rough and he had a lot on his plate. It was difficult for him to support his family and focus on his studies simultaneously. His father, being an entrepreneur himself, motivated him to reach where he is now.

With life so bare, he had very limited people around. Some of them were his advisors like Professor Patrick Etienne, Pastor Elmera Jean Tira, his brother Jeff and George Lesly. He hadn’t even had a mentor or a person who he could look up to. His entrepreneurial journey began with his love for solving problems for his customers. Today his company is surely one of the best service providers in the industry. Ferrats achievement makes him a multi-talented writer as well as a successful CEO of Impress Service LLC.

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