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Harun Nawzadi Shares his Success Story on Real-Estate, YouTube, and Trading

Millennial Entrepreneur, Harun Nawzadi, went through the typical white-collar lifestyle. Just like everyone else,he also had to suit up every day, get in his car, and be stuck in atrocious Washington D.C. traffic. He as well wasn’t happy about his 9-5 and having to report to someone else. All success stories start with change, someone making a drastic difference to their lifestyle. Just like every one of those other stories, Harun had to make that difference in his life story as well. He left his 6-figure career as a consultant and build his own empire. In our interview today, we will deep dive into Harun’s life and learn the story behind his grind and what it truly takes to achieve success.

Harun, we are fascinated by your story. I mean a 6-figure job for most is the peak, why was that not enough for you?

“Thanks Alexis, look I have heard this question so many times, especially in the beginning of transitioning my career over to real estate and trying to become an influencer. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this but while working my office job, I was seeking that perfect time to leave. I always felt like I would know when the right time would be for me to pack all my belongings from my desk and call it quits, but in reality, things don’t happen so perfectly. While waiting for that perfect moment, I felt like I was wasting precious time in actually building my career. That perfect moment would never exist until I made it exist. Once I made that decision, the 6-figure salary, my office, and the amazing view of Georgetown Washington D.C. which I had from my office, none of that mattered. All that mattered in that moment was my next goal. I felt very happy and motivated.”

Tell us about that first few months after leaving your job as a consultant, what did you do to ensure you were on the right path?

“Great question. The one thing that my 9-5 taught me was to network. Working at one of the big four accounting firms as a Technology Consultant, it was extremely important for me to network and earn more business. I took this skill and leveraged my own network of people which I knew to get my foot into real estate and YouTube. I met a team of highly motivated investors, shadowed them, learned their strategies and from this, learned what works and doesn’t work for me. It definitely was a struggle for me. Getting that first deal was one of the most challenging and stressful times of my life but I always knew that this was a grand opportunity for me to learn. Learning any new skill does not come with ease and I knew that this was a challenge curve I had to overcome. I am very confident that now my strategy and how I manage deals is one of the best and most efficient ways of doing it in the real estate industry.”

How did you get into trading?

“Trading was a funny story. One thing you have to know about me is that I spend a lot of my time in the gym. I was at the gym one day in the basketball court and I had just lost a bunch of money on the meme stock, GameStop. I don’t know how or why it came out of my mouth but I shared this with one of the guys that I was playing basketball with, someone I would never in my life think was a trader. That conversation lasted almost 2 hours on that court. This is where I met my trading mentor, a dude that was super quiet, never came to the gym to work out, all he would do is pay his monthly gym fees of $120 to only use the basketball court. That guy ended up being one of the best and most successful traders in the U.S. and taught me Technical Analysis (TA), which is far better and more efficient than fundamental analysis. I am the guy that has multiple different screens up in his office now, and looks at charts with indicators that to most eyes look like alien hieroglyphics.”

So real-estate, YouTube, and trading. How do you have time to fit all three in your schedule?  

“You are absolutely right, I need a vacation. Just kidding. Look, as cliché as this sounds, one of my bigger mentors in the business world is Elon. This man is single handedly leading the world’s most successful EV company, the world’s most successful Rocket company in the private sector, and multiple other billion-dollar businesses. What do I lack to not be able to juggle 3 items on my list? Nothing. My YouTube channel is based on real estate, trading, and other entrepreneurial stuff, so that just means I need to have a cameraman to follow me around and vlog my daily work and then I send the footage to my editor who edits the videos and then posts them. What takes the bulk of my time is all of the real estate stuff, specifically on the management side and looking for new deals.Nonetheless, all three are manageable.”

What is your message to the broader audience?

“Live your life to the fullest. One of my all-time favorite quotes is something along the lines of ‘don’t forget to enjoy the present while working on your future’ and that is such a powerful message. No amount of money or assets will ever matter if you are older and you think you did not live a fulfilling life. Always make yourself a priority and make your life matter while working on creating a career.”

Harun’s current portfolio consists of rentals, both on the residential and commercial space, including hundreds of flips he has completed throughout his career. Alongside his real-estate work, Harun also runs a successful YouTube channel where he showcases everything he has learned in real estate and trading. He plans on sharing his market knowledge and expertise with new-comers in the market, “I don’t want others to make the mistakes I made…I want to set them up for success”, he stated. Courses will be provided through online and in-person setting, catered to individuals at various stages in real estate investment and in trading. 

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