How CashKaro Helps Both Customers & Businesses Make Money!

India has a huge fascination with discounts and we, as customers, want to squeeze the most value from our shopping. Retailers, on the other hand, are continuously striving towards scaling traffic, lowering acquisition costs and improving ROI. Can businesses and customers both have their cake and eat it too? Well, with CashKaro they can.!
Cashback sites like CashKaro make it possible for both, customers and businesses to get the most out of every rupee spent. According to a survey commissioned by Rakuten, the affiliate marketing industry will reach a whopping $6.8 billion till 2020 globally. In India, CashKaro leads the Affiliate Marketing industry and is operating in the Cashback & Coupons space since 2013.
CashKaro’s business model is simple: It receives a commission for sending customers to online shopping sites and a large portion of this fee is passed on to users in the form of Cashback – the balance becomes their profit. Using CashKaro, users get paid to shop across 1500+ of India’s most popular e-commerce giants including Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Domino’s & more.
Over a period of 6 years, CashKaro has created a win-win-win ecosystem for its users, retailer partners & its own business. On one hand, it works as a great savings tool for customers, while on the other, it enables small and medium-sized businesses to drive growth and continue thriving. Driving benefits to both sides of the fence while growing its own revenue is what sets CashKaro apart from others in a similar space.
Benefits of CashKaro for Customers is not only India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons Site but also the best savings’ destination for all your online transactions. Using CashKaro, users can access hundreds of retailers from one website, which is a convenient way to shop online. Every time you buy something from one of the partner brands using the CashKaro website or App, you get Cashback. The brands tagline #YouGetMore captures their positive approach in a nutshell and has now become a popular hashtag on social media as well.
The unique thing is that CashKaro Cashback is on top of all other deals & coupons. It is as Real Cash that can be transferred straight to your bank account. So, apart from getting the high-quality product that you ordered, you will also be able to get some money back every time you shop. Till date, CashKaro has 2.5 Million registered users across demographics and has paid over Rs.100 Cr as Cashback to its users.
With CashKaro’s help, it is possible for users to earn extra Cashback even when they refer their friends to join and shop via CashKaro. The brand’s referral program is permanent and pays you for life – as you can earn 10% of every friend’s Cashback forever. The platform also works as a personal bargainer for users by giving them the facility to compare prices on multiple sites before making purchase decisions.
CashKaro helps users earn Cashback on a surprising number of different products and services including groceries, entertainment, online banking, flights, and much more. Even a moderate shopper can earn nearly Rs.20,000-25,000 per year by simply shopping for their favourite products via CashKaro. This Cashback can be transferred to their bank accounts or redeemed in the form of Amazon or Flipkart Gift Cards. So, in a way, CashKaro Cashback is like icing on the cake- and this icing never melts. If a discount is value for money, Cashback is double the value.
Benefits of CashKaro for Businesses
Affiliate Marketing pays great dividends if you’re a business. Apart from broadening the market for the products and services, this process helps solidify consumer confidence in retailers. One major advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that it is entirely performance-based. Since affiliates are paid commission only when a sale or lead is created, they offer high return on investment and higher conversions. As a result, this process turns out to be extremely cost effective, mitigating the need to sink money into an unproven market for testing.
CashKaro has grown to become one of the largest Cashback and Affiliate Marketing sites in India and has enabled transactions worth over $100 Million in Gross Merchandise Value annually. Young brands like Teabox, 2Gud, and Spoyl have partnered with CashKaro to drive lucrative results for their businesses. These retailers have turned to Performance Marketing companies to juice their marketing spends to the fullest.
Performance Marketing leverages social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. A major part of this process includes reaching out to consumers through videos, infographics, and dedicated blogs, which give brands more visibility. CashKaro also uses multiple ways to push the hottest deals from retailers to the users. This helps in boosting traffic and sales for the retailer. As a result, retailers spend much lesser than traditional marketing to build their brand presence and drive sales.
A recent NASSCOM report states that India is pegged as the third biggest start-up ecosystem worldwide. For a growing e-commerce market like India, the potential for retailers to expand their business is huge. Aspects like increasing internet penetration, young population of India, and growth in T2 and T3 cities propel the growth of e-commerce businesses. CashKaro has established its foothold in India and has been instrumental in contributing to this growth. The brand provides an effective and high ROI way of driving sales to ecommerce brands or retailers, while incentivising users to shop online.

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