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How to Create Free .edu Email and Why It Is Important to Have .edu Email in Free

When you become associated with any of the educational institutes, then the new email id is generated. This email id is of edu. This email id requires an account that requires the name in the beginning. Mostly, the email id is generated and used by the professors. It is difficult for the students to get that mail id. For example, will be your email id. The student life is not easy to handle. The students have very less price, usually. They get pocket money from parents so they always try to get more n limited price. The edu email id is brilliant in providing multiple benefits to the students for free

.edu Email for A Student:

If you are a student and want .edu id, then follow the below-written method. It is a free method to avail edu email id, which makes it best for the students as students have low budgets. The method is divided primarily into three steps.

Step 1:

  • Open the site of Virginia’s community colleges. The captcha will appear at first, solve it.
  • The user id is asked, add the id and sign in with the email.
  • In the details section, the name and email id are asked. You can use your real name in it.
  • For the citizens other than the US, the fake address generator is used to make the fake address of the user. The fake address generator is totally free to use. This will also help the students and do not make a burden on their shoulders. Fake address generator asks for the details that have to put in the fake address. Write these details for later use.
  • Click “submit”.

Step 2:

  • Now move to the second step. Log in to the account and “apply”.  
  • Add the details like the institute name and then move forward.
  • Multiple questions are asked in this step like gender, birth date, first name, last name, social security number, race, language, is address permanent? Telephone number, grade kin high school, degree, military or not
  • After answering the questions, submit it.

The second step is not a must to fill. There is an option that you can skip it if you want.

Step 3:

  • In the last step, the user name, and the password is provided to the user. Note these details.

Now you have made your edu email id. Log in and use it. The credentials of login are activated in a few hours. If you log in just after making the email id, you will get the pop up of invalid username and password. So wait a while then make use of it.

Advantages of the Edu Email ID:

Following are the basic benefits of the edu email id:

  1. GitHub student developer pack
  2. Apple benefits
  3. Newegg premier
  4. Amazon student pack
  5. Last pass
  6. MS DreamSpark:

GitHub Student Developer Pack:

GitHub student developer pack is one of the services that provide the developer tools. It is free in use for the students. It provides plenty of offers and services to the students. Usually, there are 12 offers comprising amazon AWS coupon, CrowdFlower, Bitnami, digital ocean coupon, DN sample, Orchestrate, Microsoft azure cloud services, GitHub, the credit of hack hands, travel CI and SendGrid.

Apple Benefits:

If you have edu email, then you have the opportunity to save money on apple products. If you are interested in buying Apple gadgets like the laptop or computer, then you can get a discount of 200 $.

Newegg Premier:

You have the opportunity to make the premier account on Newegg and get the one-year access in just 50 $.

Amazon Student Pack:

The student having edu email id is free to use the amazon student pack. Firstly, you have to make the amazon student account. The shipping is free for such students for the initial two days. By this facility, you can acquire unlimited media streaming (movies, serials, music)


The LastPass is free for the first 6 months for such students having edu email id.

MS DreamSpark:

Avail the benefit of grabbing MS DreamSpark. Along with this, you can get the number of other software and MS Office 365. Additionally, the subscription is free.



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