Government turning their backs to ethics and responsibilities: Here are the most corrupt department in India

India and corruption have been going hand in hand since forever. It is not something that has been hidden or existed out of the sight of the general public. It not only affects and creates obstructions for growth in the economy and development in other sectors but also stands as one of the major reasons because of which misuse of power occurs in abundance.

People are dying of hunger just because they do not have the usual necessities which are somehow the result of corruption that takes place in India by powerful politicians, government officials, and several working sections of the society. It has become a general rule sort of process for the general public that if they wish any of their work related to government functions to be processed or completed there has to be some amount given under the desk. This has also made the system of democracy less efficient and faithful, leaving the public with no other options than bribing or leaving their work pending.

Misuse of assigned powers to earn black money


Though there are several sections in the Constitution of India made to abolish corruption by several means, the implementation on a basic level is yet not done successfully. The major factors that are said to be the causes of corruption in India are led by government officials and politicians.

Approvals and processes that have to be done on the government level for the general public are used as a medium to earn extra money and corrupt the system even when those facilities are legally defined to be free of cost. The politicians and the government officials with high powers make use of their capabilities and resources to spread corruption and gain black money, even when they are already paid by the government or the taxes that the same public pays.

There are only a few changes when the common public decides and gathers confidence to stand against those influential people. Instead of getting justice on an instant basis or within a few days, they are made to linger here and there for years and the case remains pending while the person is made to revolve around the loopholes.

One of the incidents that provide proof of the highest authority being involved in corruption was the case for the scandal of the 2010 Commonwealth Games where a scam of about 70 thousand crores came into the sight of people which was said to involve the cabinet ministers and the chief ministers at that time.

Major departments that contribute to Corruption in India

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  1. Property and land department

It has been recorded several times that the government officials in the land and property sectors confiscate and steal properties of state and individuals. This is usually seen in the rural areas where the people do not have much knowledge or feel weaker and helpless in front of influential people like the government officials. Such officials are even said to help the Mafia try to take over the property of innocent people by providing them with the legal paperwork and other help that they might require in return for some money for monetary assets.

  1. Tenders providing sector

This is quite general and well known in India wherein if any individual or group of people wish to get their tenders cleared even without matching or qualifying the necessary and legal requirements they might try and bribe the officials which sometimes prove to be successful. This does not only lead to corruption in India but also risks are raised to the lives of people as the infrastructure made using the tenders that are paid are not strong enough or meet the general requirements of strength. Such infrastructures might break at any time and cause loss of human life in great numbers.

  1. Health sector of India

The health sector is something that must be assumed as a boon for society while it has become a major source of corruption in India. Doctors who have been said and respected as a god by their patients are now failing to uphold their ethics by charging extra fees for several resources and treatment that could be provided free of cost according to the government schemes and rules.

It is also seen that the medicines and treatments are usually fake in order to create a sense of fear in the minds of patients or reduce the prices and then earn money from the same. One of the schemes that failed to provide relief to the general public and instead proved to be a big corruption scam was the National rural health mission program which also has the indulgence of several top authority government officials who were later arrested and others managed to either flee away or however die during the process.

  1. Police department

This department has managed to be one of the top achievers of corruption in India. They are legally and officially appointed for the safety of our country and the welfare of the people while all the tasks that are being done however prove to be corrupted.

The police officials make use of their powers and authorities to make black money by either putting up a challan on an individual and not mentioning the same on the legal paperwork. It is also seen that several crimes go undetected or without a guilty person in arrest due to the transactions that take place between the police officials and the guilty which is usually under the desk and remains hidden from the sight of others.

  1. The Municipal Corporation department

The municipal corporation of India is designed and formulated to take care of the welfare of several districts that are allotted to several other subcategories. They are the ones who are responsible for the facilities such as hospitals, dispensaries, proper water supply, and drainage systems that are present under their authority in the area.

However, despite all the support that they received from the public it has proven to be a part of about 13 to 14 % of the bribe cases that are related somehow to this very department. There have been several instances where individuals come up telling that their basic needs and requirements were not being fulfilled by the MCD until and unless they paid for the same which was completely illegal and unethical on their part.

  1. Tax departments of India

The tax that is given by the common people for better development of India as a whole which further includes infrastructure, transport facilities, water facilities, and every other facility, is somehow used by the officials for their good without mentioning the same in any official report which further keeps such matters out of the sight of RTI and leads to a corrupt government and department.

There have been instances where big companies and owners try to get away with a percent of tax by bribing the department officials related to the tax departments. It is also reported and seen that several government officials themselves fail to pay the appropriate amount of tax that is decided for them on a legal basis.

Corruption- Spreading in India like a wildfire

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Corruption is everywhere around the world but the percentage and depth that is seen in India cannot be matched by any other. The government officials are appointed by their qualifications and a trust that the ordinary public puts in them, especially the politicians who instead of working for the welfare of people make use of their money for their benefits. The Government has further failed to deliver the necessities to the common public while they enjoy the luxuries by the use of money that is delivered and submitted by the people no matter how less or more they own.

Development from both the ends

Such things cannot be turned into a positive expectation within a day or two but require support and steps from all sides. On one hand, the officials should be accountable for what actions they do and the ethics that they follow. They must understand the actual responsibility and reasons why that specific position of power was assigned to them and work accordingly.

On the other hand, the public should also become more aware and start holding the officials answerable by looking into the details through RTI, the Right to Information that they have. They should start looking at things more keenly and try to understand each and every aspect without just thinking about the problems that they might have to go through during the entire process.

It is true that the politicians cannot be trusted completely as they have never left a reason for the same. They have been working for their own good instead of providing the necessary welfare to the people. They failed to stand up to the expectations of the common public that was put in them during elections and may never receive their power back if they continue to remain the same.

Edited by Aishwarya Ingle


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