List of Pin Code of Karnataka

Karnataka is a state in southwest India with coastlines on the Arabian Sea. Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is the capital and a high-tech hub known for its shopping and nightlife. To the southwest, Mysore is home to opulent temples such as Mysore Palace, the former residence of the region’s maharajas. Hampi, the mediaeval Vijayanagara empire’s capital, has Hindu temple ruins, elephant stables, and a stone chariot.



Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
A F Hospital  560007 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Abbigere  582111 Dharwar Bangalore North Karnataka
Abbinahole  577585 Chitradurga Hiriyur Karnataka
Abbur  562108 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Acetate Town  571404 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Achlady  576276 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Adahalli  591266 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Adargunchi  580212 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Addagadde  577177 Chikamaglur Sringeri Karnataka
Adhalli  591266 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Adi  591267 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Adi Udupi  576103 Udupi Udupi Karnataka
Adivala  577511 Chitradurga Hiriyur Karnataka
Adk  585250 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Admar  574131 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Administrative Trg Institute  570011 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Adugodi  560030 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Adur  581101 Dharwar Anekal Karnataka
Adyandka  574260 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Adyar  575009 Dak. Kannada Adyar Karnataka
Afzalpur  585301 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Agadi  581128 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Agalkera  583260 Koppal Koppal Karnataka
Agara  571485 Mandya Bangalore South Karnataka
Agaram  560007 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Agarkhed  586111 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Agasanpura  571461 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Aggunda  573160 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Agrahara  571511 Mysore Arkalgud Karnataka
Agrahara Belaguli  573140 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Agrahara Dasarahalli  560079 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Agrahara Narasimha Rajpur  577134 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Agsur  581413 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Agumbe  577411 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Ahirsang  586222 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ahmaedabad  585413 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Aigali  591248 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Aihole  587138 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Aikala  574141 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aimangala  577558 Chitradurga Hiriyur Karnataka
Ainapura  591303 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Air Force Station  591303 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Airody  576236 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aiyarnad  574245 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ajekar  574101 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ajjampura  577547 Chitradurga Tarikere Karnataka
Ajjampura Bazar  577547 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Ajjavara  574246 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ajjeri  585366 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Ajjibal  581389 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Akkatangerhal  591178 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Akki Alur  581102 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Akki Alur Bazar  581102 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Akkihebbal  571605 Mysore Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Akkur  562124 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Akol  591211 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Akunjargiri  574136 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aladkatti  581151 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Alagawadi  582237 Dharwar Navalgund Karnataka
Alageswara  577148 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Alampurpeth  587154 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Alangur  563140 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Alankar  574285 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aldur  571111 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Aletty  574247 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Alevur  574133 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Algur  587321 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Alipura  561224 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Almatti  586218 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Almatti Dam Site  586201 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Almel  586202 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Alnavar  581103 Dharwar Alnavar Karnataka
Alok Udyog  587111 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Alund  585302 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Alund Bazar  585302 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Alur  577573 Chitradurga Alur Karnataka
Alur  573213 Hassan Aland Karnataka
Alur  571151 Mysore Aland Karnataka
Alvekodi  581419 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Alwandi  583226 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Amachavadi  571145 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Amarawati  587130 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Amargol  580025 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Ambadgatti  591137 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Amballi  581416 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Ambalpadi  576103 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ambedkar Nagar  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Ambewadi  591182 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ambewadi  581383 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Ambika Nagar  581363 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Amblamogaru  574185 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Amblapadi  576103 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Amblical  563145 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Aminalli  581315 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Aminbhavi  581201 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Amingod  587112 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ammangi  591268 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ammasandra  572211 Tumkur Turuvekere Karnataka
Ammathi  571211 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Ammunje  574299 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ampar  576238 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Amruthur  572111 Tumkur Kunigal Karnataka
Amtady  574262 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Anagodu  577566 Davanagere Davanagere Karnataka
Anagwadi  587126 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Anaji  577512 Davanagere Davanagere Karnataka
Anakalgi  591138 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Anand Nagar  560024 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Anandapuram  577412 Shimoga Sagar Karnataka
Ananthady  574250 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Anantpur  591212 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Anavatti  577413 Shimoga Sorab Karnataka
Anaveri  577243 Shimoga Bhadravati Karnataka
Andagove  571270 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Andola  585303 Gulbarga Jevargi Karnataka
Andura  585422 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Ane Hosur  584151 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Anegundi  583246 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Anekal  562106 Bangalore Anekal Karnataka
Anersonpet  563113 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Angadi  581360 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Angod  581380 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Anjutgi  586224 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ankalgi  591101 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ankli  591213 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ankola  581314 Uttar Kannada Ankola Karnataka
Ankola Bunder Road  581314 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Annigeri  582201 Dharwar Annigeri Karnataka
Anur  577170 Chikamaglur Afzalpur Karnataka
Apmcyard  587312 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Arabic College  560045 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Arakere  571415 Mysore Arsikere Karnataka
Araleshwar  581150 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Aralguppe  572230 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Aralikatti  581207 Dharwar Belgaum Karnataka
Aranthodu  574314 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aranya Bhavan  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Arasalu  577438 Shimoga Hosanagara Karnataka
Arasankatte  577596 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Arasikere  583125 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Arbhaviamath  591318 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Arbilichi  577321 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Ardi  576245 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Areangadi  581430 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Arehalli  573101 Hassan Anekal Karnataka
Arekandige  576130 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aremallapur  581229 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Arga  577414 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Arjun Nagar  591269 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Arjungi  586131 Bijapur Afzalpur Karnataka
Arkalgud  573102 Hassan Arkalgud Karnataka
Arkera  587133 Bijapur Devadurga Karnataka
Arkera  584153 Raichur Devadurga Karnataka
Arkeri  586135 Bijapur Yelbarga Karnataka
Aroor  576269 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Arsikere  573103 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Arsikere Bazar  573103 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Arsikere Court  573103 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Arsikere East  573103 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Artillery Road  560008 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Arunachalam Mudaliar Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Aryapu  574210 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Asagodu  577513 Chitradurga Jagalur Karnataka
Asangi  587317 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Asangi Khurd  586221 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ashok Nagar  560050 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ashok Nagar  575006 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Aski  586166 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Asnoti  581317 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Asokapuram  570008 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Asund I  591180 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Asundi  581177 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Asuti  582239 Dharwar Ron Karnataka
Aswathapura  574266 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Atharga  586112 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Athikaribettu  574171 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Athni  591304 Belgaum Athni Karnataka
Athni Bazar  591304 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Athni Bus Stand  591304 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Athradi  576133 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Atnoor  585332 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Attibele  562107 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Attigere  577574 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Attigere  581171 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Attur  574120 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Attur Nallur  571238 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Aurad  585259 Bidar Aurad Karnataka
Aurd Barahalli  585326 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Austin Town  560047 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Avani  563141 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Avani Sringeri Mutt  560086 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Avaradi  591177 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Avathi  562136 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Avathi  577149 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Avenue Road  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Aversa  581316 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Avinahlli  577439 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Ayanur  577211 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
B E M L Nagar  563115 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
B R Project  577115 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Baad  581441 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bableshwar  586113 Bijapur Aland Karnataka
Babujinagar Kudligi  583135 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Babur  586228 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bachanki  581381 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bachigondanahalli  583238 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bada  577514 Davanagere Davanagere Karnataka
Badaga  571266 Koduru Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Badaga Bettu  576136 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Badagabanangala  571273 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Badagannur  574334 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Badami Extension  587201 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Badami H.O.  587201 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Badanaguppe  571327 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Badavanahalli  572112 Tumkur Madhugiri Karnataka
Baddal  585358 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Baddur Farm  572159 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Bagada  585260 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bagaderkoppalu  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Bagal  562149 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bagali  583148 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bagalkot Bazar  587101 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bagalkot Grbc Colony  587102 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bagalkot H.O.  587101 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bagalkot Housing Colony  587103 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bagalkot Station Road  587101 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bagalwad  584154 Raichur Manvi Karnataka
Bagamandala  571247 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Bage  573221 Hassan Sakleshpur Karnataka
Bagepalli  561207 Kolar Bagepalli Karnataka
Bageshapura  573162 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Bagewadi  585239 Gulbarga Belgaum Karnataka
Bagur  577515 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bagur  573111 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Bahamanipura  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Baichaballi  581227 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Baidabettu  576271 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Baikampady  575011 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bailhongal Bazar  591102 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bailhongal H.O.  591102 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bailhongal S R Chowk  591102 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bailur  591149 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bailur  574102 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bailur  581422 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Baitkhol  581302 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bajal  574507 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bajathur  574286 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bajegoli  574122 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bajpe  574142 Dak. Kannada Bajpe Karnataka
Balagady  577126 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Balaganur  586142 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Balaganur  582231 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Balagunda  571263 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Balakot B H School  587101 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Balanahalli  571181 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Balappa A Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Balappa A Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Balareddipalli  561222 Kolar Bagepalli Karnataka
Balehole  577179 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Balehonnur  577112 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Balehosur  582224 Dharwar Shirhatti Karnataka
Balekundi  591103 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Balekundrikshetra  591103 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Balele  571219 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Balepet  560053 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Balgaum Majgaon  590013 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Balkunje  574172 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Balkur  581431 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Ballupet  573214 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Balmatta  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Balnad  574321 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Balthila  574268 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bammigatti  581223 Dharwar Kalghatgi Karnataka
Bana Nagar  586137 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Banahatti Somwarpet  587311 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Banakal  577113 Chikamaglur Mudigere Karnataka
Banangady  574272 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Banarasi  581318 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Banasandra  572212 Tumkur Turuvekere Karnataka
Banashankari  560050 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Banashankari Llst  560070 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Banashankjari Iiist  560085 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Banaswadi  560043 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Banavara  573112 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Banavara R S  573163 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Bandalli  571476 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Bandappansalwedgi  586230 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bandigudde  577247 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bandipura  571318 Mysore Gundlupet Karnataka
Bangalore  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore  560044 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore Airport H A L  560017 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore Bazar  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore City H.O  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore Dist Office Bui  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore Fort  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore G P O  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bangarpet  563114 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Bangarpet Bazar  563114 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Banglore Corporation Buildings  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bankapur  581202 Dharwar Gangawati Karnataka
Bankikodia  587311 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bankikodla  581319 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bankur  585265 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bannadi  576242 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bannanje  576101 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bannerghata Road  560076 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bannerghatta  560083 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bannikodu  576242 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bannikoppa  582136 Dharwar Shiggaon Karnataka
Bannikuppe  571132 Mysore Chik Ballapur Karnataka
Bannur  571101 Mysore Bannur Karnataka
Bantwal  574211 Dak. Kannada Bantwal Karnataka
Bapagram  560091 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bapuji Nagar  560026 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bapuji Vidyanagar  577005 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Baragur  572113 Tumkur Arkalgud Karnataka
Barandur  577245 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bardol  586204 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Barkur  576210 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Barline Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Basanal  581188 Dharwar Indi Karnataka
Basapattan  583252 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Basaralu  571416 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Basarikatte  577114 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Basavakalyana  585327 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Basavakalyana Bazar  585327 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Basavan Bagewadi  586203 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Basavanagudi H.O.  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Basavanaguid East  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Basavani  577440 Shimoga Tirthahalli Karnataka
Basavankudchi  590012 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Basavapatna  573113 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Basavapatna  577551 Shimoga Arkalgud Karnataka
Basavaraja Market  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Basaveshwar Nagar Ii Stage  560086 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Basaveshwar Nagar Iii Stag  560086 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Basaveshwara Nagar  580008 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Basaveswara Block  571602 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Basoor  577165 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Basrur  576211 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bastwad  591150 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Batkurki  591151 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Batlahalli  563123 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Bedakihal  591214 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Beejady  576272 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Beerasettihalli  571434 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Beersettihalli  571484 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Begur  571109 Mysore Bangalore North Karnataka
Bejjavalli  577232 Shimoga Tirthahalli Karnataka
Bekinal  586168 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Bekkere  591332 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belagaavi  577450 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Belaganur  584138 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Belagodu  573222 Hassan Hagaribommanahalli Karnataka
Belagula R S  571263 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Belagunda  591139 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belagur  573114 Hassan Hosadurga Karnataka
Belagutti  577212 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Belakavadi  571417 Mysore Malavalli Karnataka
Belal  574303 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belambar  581414 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Belavanki  582122 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Belekeri  581321 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Belgalbeth  581127 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Belgalpeth  581127 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Belgaum 591169 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum 591217 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590005 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590006 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum  590013 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Aluminium Factor  590010 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Bharat Nagar  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Camp  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum City  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum College Road  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Dharwad Road  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Fort  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Fort Road  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Ganesh Chowk  590006 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Goavesh  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Hindwadi  590011 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Kanbargi  590015 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Kapileshwar Road  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Khadi Bazar  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Khas Bag  590004 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Kutchery  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Malmurti  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Peeranwadi  590014 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Record Mli  590009 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Shahapur  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Shahapur Bazar  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Tilak Chowk  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Tilakwadi  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Udyambag  590008 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Vaccine Institute  590006 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belghatta  577568 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Belgum Angol  590007 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belgundi  591139 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belimutt Road  560053 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Belkad  591270 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bellad Bagewadi  591305 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bellare  574212 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bellary  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Brucepettah  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary City  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Contonment  583102 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Contonment  583104 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Cowl Bazar  583102 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary District Board  583102 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Gandhinagar  583103 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Ganesh  583102 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Herialkkadam  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Jain Cloth Market  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Kalammma  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Krishnamachari Co  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Millerpet  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Nehru Colony  583103 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Parvathi Nagar  583103 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Patel Nagar  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellary Satyanaranapet  583103 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bellatti  582112 Dharwar Shirhatti Karnataka
Bellavi  572153 Tumkur Malur Karnataka
Belludi  577588 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Bellur  571418 Mandya Alur Karnataka
Belmannu  576111 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belthangady  574214 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belthangady Bazar  574214 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belur Bagalkot  587114 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Belur Hassan  573115 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Belura  585346 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Belvadi  591104 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Belvai  574213 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belve  576212 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Belwadgi  585254 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bemalkheda  585261 Gulbarga Homnabad Karnataka
Bemlnagar Colony  563115 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Benadi  591215 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Benakankonda  581221 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Benbalur  571265 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Bengre  581369 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Benkatti  587153 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Benson Town  560046 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Besgerahalli  571419 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Betgera  583253 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Betgeri  582102 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Bethamangala  563116 Kolar Bangarapet Karnataka
Betsur  591183 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bettadapura  571102 Mysore Arsikere Karnataka
Bettageri  571255 Koduru Madikeri Karnataka
Bettahalsur  562157 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bettampady  574310 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bevoor  585256 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Bevuar  562108 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bevur  587115 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bewoor  583237 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bhadra Reservior Project  577115 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Bhadra Sugar Factory  577566 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bhadrapura  582225 Dharwar Bhadravati Karnataka
Bhadravathi  577301 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhadravathi  577301 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhadravathi  577303 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhadravathi New Model College  577303 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhadravathi New Town  577301 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhadravathi R S  577303 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Bhagavathi  581373 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bhagawati  587140 Bijapur Supa Karnataka
Bhagodi  585239 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Bhagya Nagar  590006 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bhagya Nagar  583250 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bhairadevanahalli  583142 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bhairamadgi  585242 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Bhairanhatti  582234 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Bhairanje  586149 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bhairumbe  581405 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Bhalki  585328 Bidar Bhalki Karnataka
Bhanapur  583249 Raichur Yelbarga Karnataka
Bhandigodi  577150 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Bhankur  585272 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bhanuvalli  577516 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Bharama Sagar  577519 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bharamanayakana Durga  577518 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bhaskeri  581378 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bhatambra  585411 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bhatgunki  586227 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bhatkal  581320 Uttar Kannada Bhatkal Karnataka
Bhatkal Bazar  581320 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bhavanthi Street  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bhavikeri  581418 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bheemanahalli  585281 Gulbarga Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Bheemasamudra  577520 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bheemnabeedu  571177 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Bhemmarayangudi  585287 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bhendigeri  591132 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bheriya  571608 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Bhirdi  591271 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bhoj  591263 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bhoosnooru  585268 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bhujanga Nagar  583141 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bidadi  562109 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bidar  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidar Bazar  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidar Gandhiganj  585403 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidar Iaf Stn  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidar Mangalpet  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidar Shahganj  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidare  572165 Tumkur Channarayapatna Karnataka
Bidarekere  577521 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bidargurunanakjhira  585402 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidari  586140 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Bidarosman Ganj  585401 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Bidi  591106 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bijal  575004 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bijapur  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Basavanagar  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Bazar  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Darbargalli  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Darga  586107 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Jainapur  586104 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Jorapurpeth  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Jummamasjid  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Kabraji Bazar  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Kutchery  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Mamadpur  586105 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Railway Stn  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Sainik School  586102 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Tajabavadi  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Torvi  586106 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijapur Vijaya College  586103 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijaspur  585304 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bijaur Market Yard  586101 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijjargi  586114 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Bijur  576244 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bikkernakatta  575005 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bikkodu  573215 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Bilgi  587116 Bijapur Bilgi Karnataka
Bilgi  581322 Uttar Kannada Bilgi Karnataka
Bilicharkar  585275 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bilicharkar  585275 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Bilichodu  577553 Chitradurga Jagalur Karnataka
Biligere  572114 Tumkur Gubbi Karnataka
Biligiri Rangaswamy  572114 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Bilikere  571103 Mysore Channarayapatna Karnataka
Bilugali  571158 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Binakanahalli  571160 Mysore Tirumakudal Narsipur Karnataka
Bindiganavale  571802 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Binga  581364 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Binnamangala Ii  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Biravalu  572158 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Birunani  571262 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Birur  577116 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Birur Town  577116 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Bisalare  577172 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Bisalavadi  571146 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Bobruwada  581314 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Bockapatna  575003 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bodabanhal  577555 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Boikere  571256 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Bola  574125 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bolar  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bolila  574336 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Boliyar  574186 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Bommagonakere  577595 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Bommanahalli  560068 Bangalore Bommanahalli Karnataka
Bommasandra Industrial Estate  562158 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bondanthila  574191 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Borgaon  591216 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Bori  581184 Dharwar Supa Karnataka
Borimaru  574251 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Borkatte  574320 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Branhmavar  576213 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Brigade Road  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Brindavan Extn  570020 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Broadway Road Cross  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Bsf Campus Yelahanka  560063 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Budakatti  591152 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Budanuru  571451 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Budikote  563147 Kolar Bangarapet Karnataka
Budugumpa  583270 Raichur Gangawati Karnataka
Bukkambudhi  577145 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Bukkapatna  572115 Tumkur Koratagere Karnataka
Bukkasagara  583144 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Bukkinakere  571812 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Bull Temple Road  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Burudugunte  563159 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Bus Stand  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Butachens Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Byadanur  561214 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Byadarahalli  571615 Mysore Arsikere Karnataka
Byadgi  581106 Dharwar Byadgi Karnataka
Byadgi Nehrunagar  581106 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Byahatti  581124 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Byalakuppe  571104 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Byalya  572163 Tumkur Madhugiri Karnataka
Byappanahalli  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Byasandra  560011 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Byatarayanapura  560092 Bangalore Byatarayanapura Karnataka
Byndoor  576214 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Byrakur  563149 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Byramagala  562142 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Byrapura  571185 Mysore Alur Karnataka
C M P Centre & School  560025 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
C R Station  577117 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Car Street  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Car Street  576101 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Carmelaram  560035 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chabbi  581233 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chabbi  582142 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chaimundi Betta  570018 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chakra Nagar  577437 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chalgere  584155 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Chalgeri  581145 Dharwar Mundgod Karnataka
Challakere  577522 Chitradurga Challakere Karnataka
Challakere Bazar  577522 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Challakere Regulated  577522 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Challakurki  583111 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Chamakere  591256 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chamaraj Nagar Extn  571313 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chamaraja Nagar  571313 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chamaraja Puram  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chamarajasagar  562151 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chamarajendrapeta  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chamarajpet Bazar  560018 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Champion Reefs  563117 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Chamrajpet  577001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chamrapet West  560018 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chamundi Betta  570018 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chamundi Extn  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chandakavadi  571178 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Chandankera  585377 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Chandapur  585305 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Chandarki  585276 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Chandavar  581323 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Chandchar  586205 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Chandkavthe  586143 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Chandpura  562145 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chandrasekharapura  572213 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Chandur  591273 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Channageri  577213 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Channageri Town  577213 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Channakesavapuda  572116 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Channamma Circle  581325 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Channapatna  571501 Mysore Channapatna Karnataka
Channapatna Bazar  571501 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Channapatna Govt  571501 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Channapattan Bazar  581401 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Channarayapatna  573116 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Channarayapatna  571272 Koduru Devanahalli Karnataka
Channayanakote  571272 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Chara  576150 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Charmadi  574290 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Charminar Mosquee Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cheekanahalli  573138 Hassan Alur Karnataka
Chelur  563124 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Chelur  572117 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Chendiye  571254 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Cherkadi  576215 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Chermbane  571257 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Chettalli  571248 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Cheyandane  571212 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Chickbevanur  586225 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Chickjantakal  583271 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Chickpet  560053 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chidambarnagar  591802 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chigateri  583127 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Chigateri Hospital  577004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chikamaglur Bazar  577101 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chikamaglur Fort  577101 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chikamudnur  574337 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Chikballapur  562101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikballapur  562101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikjapur  577523 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chikjogihalli  583126 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Chikkabanavara  560090 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikkabiadarekal  560073 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikkajala  562152 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikkanahalli  572151 Tumkur Anekal Karnataka
Chikkanallur  577563 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chikkanayakanahalli  572214 Tumkur Bangalore South Karnataka
Chikkatirupathi  563158 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Chikkerur  581125 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Chikkmuduvadi  562143 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chikmagalur Dist Office  577101 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chikmagalure  577101 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chikmannur  582240 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chikmgalur  577101 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chiknargund  582235 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chikodi  591201 Belgaum Chikodi Karnataka
Chikodi Bazar  591201 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chikodi College Road  591201 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chikodi Extn  591201 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chikodi Sugar Factory  591247 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chilakalanerpu  563153 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Chilakunda  571133 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chilakundi  577113 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chilur  577230 Shimoga Honnali Karnataka
Chimmad  587324 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Chimmalgi  586219 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Chimmanchode  585306 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Chinchani  591272 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Chinchli  582140 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chincholi  585307 Gulbarga Chincholi Karnataka
Chinkurli  571455 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Chinmulgund  581169 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Chinnappa Gardens  560046 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Chintamani  563125 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Chintamani Bazar  563125 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Chintamani Market  563125 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Chitawadgi  587132 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Chitguppa  585412 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Chitradurga  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga  572160 Tumkur Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga Chickpet  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga Collage Road  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga District Offi  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga Fort  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitradurga Stn Road  577502 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chitrdurga Horapet  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Chittapur  585211 Gulbarga Lingsugur Karnataka
Chitwadgi  583211 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Cholachgudd  587208 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Choranur  583128 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Chottanahalli  571466 Mandya Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Choulihiriyur  577180 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Chunchanahalli  571811 Mysore Belur Karnataka
Chunchanakatte  571617 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Chunchanur  591703 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Circle  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cockburn Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Coimbatore Colony  571182 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Collectorate  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Colonel Hill Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Commercial Complex  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Coromandel  563118 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Cottonpet  560053 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cowdalli  571320 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Cox Town  560005 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cpt  562137 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cubbon Road  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Cunningham Road  560052 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Curva Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Daddi  591254 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Dalasnur  563126 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Dambal  582113 Dharwar Mundargi Karnataka
Dandeli  581325 Uttar Kannada Dandeli Karnataka
Dandeli Bazar  581325 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Dandeli Paper Mills  581362 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Dandeli Plywood Colony  581325 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Dandinashivara  572215 Tumkur Turuvekere Karnataka
Dandoti  585344 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Darbe  574202 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Darinayakanapalya  561206 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Darur  591261 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Dasankop  581429 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Dasarahalli  560050 Bangalore Dasarahalli Karnataka
Dasarahalli  560057 Bangalore Dasarahalli Karnataka
Dasmpur  583269 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Davanagere  577001 Chitradurga Davanagere Karnataka
Davanagere  577001 Chitradurga Davanagere Karnataka
Davanere  577001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davanere  577004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere  577001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere City  577002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere Jayadeva Circle  577002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere K B Extn  577002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere Mills  577003 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Davangere Southern Extn  577004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Deepanjal Nagar  560026 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Degaon  585240 Gulbarga Aland Karnataka
Deodurg  584111 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Deodurg Town  584111 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Deogeri  583112 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Deosugur  584201 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Derlakatte  574160 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Deshnur  591147 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Desnur Sugar Factory  583140 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Devagiri  581132 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Devaladakere  577147 Chikamaglur Sakleshpur Karnataka
Devalapur  591140 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Devalapura  583129 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Devalapura  571445 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Devalatti  591154 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Devanahalli  562110 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Devanalli Fort  562110 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Devangaon  586206 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Devangi  577415 Shimoga Tirthahalli Karnataka
Devanur  577175 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Devanur  571167 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Devarahalli  577234 Shimoga Arkalgud Karnataka
Devaraja Mohall  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Devarapura  571220 Koduru Alur Karnataka
Devaraya Patna  572103 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Devarayanadurga  572146 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Devarayasumudra  563127 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Devargudda  581131 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Devarhippargi  586115 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Devarjeevanalli  560045 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Devi Hosur  581152 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Devikoppa  581224 Dharwar Kalghatgi Karnataka
Dhadesugar  584167 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Dhamne  591175 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Dhanagalli  571140 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Dhangur  571462 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Dhannur  587131 Bijapur Aland Karnataka
Dhanura  585426 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Dharmaram College  560029 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dharmasthala  574216 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Dharmatti  591333 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Dharwad  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad  580005 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad  580007 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Agricultural College  580005 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad City  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad K C Park  580008 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad K V V  580003 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Kutchery  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Line Bazar  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Market  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Rly Station  580007 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Spatapur  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dharwad Vidyagiri  580004 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dhavalgi  586116 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Dhumwad  580114 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dhundsi  581193 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Dhupdal  591218 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Dhuttargaon  585340 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Dibburahalli  562115 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dibburahalli  562147 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Didaga  573141 Hassan Channarayapatna Karnataka
District Courts  575003 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Dobespet  562111 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dodaballapur Bazar  561203 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dodballapur  561203 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Doddabelavangala  561204 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Doddahibhagllu  571161 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Doddainduvadi  571478 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Doddakallasandra  560062 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Doddametikurke  573117 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Doddarayapete  571341 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Doddasiddavanahalli  577524 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Doddathota  574248 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Dodwad  591184 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Domlur  560071 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dommasandra  562148 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Doni  582121 Dharwar Mundargi Karnataka
Doniomalai Township  583118 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Dooda Magge  573142 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Doora  571322 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Doorvaninagar  560016 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dornahalli  585252 Gulbarga Hassan Karnataka
Dorrvaninagar East  560016 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Dotihal  584112 Raichur Kushtagi Karnataka
Dudda R S  573118 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Durga  574121 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Durgadabetta  577118 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Durgamba Temple  577001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
East  590006 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Eastern Extn  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Echanur  572234 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Emmiganur  583113 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Eng College  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Enoli  585336 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Extension  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Extension Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Extn  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Extn Iistage  560024 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Fachhapur  591122 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Falnir  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Farangipet  574143 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Farhatabad  585308 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Firozabad  585337 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Fisheries College  575002 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Food Technology  570013 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Fraser Town  560005 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
G T C  580008 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gabbur  585265 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gabbur  584113 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Gadag  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Bazar  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Betgeri  582102 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag City  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Cotton Market  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Extension  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Health Camp  582102 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadag Mulgund Naka  582101 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gadiganur  583245 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gajarkot  585284 Gulbarga Yadgir Karnataka
Gajendragad  582114 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gajgarpet Raichur  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Galag  584156 Raichur Devadurga Karnataka
Galataga  591219 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Galgali  587117 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ganaganur  571174 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Gandasi  573119 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Gandhal  571472 Mandya Devadurga Karnataka
Gandhi Bazar  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Gandhi Ganj  585403 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Gandhi Gwad  591141 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gandhi Krishi  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gandhi Maidan  576201 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar  575003 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar Kumta  581374 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar Sagar  577401 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar Tiptur  572201 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Gandhi Nagar Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Ganeshgudi  581365 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Ganeshpet  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Gangapur  585212 Gulbarga Hirekerur Karnataka
Gangavati  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gangavati Mv Circle  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gangavti Bazar  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gangavti C B S Gunj  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gangavti Julynagar  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gangenahalli Extn  560032 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ganguli  576216 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ganguli Bunder  576216 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ganj  583231 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Ganjigatti  581230 Dharwar Kalghatgi Karnataka
Ganjimutt  574144 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gannaikanahalli  577587 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Ganwar  585335 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Garag  581105 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Gargeshwari  571110 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Garlgungji  591331 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gauribidanur  561208 Kolar Gauribidanur Karnataka
Gauribidanur Bazar  561208 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Gavadagere  571610 Mysore Hunsur Karnataka
Gavipurm Extn  560019 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gavipurm Guttaballi  560019 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gayatri Nagar  560021 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gendahalli  573143 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
General Hospital  585109 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gersoppa  581384 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gerukatte  574293 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ghangapur  585212 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Ghataprabha R S  591306 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ghatboral  585434 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Ghoderi  591251 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ginigera  583228 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Giriapura  577561 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Girisagar  587127 Bijapur Bilgi Karnataka
Godabanahal  577555 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Gogi  585309 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gokak  591307 Belgaum Gokak Karnataka
Gokak College Road  591307 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gokak Falis  591308 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gokak Fort  591307 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gokak Guruwarpeth  591307 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gokak Raviwarpet  591307 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gokarn  581326 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gokarn Car Street  581326 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gokula  560054 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gokula Extn  560054 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gokula Extn  570002 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Gokula Extn  572129 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Gola  585341 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Golsangi  586231 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Gondi  581176 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Gonibeed  577151 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Gonikoppal  571213 Koduru Gonikoppal Karnataka
Goonadka  574254 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gopalapura  571470 Mandya Bangalore North Karnataka
Gopanahalu  577576 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Gorebal  584141 Raichur Lingsugur Karnataka
Goreguntapalya  560022 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Goripalya  560026 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gorur  573120 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Gothe  586145 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Gottharia  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Govt Electric Factory  560026 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gubbi  572216 Tumkur Gubbi Karnataka
Gubbi Bazar  572216 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Guddadhulikatti  581236 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Guddehosur  571245 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Guddekote  583130 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Guddethota  577152 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Gudeangadi  581351 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gudemaranahalli  562153 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Gudgeri  581107 Dharwar Kundgol Karnataka
Gudiganur  583245 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Gudur  587202 Bijapur Afzalpur Karnataka
Gujjadi  576247 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gulabarag  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbalgud  591321 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gulbara Khubaplot  585102 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarg J R College  585102 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga 585152 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga  585105 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Central  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Court  585102 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Darga  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Eng College  585102 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Fort Road  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Govt  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Jagat  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Kutchery  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Mominpura  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Msk Mills  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Nehruganj  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga R S  585102 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gulbarga Shahabazar  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Guledgudd  587203 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Guledgudd East  587203 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Gullanpet  577178 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Gullapur  581435 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Gulur Kolar  561218 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Gulur Tumkur  572118 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Gulvadi  576239 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gundewadi  591262 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Gundlupet  571111 Mysore Gundlupet Karnataka
Gundlupet Bazar  571111 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Gundmi  576237 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gundyadka  574317 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gunjahalli  584140 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Gurgunta  584139 Raichur Lingsugur Karnataka
Gurmitkal  585214 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Gurugadahalli  572235 Tumkur Tiptur Karnataka
Gurupupura  571188 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Gurupur  574145 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Gururayankere  574217 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Guthigar  574218 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Guttal  581108 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Guttalu  571403 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Gyanaganga  585106 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
H D Kote  571114 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
H Siddiah Road  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Habbuvada  581306 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hadadi  577525 Davanagere Davanagere Karnataka
Hadagali  586153 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hadinaru  571334 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Hadli  582228 Dharwar Malavalli Karnataka
Hagalvadi  572239 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hagare  573216 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Hagari Bommanahalli Town  583212 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hagarir S  583138 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hagri Bommanahalli  583212 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hakladi  576248 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hal Ii Stage  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Haladi  576250 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Halagali  587134 Bijapur Mudhol Karnataka
Halagani  586141 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Halagur  571421 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Halasangi  586207 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Halashi  591142 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Halavagalu  583213 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Halbarga  585413 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Haldipur  581327 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Haleangady  574146 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Halebeedu  573121 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Halenahalli  572150 Tumkur Dod Ballapur Karnataka
Halepalya  572240 Tumkur Malur Karnataka
Haleyur  571614 Mysore Piriyapatna Karnataka
Halga  591176 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Halgatti  591155 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Halge  581328 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Halgera  583251 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Halgeri  581208 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Halgeri  581376 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Halingali  587326 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Haliyal  581329 Uttar Kannada Haliyal Karnataka
Haliyal Bazar  581329 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Halkatta  585255 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Halkeri  582128 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Halli Mysore  573210 Hassan Hole Narsipur Karnataka
Hallihal  580211 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hallihole  576252 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hallikeri  582227 Dharwar Harapanahalli Karnataka
Hallikhed  585352 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hallikhed  585414 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hallikhed S F  585415 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hallisagar  585273 Gulbarga Shahpur Karnataka
Hallur  587143 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Halsitugaon  585441 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hamapapura  571125 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hampankatta  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hampapatna  583240 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hampapura  571601 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hampasagara  583214 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hampi  583239 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hampi Power House  583215 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hanabaratti  591185 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hanagawadi  577591 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Hanamsagar  584114 Raichur Kushtagi Karnataka
Hanbalu  577119 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Hanchinal  591157 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Handanakere  572119 Tumkur Chiknayakanhalli Karnataka
Hanehalli  576278 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hangal  581104 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Hangala  571126 Mysore Bangarapet Karnataka
Hanglur  576217 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hanjagi  586223 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Hannikeri  591186 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hanthur  577173 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Hanumanhal  584166 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Hanumanmatti  581135 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hanur  571439 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Haradi  576270 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Haragapur  591514 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Haranahalli  573122 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Harangi Project  571223 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Harapanahalli  583131 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Harapanahalli  583131 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Harapanahalli Joshi Stree  583131 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Harapanahalli Town  583131 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hardalli Mandall  576279 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hardanahalli  571127 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hardur  571239 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Harekala  574181 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hariabbe  577546 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hariapur  582126 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Harige  577244 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Harihar  577601 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Harihar Apmc Yard  577601 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hariharapura  577120 Chikamaglur Arsikere Karnataka
Harobelvadi  581215 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Harohalli  571183 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Harohalli Channapatna  562112 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Harthikote  577586 Chitradurga Hiriyur Karnataka
Harti  582123 Gadag Gadag Karnataka
Harugere  591220 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Harve  571128 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hassan  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Hassan Dist Office  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Hatcholli  583114 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hattikunj  585269 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Hattimattur  581159 Dharwar Savanur Karnataka
Haunsbhavi  581108 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Havanje  576131 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Havanur  581133 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Haveri  581110 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Haveri Bazar  581110 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Haveri Bus Stand  581110 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Haveri Rajendranagar  581110 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Havnahalli  577416 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hazrath Kambal  581110 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hebbal  591221 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hebbal  583272 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hebbal  582137 Dharwar Shorapur Karnataka
Hebbal Agricultural Farm  560024 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hebbalaguppe  571148 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Hebbale  571240 Koduru Arkalgud Karnataka
Hebballi  577583 Chitradurga Badami Karnataka
Hebbalu  571616 Mysore Hebbalu Karnataka
Hebbani  563154 Kolar Malavalli Karnataka
Hebbasuru  571152 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hebbur  572120 Tumkur Tarikere Karnataka
Heble  581420 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hebli  580117 Dharwar Aland Karnataka
Hebri  576112 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hebsur  581209 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Hedathale  571331 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Hegde  581330 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Heggadahalli  571336 Mysore Gundlupet Karnataka
Heggadde  573145 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Heggarni  581331 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Heggur  571180 Mysore Bilgi Karnataka
Hejamadi  574103 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hemdore  572170 Tumkur Sira Karnataka
Hemmadi  576249 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hemmaragala  571337 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Herga  576134 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Heroor  583247 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Herwatta  581332 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hessarghatta  560088 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hessarghattalake  560089 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hethur  573123 Hassan Sakleshpur Karnataka
Hidigona  581168 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hidkal  591255 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hidkal Dam  591107 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
High Court  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hiliyana  576246 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hills  571317 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hindalga  591108 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hinkal  570017 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hipparg  585360 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hipparga  585282 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Hippargi  587318 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hiradka  576113 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hiragutti  581333 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hirali  585373 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hirapur  585154 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Hirebadady  574306 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hirebagewadi  591109 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hirebettu  576153 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hirebevanur  586147 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Hirebile  577121 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Hirechennihatti  581218 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hirehadagalli  583216 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hirehal  582217 Dharwar Ron Karnataka
Hirehali  572168 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hireharkuni  581191 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hirehonnihalli  581225 Dharwar Kalghatgi Karnataka
Hirejambur  577441 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hirejantakal  583227 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hirekerur  581111 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Hirekodige  577442 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Hirekottankal  584142 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hirekudi  591274 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hirekumbi  591110 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hiremasali  586233 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hiremudnur  585288 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Hiremyagalagere  583145 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hiremyageri  583262 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hirenallur  577562 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hirenandur  585266 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Hirepadsalgi  587323 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hiresindogi  583263 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hirewaddatti  582222 Dharwar Mundargi Karnataka
Hirisave  573124 Chitradurga Channarayapatna Karnataka
Hiriyur  572143 Tumkur Hiriyur Karnataka
Hiriyur Bazar  572143 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hiriyur Sugar Factory  572144 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hirupadsalgi  587323 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hithla  577214 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Hitnal  583255 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hittinahalli  586151 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hmt Bangalore  560031 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hmt Watch Factory  560031 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hodikere  577215 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Hogie Bazar  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Holagundi  583241 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Holalkere  577526 Chitradurga Holalkere Karnataka
Holalkere Old Town  577526 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Holalkere Road  577503 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Holalu  583217 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Holalur  577216 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Holasamunder  585432 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Holavanahalli  572121 Tumkur Koratagere Karnataka
Holealur  582203 Dharwar Ron Karnataka
Holehonnur  577227 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Holehosur  591158 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Holenarasipur  573211 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Holenarasipur R S  573211 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Hombal  582204 Gadag Gadag Karnataka
Honagonahalli  586148 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Honavar  581334 Uttar Kannada Honavar Karnataka
Honavar Bank Road  581334 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Honavar Bazar  581334 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Honavar Durgakeri  581334 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Honavar Port  581395 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Honganur Channapatna  562138 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Honganur Nanjangud  571156 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Honge  591135 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hongunta  585227 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Honnali  577217 Shimoga Honnali Karnataka
Honnatti  581141 Dharwar Ranibennur Karnataka
Honnavalli  572217 Tumkur Alur Karnataka
Honnesara  577417 Shimoga Sagar Karnataka
Honnudike  572122 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Honnur  571493 Davanagere Davanagere Karnataka
Honvad  586156 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hoode  576137 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hoodgi  585329 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hoogiam  571808 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hooli  591159 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Horakere Devarapura  577557 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Horalahalli  571162 Mysore Tirumakudal Narsipur Karnataka
Horti  586117 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Hosa Alagodu  571168 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hosa Nagar  577418 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Hosad  581335 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hosadurga  577527 Chitradurga Pavagada Karnataka
Hosadurga Fort  577527 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hosadurga R S  577554 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Hosagrahara  571609 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hosahalli  583218 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hosahalli  583264 Raichur Chintamani Karnataka
Hosahalu  571426 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hosakere  584159 Raichur Channagiri Karnataka
Hosakoppa  577153 Chikamaglur Honnali Karnataka
Hosakuli  581434 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hosaline Road  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Hosangadi  576282 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hosaritti  581213 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Hosayellapur  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hoskote  562114 Bangalore Hoskote Karnataka
Hoskote  571611 Mysore Hoskote Karnataka
Hoskoti  591187 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hospet  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet  583273 Bellary Hospet Karnataka
Hospet Bazar  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Co-Operative Colony  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Jayaprakash Nagar  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Mutt Road  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Nehru Colony  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Nehru Co-Op College  583203 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Patel Nagar  583202 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hospet Ranipet  583201 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Hossur  561210 Kolar Chitapur Karnataka
Hosur  591111 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hosur  587142 Bijapur Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Hosur  571241 Koduru Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Hosur  571267 Koduru Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Hosur  571602 Mysore Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Hosur Road  560030 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Hubli  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Ashok Nagar  580032 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Bankapur Chowk  580028 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Bengeri  580023 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Bharat Mills  580024 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli City  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Engg College  580031 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Karnataka  580029 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Keshavapur  580023 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Krishapur  580024 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Mahaveeragalli  580028 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Moorusabir Mutt  580028 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Motor Stand  580029 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Nava Nagar  580025 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli New Cotton Market  580029 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Traffic Island  580029 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Udyam Nagar  580030 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Unkal  580031 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Vidya Nagar  580021 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hubli Vijay Nagar  580032 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hudi  591148 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hudikere  571249 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Hukeri  591309 Belgaum Hukeri Karnataka
Hukeri Bazar  591309 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hulagbabi  591323 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hulagera  584158 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Hulekal  581336 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Hulgur  581126 Dharwar Shiggaon Karnataka
Hulikere  571469 Mandya Belur Karnataka
Huliyar  572218 Tumkur Chiknayakanhalli Karnataka
Huliyar Road Hiriyur  572143 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hulkoppa  580118 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hulkoti  582205 Gadag Gadag Karnataka
Hulkund  591160 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hulkur  563142 Kolar Malur Karnataka
Hullahalli  571314 Mysore Alur Karnataka
Hullekere  572229 Tumkur Arsikere Karnataka
Hulloli  591334 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hullur  582220 Dharwar Chitradurga Karnataka
Hullyurdurga  572123 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Hulsur  585416 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hulsurkhed  585433 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Hulyhyder  584169 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Humcha  577436 Shimoga Hosanagara Karnataka
Humnabad  585330 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Humnabad Bazar  585330 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Hundi  571163 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hungarcutta  576218 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Hungund  587118 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Hungund Bazar  587118 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hunishyal  586234 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hunnargi  591275 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hunnur  587119 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Hunsgi  585215 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Hunshikatti  591161 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hunshyal  591276 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Hunsur  571105 Mysore Hunsur Karnataka
Hunsur Bridge  571105 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Hura  571315 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Hurlikupi  581181 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Hutha Colony  577303 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Hutti  571315 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Huvinahadgali  583219 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Huvinhippargi  586208 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Hylyal  587135 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Idapnur  584160 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Idgundi  581337 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Idikiku  574252 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Idu  574501 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Iianthila  574304 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Iikal Town  587125 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Iikalgandhi Chowk  587125 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Iirkasandra  572173 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Ijarilakhamapur  581183 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Ijur Ramanagaram  571511 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Inamhangal  591162 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Inchal  591163 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Indi  586209 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Indi Bazar  586209 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Indira Nagar  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Indira Nagar  560038 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Indoor  581449 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Indusrial Estate  581449 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Industrial Estate  570020 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Industrial Suburb  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Industrial Suburb I Stage  570008 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ingalgi  581228 Dharwar Chitapur Karnataka
Ingalgoan  591249 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ingalhalli  581231 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Ingleshwar  586235 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Inna  576146 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Innanje  576138 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ira  574301 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Iringere  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Irvathur  574128 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Isloor  581428 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Issur  577236 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Itagi Koppal  583265 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Itagi Nargund  582241 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Itagi Rbn  581142 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Itakadibbanahalli  572124 Tumkur Madhugiri Karnataka
Itgi  591112 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Itkal  585280 Gulbarga Sedam Karnataka
Ittigegud  570010 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ittigi  583220 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Jade  577419 Shimoga Sorab Karnataka
Jadigenahalli  562154 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jagabet  581129 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Jagalur  577528 Chitradurga Jagalur Karnataka
Jagalur Nehru Road  577528 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Jagjivan  586236 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Jain Temple Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jakkali  582127 Dharwar Channagiri Karnataka
Jaknur  582243 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Jalahalli  560013 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jalahalli East  560014 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jalahalli Villageso  560013 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jalahalli West  560015 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jalahlli Raichur  584116 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Jalihal  587144 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Jalsur  574255 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Jalwad  586163 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Jambur  573151 Hassan Channarayapatna Karnataka
Jamdaddi  586247 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Jamkhandi  587301 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Jamkhandi B S Road  587301 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Jamkhandi Giri Shnagar  587302 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Jangamkote  562144 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Janmane  581448 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Jannapura  577154 Chikamaglur Alur Karnataka
Jannapura  577301 Shimoga Alur Karnataka
Janwad  591279 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Janwada  585423 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Jatrat  591280 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Javagal  573125 Hassan Arsikere Karnataka
Javalgere  584143 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Javali  577122 Chikamaglur Mudigere Karnataka
Jawahar Nagar  584101 Raichur Sedam Karnataka
Jawalgere  584117 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Jayachamarajendra Extn  577002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Jayachanrajendra Extn  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Jayachmrajpura  573126 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Jayamahal Extn  560046 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar  560011 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar  570009 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Jayanagar East  560069 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar Extn  570014 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Jayanagar Extn  570014 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Jayanagar South  560041 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar T Block  560041 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar Vii Block  560082 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayanagar West  560082 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayaprakash Naryan Nagar  560078 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jayapura  577123 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Jeepinamogru  574192 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Jeevanahalli  560005 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jeevanbheemanagar  560075 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Jeppoo  575002 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Jewargi  585310 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Jigali  577577 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Jigalur  582236 Dharwar Kundgol Karnataka
Jodidasalrahalli  562141 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Jodihandinakere  573153 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Jodumarga  574219 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Jog Falls  577435 Shimoga Jog Falls Karnataka
Joida  581186 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Jokatte  574147 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Jokatte  574173 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Joshi Street  583150 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Jothigowdanapura  571153 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Jugai  591252 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Jyothinagar  577102 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Jyothinagar  570011 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
K B Halu  577164 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
K Bidre  577155 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
K Hoskote  573129 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
K Kamraj Road  560042 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
K R Circle  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
K R Extn Tiptur  572202 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
K R Mohalla  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
K R Puram Extn  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
K R S Agrahara Extn  572130 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
K T J Nagar  577002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kabada  572219 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Kabaka  574220 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kabbahali  571319 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kabbur  591222 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kabbur  581134 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kabini Colony  571166 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kabir Road  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kadaba  574221 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kadachur  585249 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kadagathur  572149 Gulbarga Madhugiri Karnataka
Kadakola  571311 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kadamane  573127 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kadandale  574277 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kadapur  591281 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadarmandalgi  581156 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kadbi  591702 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadekar  576104 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kadeshwalya  574302 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kadganchi  585311 Gulbarga Aland Karnataka
Kadgunchi  585311 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kadkol  581174 Dharwar Jevargi Karnataka
Kadoli  591143 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadolkargalli Corner  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadoloi  591702 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadrihills  575004 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kadrinayakanahalli  577593 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kadroli  591164 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kadugodi  560067 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kadur  577548 Chikamangalur Kadur Karnataka
Kadur  581146 Dharwar Kadur Karnataka
Kadur R S  577548 Chikamangalur Chikamangalur Karnataka
Kadur Town  577548 Chikamangalur Chikamangalur Karnataka
Kagal  581443 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kagalyadi  571117 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kaginelli  581153 Dharwar Byadgi Karnataka
Kaikeri  571222 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Kaikini  581421 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kaimara  577156 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kaiwara  563128 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Kajjari  581179 Dharwar Ranibennur Karnataka
Kakamari  591324 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kakanur  587149 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Kakhandhi  586132 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kakkalmeli  586157 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kakkera  585285 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kakkeri  591144 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kakkinje  574291 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kakol  581178 Dharwar Ranibennur Karnataka
Kakti  591113 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kaladgi  587204 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Kalaghatgi  581204 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kalale  571118 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Kalamuddana Doddi  571422 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kalas  581161 Dharwar Badami Karnataka
Kalasa  577124 Chikamaglur Mudigere Karnataka
Kalasapura  576135 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalasipalyam  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kalathur South  576135 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalavara  574174 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalbag  581371 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kalgi  585312 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Kaliyur  571481 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kalkeri  586118 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kalkeri  582141 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kalkuni  571453 Mandya Malavalli Karnataka
Kallabettu  574273 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalladaka  574222 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kallambella  572125 Tumkur Sira Karnataka
Kallamundkur  574274 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kallianpur  576114 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kallige  574297 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kallihal  581182 Dharwar Bhadravati Karnataka
Kallol  591282 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kalloli  591224 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kalludi  561219 Kolar Gauribidanur Karnataka
Kallur  584118 Raichur Jevargi Karnataka
Kallur  572220 Tumkur Jevargi Karnataka
Kallya  574126 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalmadka  574257 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalmala  584136 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Kalsanka  576102 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalthod  576280 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kalyana Nagar  560043 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kalyana Nagar  560043 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kalyannagar  580007 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kamagondanahalli  560015 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kamakatte  573144 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kamakerai  571443 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kamalapur  585313 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Kamalapura  583221 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kamalnagar  585417 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Kamasamudram  563129 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kamatgi  587120 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Kamdolli  581180 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kammradi  577125 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kampla Pura  571136 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kampli  583132 Bellary Kampli Karnataka
Kampli Bazar  583132 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kampli Sugar Factory  583133 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kamthana  585226 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Kanagal  571187 Mysore Hunsur Karnataka
Kanagale  591225 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kanaginhal  582131 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kanakagiri  584119 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Kanakapura  562117 Bangalore Kanakapura Karnataka
Kanakapura Bazar  562117 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kanakatte  573144 Chitradurga Arsikere Karnataka
Kanamadi  586138 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kanavalli  581172 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Kanbile  571242 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Kanchinegalur  581189 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Kandali  573217 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Kandgal  587145 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Kandikere  572228 Tumkur Chiknayakanhalli Karnataka
Kandlur  576240 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kangad  581367 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kangal  576277 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kangralikhurd  591197 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kanivebilichi  577231 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kanji  585427 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Kankanady  575002 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kankanwadi  591515 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kankatta  585435 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Kanmadi  586138 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kannolli  586159 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Kannur  586119 Bijapur Kannur Karnataka
Kannur  574193 Dak. Kannada Kannur Karnataka
Kannur  571804 Mysore Kannur Karnataka
Kansur  581340 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kanteeravanagar  560022 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kantharajapura  573159 Hassan Channarayapatna Karnataka
Kantharaje Urs Road  570009 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kanthavara  574129 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kanva  562150 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kanvikarvinkop  591145 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kanyana  574279 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karadga  591246 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Karadgi  581164 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Karadi  587146 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Karadigodu  571264 Mysore Virajpet Karnataka
Karajgi  581112 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Karajgi  585245 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Karali Jn  590543 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Karatgi  583229 Raichur Gangawati Karnataka
Kargal Colony  577421 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kargudri  581166 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Kariganur  577564 Chitradurga Channagiri Karnataka
Karikatti  591188 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Karimabad  585418 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Karkala  574104 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karkala Bazar  574104 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karkala West  574104 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karki  581341 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Karkod  576281 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karkunje  576241 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karnad  574154 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karnatak Health Institute  591310 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Karopady  574280 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Karoshi  591226 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Karur  583139 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Karur  581143 Dharwar Indi Karnataka
Karva  581424 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Karwar  581301 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Karwar Kajubagh  581301 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Karwar Kutcherry  581301 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Karwar Market  581301 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kasarod  581342 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kasbalingsugur  584161 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Kasturba Extn  577004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Katachincholi  585429 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Katageri  587205 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Katapadi  574105 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kateel  574148 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Katenhalli  581173 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Katgal  581444 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kathinkon  581305 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Katinkar  581361 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Katipalla  574149 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Katkol  591114 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kattaya  573128 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Kattemalavadi  571134 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kattepura  573154 Hassan Arkalgud Karnataka
Kaup  574106 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kav  574223 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kavadimatti  586229 Bijapur Muddebihal Karnataka
Kaval Byrasandra  560032 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kavalande  571312 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kavalgundi  577229 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kavalkutte  574335 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kaveripura  571184 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kavradi  576273 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kavur  574194 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kawloor  583254 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kedila  574309 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Keelara  571450 Mandya Kunigal Karnataka
Keladi  577443 Shimoga Sagar Karnataka
Kelgeri  580110 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Kelgeri  581139 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Kelur  587139 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Kembhavi  585216 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Kemmannu  576115 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kemmannugundi  577141 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kemminje  574202 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kempanahalli  572126 Tumkur Bangalore North Karnataka
Kempanapura  571170 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Kempapura Agrahara  560023 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kempegowda Road  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kempisiddanahundi  571323 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kempwad  591258 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kencharlahalli  563150 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Kengeri  560060 Bangalore Kengeri Karnataka
Kenkere  573158 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Kenkere  572231 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Keragodu  571446 Mandya Arkalgud Karnataka
Keralapura  573136 Hassan Arkalgud Karnataka
Kerebilichi  577218 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kerur  591283 Belgaum Kerur Karnataka
Kerur  587206 Bijapur Kerur Karnataka
Kesagodu  573224 Hassan Belur Karnataka
Kestur  571166 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kestur  571175 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kestur  571494 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Khadaklat  591228 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Khajjidoni  587213 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Khajuri  585314 Gulbarga Aland Karnataka
Khambadakone  576219 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Khanagaon  591344 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Khanapur  591302 Belgaum Khanapur Karnataka
Khanapur Town  591302 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kidiyur  576148 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kikkeri  571423 Mandya Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Kinhal  583230 Koppal Koppal Karnataka
Kinkanahalli  571487 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kinnar  581417 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kinnigoli  574150 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kinnikambla  574151 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kirangoor  571807 Mandya Piriyapatna Karnataka
Kirimanjeshwar  576253 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kirni  585338 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kirugavalu  571424 Mandya Malavalli Karnataka
Kirwatti  581412 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kittoor  571139 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kittur  591115 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kittur Somwarpeth  591115 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kod  581130 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Kodagalli  571173 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kodagarahalli  571243 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Kodambal  585424 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Kodamballi  562140 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kodangallu  574197 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodapadavu  574269 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodekal  585237 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Kodi  576255 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodialball  575003 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodibag  581303 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kodibengre  576256 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodigenahalli  572127 Tumkur Kodigenahalli Karnataka
Kodihal  587147 Bijapur Hungund Karnataka
Kodihalli  562119 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kodikar  576104 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodikoppa  582233 Dharwar Honnali Karnataka
Kodimbady  574287 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kodimbala  574307 Shimoga Puttur Karnataka
Kodipet  571231 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Kodiyala  571452 Mandya Gubbi Karnataka
Kodkani  581439 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kodla  585251 Gulbarga Sedam Karnataka
Kodli  585356 Gulbarga Bhalki Karnataka
Kodni  591284 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kodolkargalli  590002 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kodtoka  581338 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kodur  577445 Shimoga Hosanagara Karnataka
Kognoli  591229 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kohalli  591257 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Koilacattle Farm  574288 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kokatnur  591230 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kokkada  574198 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kokkarne  576234 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kolambe  574189 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kolar  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Bazar  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Dodpet  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Extension  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Gandhinagar  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Gulpet  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolar Hospital Circle  563101 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kolhar  586210 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Koliwad  582226 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Kolkunda  585365 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Kollegal  571440 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Kollegal Devangapet  571440 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kollegal Mudikundam  571440 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kollegal Southern Extn  571440 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kollol  591282 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kollur  576220 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kollur  585247 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kolnadu  574270 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kolur  586160 Bijapur Bangalore South Karnataka
Konaje  574161 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Konandur  577422 Chitradurga Tirthahalli Karnataka
Konanur  573130 Hassan Chitradurga Karnataka
Konchady  575008 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kondajji  577589 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kondethimmanahalli  572156 Tumkur Pavagada Karnataka
Kondiahalli  577529 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kongadiappa Road  561203 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Koni  576255 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Konkal  585375 Gulbarga Shahpur Karnataka
Konnur  591231 Belgaum Konnur Karnataka
Konnur  582206 Dharwar Konnur Karnataka
Konur  587121 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Koppa  577126 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Koppa  571425 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Koppal  583231 Raichur Koppal Karnataka
Koppal R S  583231 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Koppalbazar  583231 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Koppalgavi Siddeswar  583231 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Kopparshikoppa  581167 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Koppuru  584145 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Kora  572128 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Koralli  585334 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Koramangala  560034 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Koramangala I Block  560034 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Koramangala V Block  560034 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Koramangala Vii Block  560034 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Korangrapdi  574505 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Koratagere  572129 Tumkur Koratagere Karnataka
Korvar  586120 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kota  576221 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kotagudda  561215 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kotathattu  576267 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kotegarihalli  572174 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Kotegeyedathore  571340 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kotekar  574152 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kotekere  571141 Mysore Gundlupet Karnataka
Koteshwar  576222 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kothali  591287 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kothanur  560077 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kothegala  572157 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Kothuru  572148 Tumkur Mulbagal Karnataka
Kotta  572166 Tumkur Shikarpur Karnataka
Kottalavadi  571157 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kottatti  571471 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kottigehara  577171 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kotturu  583134 Bellary Kotturu Karnataka
Kotturu Bazar  583134 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kotturu Temple Street  583134 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Koujageri  582229 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Koujalgi  591227 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kowsika  573223 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Kowthal  584120 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Koynad  574208 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Koynad  571260 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Koyyur  574305 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Krishnamurthy Puram  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Krishnarajapete  571426 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Krishnarajapura R S  560016 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Krishnarajasagara  571607 Mysore Krishnarajasagara Karnataka
Krishnarajendra Road  577001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Krishnarajindrapete  571426 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Krishnarajnagar  571602 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Krisnarajapuram  560036 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Krodabailur  576251 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Krodhashram  576116 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kuandapura Market  576201 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kudchi  591311 Belgaum Kudchi Karnataka
Kuddigere  577233 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kuderu  571316 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Kudgi  586121 Bijapur Basavana Bagevadi Karnataka
Kudige  571232 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Kudithini  583115 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kudli  577237 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kudligi  583135 Bellary Kudligi Karnataka
Kudlur  577157 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kudlur  571154 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kudregundi  577127 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kudremukh  577127 Chikamaglur Kudremukh Karnataka
Kudresalwadgi  586239 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kudumangalore  571259 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Kudupalli  581147 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kudur  561101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kuduvalli  577158 Chikamaglur Tirthahalli Karnataka
Kujalli  576132 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kukkehalli  576132 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kukkundur  576117 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kukkuvada  577579 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Kuknoor  583232 Raichur Jevargi Karnataka
Kulai  574196 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kulai Hosabettu  574176 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kulambi  577239 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kuldigi Bazar  583135 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kulgeri Cross  587155 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kulgod  591250 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kulgod  587155 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kulhalli  587319 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Kulshekar  575005 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kulur  575013 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kumara Park West Extn  560020 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kumarapatnam  581123 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kumararpura  571806 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kumbalagodu  560074 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Kumbarpeth  585290 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kumbarwadi  581187 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kumbhasi  576257 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kumblur  577238 Shimoga Honnali Karnataka
Kumbra  574258 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kumbra  576257 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kumsi  577423 Shimoga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kumta  581343 Uttar Kannada Kumta Karnataka
Kumta Kutcherry  581343 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kumta Town  581343 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Kunagalli  571488 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Kundapur  576201 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kundargi  587214 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Kundargi  581113 Dharwar Bilgi Karnataka
Kundargi  581426 Dharwar Bilgi Karnataka
Kundghat  581113 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kundur  577219 Shimoga Alur Karnataka
Kunigal  572130 Tumkur Kunigal Karnataka
Kunjal  576258 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kunjibettu  576102 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kunnur  591288 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kuntur  571489 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Kuppadagdde  577446 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Kuppelur  581144 Dharwar Ranibennur Karnataka
Kuppepadavu  574162 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kurdi  584203 Raichur Manvi Karnataka
Kurdikoppa  582223 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kurekuppa  583143 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kurkunta  585238 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kurkunta Cement Factory  585210 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Kurli  591285 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kurnad  591285 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kurnad  574153 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kurni  591286 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Kurthkoti  582214 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kurubarabudihalu  577164 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Kurubgonda  581154 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Kurudamale  563152 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Kurugodu  583116 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Kushalnagar  571234 Koduru Kushalnagar Karnataka
Kushtagi  574121 Dak. Kannada Kushtagi Karnataka
Kushtagi Kutchery  574121 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kusnur  581149 Dharwar Hangal Karnataka
Kusugal  581140 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Kuthethur  574190 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kuthpadi  574134 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kuthyar  574504 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Kutta  571250 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Kuvemputhegar  572103 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Kyalanur  563151 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Kyatarhalli  571427 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Kyatasandra  572104 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Lachyan  586211 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Laila  574294 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Lakhangaon  585442 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Lakkavalli  577128 Chikamaglur Sagar Karnataka
Lakkundi  582115 Gadag Gadag Karnataka
Lakshmeshwar  582116 Dharwar Lakshmeshwar Karnataka
Lakshmi Puram Sandur  583119 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Lakshmipuram  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Lalbagh West  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Lalmasjid Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Langford Town  560025 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Laxmisagara  577567 Chitradurga Channagiri Karnataka
Leewell  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Legalators Home  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Likal  587125 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Lingadahalli  577444 Shimoga Arkalgud Karnataka
Linganamakki  577444 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Lingarajapuram  560084 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Lingasugur  584122 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Lingasugur Kutchery  584122 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Lokanathapura  577159 Chikamaglur Koppa Karnataka
Lokapur  587122 Bijapur Mudhol Karnataka
Lokkanahalli  571479 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Londa  591301 Belgaum Londa Karnataka
Lonibudruk  586237 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Lore  575003 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
M.R.Mohalla  570024 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Machhe  591181 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Machina  574295 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Madabhavi  586154 Bijapur Chikodi Karnataka
Madalur  572152 Tumkur Sira Karnataka
Madangere  581344 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Madanhipparga  585282 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Madanthyar  574224 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Madapura  571251 Koduru Arkalgud Karnataka
Madavu  574318 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Madbhavi  591232 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Maddur  571428 Mandya Maddur Karnataka
Maddur  571495 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Maddur Extension  571428 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Maddur R S  571429 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Madgeri  581377 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Madhavanagar  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Madhavanpark  560011 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Madhavapur  590005 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Madhugiri  585315 Gulbarga Madhugiri Karnataka
Madhugiri  572132 Tumkur Madhugiri Karnataka
Madhuvanahalli  571801 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Madhwar  585315 Gulbarga Sedam Karnataka
Madikeri  571201 Koduru Madikeri Karnataka
Madikeri Fort  571201 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Madivala  560058 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Madiyal  585274 Gulbarga Aland Karnataka
Magadi  562120 Bangalore Magadi Karnataka
Magadi  582143 Dharwar Magadi Karnataka
Magadi Road  560023 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Magge  573146 Hassan Alur Karnataka
Magod Colony  581372 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Magundi  577160 Chikamaglur Narasimharajapura Karnataka
Mahadeshwara Betta  571490 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mahadevapura  560048 Bangalore Mahadevapura Karnataka
Mahadevapura  571809 Mysore Challakere Karnataka
Mahagaon  585316 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Mahalakshmipuram Layout  560086 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mahalingapur  587312 Bijapur Mudhol Karnataka
Mahatma  580008 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Mahatma Gandhi Road  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Majali  581345 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Makari  581190 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Maknur  581163 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Makode  571138 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Makut  571221 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Mala  574123 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Malalipanchayat  574165 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Malalkere  577580 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Malaprabha Dam Site  591116 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Malavalli  571430 Mandya Malavalli Karnataka
Malavalli Town  571430 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Malebennur  577530 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Malgi  581346 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Maliabad  584110 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Malkand Lines  560033 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Malkhed  585317 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Malkhed Road  585292 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Malladihalli  577531 Chitradurga Holalkere Karnataka
Mallanaikanahalli  563148 Kolar Dod Ballapur Karnataka
Mallandur  577130 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Mallapur  582218 Dharwar Badami Karnataka
Mallenahalli  577131 Chikamaglur Alur Karnataka
Malleswaram  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Malleswaram Circle  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Malleswaram West  560055 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Malli  585369 Gulbarga Jevargi Karnataka
Mallikwad  591289 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mallipatna  573147 Hassan Arkalgud Karnataka
Mallur  574106 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mallur  581170 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Mallur  562116 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Malpe  576118 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Malur  563130 Kolar Malur Karnataka
Malur  571512 Mysore Malur Karnataka
Malur  577240 Shimoga Malur Karnataka
Malur Bazar  563130 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Malvi  583242 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Mamadapur  591233 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mamballi  571442 Mysore Yelandur Karnataka
Manakapura  591517 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Manakheli  585227 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Manasagangotri  570006 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Manchenathalli  561211 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Manchi  574323 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manchi  574371 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manchikere  581347 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mandagadde  577220 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Mandagere  571467 Mysore Krishnarajpet Karnataka
Mandalay Lines  560033 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mandarthi  576223 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mandekolu  574256 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mandewal  585362 Gulbarga Jevargi Karnataka
Mandi Mohalla  570021 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mandipet Raichur  584102 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Mandipet Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Mandy Bazar  562101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mandya  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Agrahara  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Ashoknagar  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Azadnagar  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Bazar  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Bus Stand  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya District Office  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Gandhinagar  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Guttal Colony  571403 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya M C Road  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Old Town  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Shankara Nagara  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Subhash Nagara  571401 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mandya Sugar Town  571402 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Mangala  571165 Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar Karnataka
Mangalanthi  574167 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mangalore  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mangalore  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mangalore Bunder  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mangalore Koppal  583257 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Mangalore Milagres  575001 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mangalvaad  581382 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mangalwarpeth  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Mangasulli  591234 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mangoli  586122 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mangundi  580115 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Mangur  591290 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mangutti  591291 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Manhalli  585257 Gulbarga Basavakalyan Karnataka
Mani  575253 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manikar  574311 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Maniknagar  585353 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Maninalkur  574298 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manipal  576119 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manipal East  576119 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manipal Press Corner  576119 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Manjari  591264 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mankapur  591517 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Manki  581348 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mannur  585246 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Manoli  591227 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mantur  587136 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mantur  580213 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Manvi  584123 Raichur Manvi Karnataka
Manwi  576265 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Maradihalli  577532 Chitradurga Channarayapatna Karnataka
Maragodu  571261 Koduru Madikeri Karnataka
Maralavadi  562121 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Maralur  572105 Tumkur Gauribidanur Karnataka
Marasanbasri  582132 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Marathahalli Colony  560037 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mardla  574230 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Margod Colony  581372 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Margol  585241 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Mariammanahalli  583222 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Marihal  591167 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Marikamba Temple Street  581401 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Marikuppam  563119 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Market  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Market  577522 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Market Yard Apmc  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Markonahalli  572155 Tumkur Kunigal Karnataka
Marthavi  571491 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Martur  581445 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Marukeri  581185 Dharwar Bhatkal Karnataka
Marur  581445 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Marutisevanagar  560033 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Marvanthe  576261 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Masaguppi  591292 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Masbinal  586241 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mashal  585217 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Maskal  577584 Chitradurga Aurad Karnataka
Maski  584124 Raichur Lingsugur Karnataka
Masthi  563139 Kolar Malur Karnataka
Mastikatte  577448 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Masur  581210 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Masuti  586150 Bijapur Basavana Bagevadi Karnataka
Matala  585419 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Mathikere  560054 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mathodu  577533 Chitradurga Hosadurga Karnataka
Mathur  577235 Shimoga Hosadurga Karnataka
Matmari  584202 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Mattu  576139 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mattur  584146 Koppal Koppal Karnataka
Mavadihalli  577532 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Mavalli  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mavinkurve  581432 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mayakonda  577534 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Mayasandra  572221 Tumkur Anekal Karnataka
Meanee Lines  560042 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Medical College  580022 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Medleri  581211 Dharwar Ranibennur Karnataka
Medur  581217 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Meenakshi Koil Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Meersabidhalli  577570 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Megalpet  583131 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Megaravalli  577424 Shimoga Tirthahalli Karnataka
Mekur Hoskeri  571271 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Melavanki  591337 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Melekote  561205 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Melinidgunji  581423 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Melkote  571431 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Melligere  587137 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mellur  562102 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Melpal  577161 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Menasgi  582232 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Mercara Hills  575002 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mermajal  574187 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Metagalli  570016 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Metgalli Extn  570016 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mijar  574225 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Milk Colony  560055 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Milkmans Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mindigal  563143 Kolar Chintamani Karnataka
Mirjan  581440 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mirkhal  585438 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Mirle  571603 Mysore Krishnarajanagara Karnataka
Mishrikoti  581226 Dharwar Kalghatgi Karnataka
Mission Compound  576101 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mithabail  574226 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Miyar  574107 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Modhugiri Doddapet  585315 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Modi Circle  577004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Moka  583117 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Mokalmuru  577535 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Molahalli  576274 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mole  591322 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Moodbidri  574227 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Moodubelle  576120 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Moody  577449 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Morab  580112 Dharwar Khanapur Karnataka
Moratgi  586123 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Morigere  583243 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Morkonda  585262 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Mosalehosahalli  573212 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Mosarkal  584126 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Motebennur  581136 Dharwar Byadgi Karnataka
Movigere  583243 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Mrutyanjayanagar  580006 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Mrutyunjayamarket  580008 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Muchalam  585347 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Muchandi  591198 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mudalagi  591312 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mudbi  585437 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Muddebihal  586212 Bijapur Muddebihal Karnataka
Muddebihal Bazar  583121 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Muddebihal Fort  586245 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mudgal  584125 Raichur Mudgal Karnataka
Mudgeri  581377 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mudhol  585364 Bidar Mudhol Karnataka
Mudhol  585443 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Mudhol  587313 Bijapur Mudhol Karnataka
Mudhol  585318 Gulbarga Mudhol Karnataka
Mudhol  583259 Raichur Mudhol Karnataka
Mudhol Bazar  587313 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mudigere  577132 Chikamaglur Mudigere Karnataka
Mudkavi  591168 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mudnal  585270 Gulbarga Homnabad Karnataka
Mudradi  576145 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Muduperar  574166 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mueseum Road  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mugad  580116 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Mugalkhed  591235 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Muganayakanakote  572222 Tumkur Gubbi Karnataka
Mugbe  581433 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mugtihalli  577133 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Muguru  571169 Mysore Sorab Karnataka
Mugutkhanhubli  591118 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Mukka  574177 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Muktamphra  585101 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Mulasavara  573148 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Mulbagal  563131 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Mulbagal Bazar  563131 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Mulbagal Someshwara  563131 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Mulgund  582117 Dharwar Mulgund Karnataka
Mulki  574154 Dak. Kannada Mulki Karnataka
Mulki Bazar  574154 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mullur  571483 Mandya Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Mulsavalgi  586155 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Mulwad  586149 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Mundaje  574228 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Mundalli  581370 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mundargi  582118 Dharwar Mundargi Karnataka
Mundgod  581349 Uttar Kannada Mundgod Karnataka
Mundukur  576121 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Munirabad  583233 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Munirabad R S  583234 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Munireddy Palya  560006 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Muniyal  574108 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Murdeshwar  581350 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Murgod  591119 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Murgundi  591259 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Murkal  571135 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Murki  585439 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Murnad  571252 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Murugamala  563146 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Murur  581445 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Mustari  585425 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Mutge  591189 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Muttagi  586232 Bijapur Basavana Bagevadi Karnataka
Muttalgere  587209 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Muttoli  581388 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Muttsalavadikebe  586232 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Muttugudur  577581 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Mysore  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore Fort  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore Jayalakshmi  570001 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore Lancers Lines  560006 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Mysore Law Courts  570005 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore South  570008 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore University  570005 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Mysore Vani Vilas Mohalla  570005 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
N H T Mills  582207 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
N Mahadevapura  577571 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
N R Mohalla  570007 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
N S Bureau  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nada  576262 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nadugallu  574178 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nadugallu  574315 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nadur  572169 Tumkur Sira Karnataka
Nagamangala  571432 Mandya Nagamangala Karnataka
Nagamangala T B Exgn  571432 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Naganahalli  571149 Mysore Arkalgud Karnataka
Nagar  577425 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Nagar Munoli  591293 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nagarakere  571456 Mandya Maddur Karnataka
Nagarbhavi  560072 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nagarhole  571258 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Nagasamudra  577572 Chitradurga Arsikere Karnataka
Nagasandra  560073 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nagasandra  572134 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Nagavalli  571155 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Nagavalli  572145 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Nagnur  585372 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nagnur  591319 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Nagoonahalli  571805 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Nagori  575002 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nagral  586134 Bijapur Bhalki Karnataka
Nagre  581393 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Nagrtharpet  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nagrund  582207 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Nagthan  586161 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Naikal  585319 Gulbarga Shahpur Karnataka
Naikur  576263 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nalatwad  586124 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Nalkudre  577565 Chitradurga Channagiri Karnataka
Nallur  574502 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nallur  577221 Shimoga Bangarapet Karnataka
Nalwar  585218 Gulbarga Chitapur Karnataka
Nanadi  591295 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nandagudi  562122 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nandalike  576126 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nandangadda  581304 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Nandawadgi  587148 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Nandgad  591120 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nandi  562103 Kolar Belgaum Karnataka
Nandi Hills  562118 Kolar Chik Ballapur Karnataka
Nandi Kurli  591339 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nandikeshwar  587210 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Nandikur  574138 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nanditavare  577590 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Nangli  563132 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Nanjangud  571301 Mysore Nanjangud Karnataka
Nanjangud Bazar  571302 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Nanjaraja Patna  571246 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Nanjundal Circle  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Nanvapura  583274 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Napoklu  571214 Koduru Madikeri Karnataka
Narasimbaraja Colony  560019 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Narasimharajapura  577134 Chikamaglur Narasimharajapura Karnataka
Naraspura  563133 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Naravi  574109 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Narayanagondanahalli  577582 Chitradurga Holalkere Karnataka
Narayanapillai Street  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Narayanapur  585219 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Narayanpur  585341 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Narayanpur  580008 Dharwar Aurad Karnataka
Naregal  581165 Dharwar Naregal Karnataka
Naregal  582119 Dharwar Naregal Karnataka
Narendra  580113 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Narikombu  574282 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Narimogru  574312 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Naringana  574168 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Narsimharaja Road  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nasalapur  591299 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Navalgi  587320 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Navalgund  582208 Dharwar Navalgund Karnataka
Navalgund Bazaar  582208 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Navalur  580009 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Navaru  574263 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Navilagaon  581425 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Navunda  576224 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Naya Bazar  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Nayakanahatti  577536 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Nayamohalla  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nayandahalli  560039 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nazarbad Mohalla  570010 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Neelasandra  560047 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Neelavara  576259 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Neelgund  582125 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Neermanvi  584147 Raichur Manvi Karnataka
Neerude  574163 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Negalur  581155 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Neggar  581450 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Neginhal  591190 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nehruganj  585104 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nehrunagar  590010 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nehrunagar  574203 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nej  591296 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nekarpet Ramdurg  591812 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nelamangala  562123 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nellikar  574124 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nellyadi  574292 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nerale  571332 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Neria  574292 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nerli  591340 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nesargi  591121 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nettana  574230 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nettanige Mudnur  574313 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
New Banimantap Extn  570015 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
New Daroji  583151 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
New Diggewadi  591297 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
New Market Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
New Tharagpet  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
New Thippasandra  560075 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Nidagunda  585320 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nidasale  572167 Tumkur Kunigal Karnataka
Nidgundi  586213 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Nidige  577222 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Nidighatta  571433 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Nidoni  586133 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Nidsoshi  591236 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nijalingappanagar  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Nilagi  591298 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nilekani  581403 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Nilgund  587123 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Nilogi  585339 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Niloor  585243 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nimbala  585236 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nimbarga  585244 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Nimbargi  586238 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Nipani  591237 Belgaum Nipani Karnataka
Nipani C R D  591237 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nipani N C  591237 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Nirmarga  575012 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nirna  585263 Gulbarga Homnabad Karnataka
Nitte  574110 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Nittur  585428 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Nittur  572223 Tumkur Aurad Karnataka
Nivargi  586242 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Nokya  571268 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Nonavinakere  572224 Tumkur Tiptur Karnataka
Norona  585342 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Noronha Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
North Zone  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Northern Extension  572106 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Norway  573149 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Nowli  583266 Raichur Hadagalli Karnataka
Nuggihalli  573131 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Nulvi  580214 Dharwar Hubli Karnataka
Nyamati  577223 Shimoga Honnali Karnataka
Obala Pura  577537 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Okalipuram  560021 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Old Cemetry Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Old Hubli  580024 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Old Poor House Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Old Sosale  571120 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Old Town  571426 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Old Town  577303 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Oojein  583136 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Ookadapalyam  560047 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Oorgaum  563120 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Oorgaum East  563120 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Oorgaumpet  563121 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
P T C Campus  570010 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
P W D Colony  572132 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
P&T Colony  560032 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Padasvali  585363 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Padil  575007 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Padmanabhanagar  560070 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Padubidri  574111 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Paduvari  576275 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pahwadi  565277 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Palace Guttahalli  560020 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Palace Orchards  560080 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Palaiyam  571484 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Palaoka  574278 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Palavalli  572136 Tumkur Pavagada Karnataka
Palimar  574112 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Palli  574244 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Palya  573218 Hassan Alur Karnataka
Palya  563131 Kolar Alur Karnataka
Pampamahakavi Road  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Panakaje  574296 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Panambur  575010 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Panchanahalli  573132 Chikamangalur Kadur Karnataka
Pandavapura  571434 Mandya Pandavapura Karnataka
Pandavapura  571484 Mysore Pandavapura Karnataka
Pandavapura R S  571435 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Pane Mangalore  574231 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pangala  576122 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Paniyur  574140 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Panja  574232 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Panjee  574259 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Panjinadka  574195 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Papinayakanahalli  583223 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Paramanandawadi  591329 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Paramogru  574289 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Parampalli  576243 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Parasegowdana Palya  571803 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Parishwad  591131 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Park Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Parkala  576123 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Parqasurampura  577538 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Partapur  585349 Gulbarga Basavakalyan Karnataka
Parthanahalli  591327 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Pathapalya  561212 Kolar Bagepalli Karnataka
Patilroad  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Patla  576135 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pattadakal  587211 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Pattan  585378 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Pattanaikanahalli  572135 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Pattankudi  591238 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Pavagada  561202 Tumkur Pavagada Karnataka
Pavagada Fort  561202 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Pavinkurve  581375 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Pavur  574182 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Peenya  560058 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Peenya Ii Stage  560058 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Peenya Small Scale Indust  560058 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Pejavara  574175 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pension Mohalla  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Pension Mohalla Street  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Peramannur  574183 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Perdur  576124 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Peresandra  562104 Kolar Chik Ballapur Karnataka
Periyapatna  571107 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Permankila  576141 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pethalur  582223 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Phajiru  574188 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pilar  574113 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pilenahalli  577167 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Pillangere  577241 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Pillanna Gardens  560005 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Pipe Line Extension  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Plain Street  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Polalipanchayath  574284 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Pollibetta  571215 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Ponampet  571216 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Poorhouse Colony  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Posh Road  581110 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Prabhatnagar  581334 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Prakash Nagar  560021 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Pudu  574169 Dak. Kannada Pudu Karnataka
Punarur  574179 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Puram Extension  570012 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Puravara  572175 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Purigale  571463 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Putpak  585279 Gulbarga Yadgir Karnataka
Puttur  574201 Dak. Kannada Puttur Karnataka
Puttur Bazaar  574201 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Puttur Court Hill  574201 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Quadrant Square  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
R P C Layout North  560040 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
R V Niketan  560059 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rabbankal  584144 Raichur Manvi Karnataka
Rabkhavi  587314 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ragibommanhalli  571458 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Raibag  591317 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Raichur 583235 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Raichur Ho  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Raichur Mukkaramganj  584102 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Raichur R S  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Rajajinagar  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar Bhashyam  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar I Block  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar Iv Block  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar North  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar Vi Block  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajajinagar West  560010 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajankollur  585291 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Rajansiriyur  573152 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Rajarama Colony  577601 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Rajbhavan  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajendra Road  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajendranagar  570007 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Rajendrapete  577202 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Rajeshwar  585331 Gulbarga Basavakalyan Karnataka
Rajmahalvilas  560024 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rajola  585354 Gulbarga Basavakalyan Karnataka
Rajoor  583258 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Rajur  582230 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Rakshanapura  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Rakulgi  585264 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Ramachandra Puram  560021 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ramagiri  577539 Chitradurga Holalkere Karnataka
Ramakrishna Vidya Shala  570020 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ramamurthynagar  560016 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ramanagaram  571511 Mysore Ramanagaram Karnataka
Ramanahalli  571172 Mysore Alur Karnataka
Ramanuja Road  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ramapura  577540 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Ramapura  571339 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ramapuram Ghat  571444 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Ramasamudra  585321 Gulbarga Yadgir Karnataka
Ramasamudra  571313 Mysore Yadgir Karnataka
Ramassagara  583147 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Ramdurg  591123 Belgaum Ramdurg Karnataka
Ramdurg Town  591123 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ramdurga  584148 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Ramesh Nagar  560037 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ramnathapura  573133 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Rampura  572164 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Ranajogihalli  577569 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Ranatur  582139 Dharwar Shirhatti Karnataka
Ranebennur  581115 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Ranebennur Bazar  581115 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Ranebennur Extension  581115 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Rangampeth  585220 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Rangapura  571131 Mysore Arkalgud Karnataka
Rangasamudra  571330 Koduru Pavagada Karnataka
Rangenahalli  577144 Chikamaglur Alur Karnataka
Ranjolkheni  585351 Gulbarga Bidar Karnataka
Ratkal  585322 Gulbarga Chincholi Karnataka
Ratnapuri Colony  571189 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Rattihalli  581116 Dharwar Hirekerur Karnataka
Ravandur  571108 Mysore Piriyapatna Karnataka
Ravindranagar  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Ravindranath Tagore  560032 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Rayalpadu  563134 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Rayarakoppal  573139 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Regulated Market  577003 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Regulated Market  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Regulated Market Yard  577502 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Rekulgi  585264 Gulbarga Bidar Karnataka
Renjala  574130 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Residency Road  560025 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Revoor  585333 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Richmond Town  560025 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ripponpete  577426 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Robertsonapet Vi Cross  563122 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Robertsonpet  563122 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Rodalbanda  584127 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Rodkonda  584164 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Ron  582209 Dharwar Ron Karnataka
Rontalukakutcherry  582209 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Rugi  586226 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Rukmapur  585253 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Rundrapatna  573150 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
S D M College  574240 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
S D S Sanitorim  560029 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
S I T Campus Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
S S Ghati  561225 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
S V P Colony  577435 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Sacherigudde  576128 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sadalga  591239 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sadashivgad  581352 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sadashivnagar  560080 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sadasivanagar  583121 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Sagar  585323 Gulbarga Sagar Karnataka
Sagar  577401 Shimoga Shahpur Karnataka
Sagar Bazar  577401 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Sagar Market Road  577401 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Sagglam  571477 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sahyadri Colony  581401 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Saibrakatte  576266 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Saidapur  587325 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Saidapur  585221 Gulbarga Basavakalyan Karnataka
Saidenur  581157 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Saigaon  585431 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Sailapura  561227 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sainik School  586102 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Saji Pamunnur  574283 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sajipamudu  574319 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Saklashpur  573134 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Sakrepatna  577135 Chikamaglur Kadur Karnataka
Salagame  573219 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Salahalli  591130 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Salem Road  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Salgera  585374 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Salgol  581368 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Salgunda  584165 Raichur Sindhnur Karnataka
Saligram  571604 Mysore Saligram Karnataka
Saligrama  576225 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Salikere  576260 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Salotgi  586217 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Sambargi  591501 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sambra  591124 Bijapur Belgaum Karnataka
Sameerwadi  587316 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sampaje  574234 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sampangiramnagar  560027 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sampgaon  591125 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sampige  574275 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sampige  572225 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Sampige Khan  577169 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Sandur  583119 Bellary Sandur Karnataka
Sandur Bazar  583119 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Saneguruvanahalli  560079 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sangam  587141 Bijapur Aurad Karnataka
Sangameshwarpet  577136 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Sangannhal  583267 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Sangolli  591191 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sangur  581148 Haveri Haveri Karnataka
Sankeshwar  591313 Belgaum Sankeshwar Karnataka
Sankeshwar Subhash Crcl  591313 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sankeshwar Sugar Factory  591314 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Santabennur  577552 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Santaveri  577137 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Santebachahalli  571436 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Santemarahalli  571115 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Santhekatte  576264 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Santhepet  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Santpur  585421 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Santur  574139 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Saptasagar  591503 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saragur  571121 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Saragur  571171 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sarapady  574264 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Saraswathipuram  570009 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Saraswathpur  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Saraswati Puram  573134 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Sarjapura  562125 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sarsamba  585361 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Sarvamanyahosakote  571324 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sarwad  586125 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sasalatti  587327 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sasihithlu  574180 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sastan  576226 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sastapur  585350 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Sasvehalli  577224 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Sathanur  562126 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sathanur  571464 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Sathegala  571498 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Sathkucherry  584101 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Sathya Saivihar  574235 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Satti  591240 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sattigere  591192 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sattur  580010 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Saulanga  577225 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Saunbuddi  591502 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundalga  591241 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundatti  591126 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundatti  591504 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundatti Apmc  591126 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundatti Bazar  591126 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saundatti Chidambarnagar  591126 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Saunshi  581117 Dharwar Kundgol Karnataka
Savadi  591260 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Savadi  582219 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Savalgi  586126 Bijapur Gulbarga Karnataka
Savanur  581118 Dharwar Savanur Karnataka
Science Institute  560012 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Second Ediga Extn  570015 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sedam  585222 Gulbarga Sedam Karnataka
Sedam Town  585222 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Seehalli  571176 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Seelenre  571454 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Senwi  574114 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Seppings Road  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Seshadri Puram  560020 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Settikere  572226 Tumkur Chiknayakanhalli Karnataka
Shahabad  585228 Gulbarga Shahabad Karnataka
Shahabad A C C  585229 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Shahapur  585223 Gulbarga Chikodi Karnataka
Shahapur Market Yard  585223 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Shaktinagar  575016 Dak. Kannada Shaktinagar Karnataka
Shaktinagar  584170 Raichur Shaktinagar Karnataka
Shalavadi  582238 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Shamnewadi  591505 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shanivarsarthe  571235 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Shankaranarayana  576227 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shankaranayana  576227 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shankarapura  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Shankarapura  574115 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shankaripuram  573201 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Shanthigrama  577162 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Shanthigrama  573220 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Shanthinagar  560027 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sharnnagar  585103 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Shedbai  591315 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shegunshi  591328 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sheshangeri  581138 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Shetgeri  581353 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Shibaje  574333 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shiggaon  581205 Dharwar Shiggaon Karnataka
Shigli  582210 Dharwar Shirhatti Karnataka
Shikaripur  577427 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shikaripur Bazar  577427 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Bus Stand  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga District  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Doddapet  577202 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Kote  577202 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Krishna  577202 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Market  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Office  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Railway  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shimoga Vidyanagar  577202 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shindikurbet  591506 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shirady  574236 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shirahatti  582120 Dharwar Shirhatti Karnataka
Shirali  581354 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Shirali Bazar  581354 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Shiralkoppa  577428 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Shirgod  581192 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Shirguppi  591242 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shirguppi  581158 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Shirgur  591330 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shirol  587328 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Shirol  582212 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Shirshyad  586243 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Shirur  587152 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Shirur  576228 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shirva  574116 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Shivagange  562139 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Shivaji Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Shivajinagar  590003 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Shivajinagar  585104 Gulbarga Afzalpur Karnataka
Shivalli  571468 Dharwar Dharwad Karnataka
Shivangi  586127 Bijapur Devadurga Karnataka
Shivapura  571144 Mysore Arsikere Karnataka
Shivapura Maddur  571429 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Shivaragudda Vidyapeetha  571459 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Shivasamudram  571437 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Shivayoga Mandir  587242 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Shorapur  585224 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Shorapur Town  585224 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Shravanabelagola  573135 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Shroff Katta  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Sibrikere  574164 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sidapur  571253 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Siddaganga Extn  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Siddaganga Mutt  572104 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Siddainapura  571499 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Siddakatte  574237 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Siddammanahalli  583149 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Siddapur  587151 Bijapur Siddapur Karnataka
Siddapur  584149 Raichur Siddapur Karnataka
Siddapur  581355 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Siddapura  586136 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Siddapura  576229 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Siddarthanagar  570011 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sidlaghatta  562105 Kolar Sidlaghatta Karnataka
Sidlaghatta Bazar  562105 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Siganellur  571480 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Silkfarm  571502 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sindgi  586128 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Sindgi Town  586169 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sindhaghatta  571465 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Sindhnur  584128 Raichur Sindhnur Karnataka
Sindhnur Bus Stand  584128 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Sindhnur Camp  584128 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Singatagere  577138 Chikamaglur Arsikere Karnataka
Sira  572137 Tumkur Sira Karnataka
Sira Bazar  572137 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Sira Santhepet  572137 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Sirangala  571244 Koduru Somvarpet Karnataka
Sirgeri  577592 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Sirigere  577541 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Sirigeri  583120 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Sirsi  585258 Bidar Sirsi Karnataka
Sirsi  581401 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sirsi Courts  581401 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sirsi Market  581402 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sirugupaa  583121 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Siruguppa  583121 Bellary Siruguppa Karnataka
Siruguppa Bazar  583121 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Sirur  587152 Bagalkot Bagalkot Karnataka
Sirwar  584129 Raichur Gangawati Karnataka
Sitimani R S  587207 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sivanchetty Garden  560042 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sivane  577549 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Sogi  583244 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Solapur  591507 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sollapura  577550 Chikamangalur Chikamangalur Karnataka
Solur  562127 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Somanathapura  561223 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Somanathapura  571164 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Somangiri  574316 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Someshwar Uchil  574156 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Someshwara  576129 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Someshwarapalya  563144 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Someshwarapura  560008 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Someshwarapuram  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Somwarpet  571236 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Somwarpet  571328 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sonangeri  574249 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sonda  581447 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sonna  587129 Bijapur Bilgi Karnataka
Sonth  585359 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Sooda  576127 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sopadia  591193 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sorab  577429 Shimoga Sorab Karnataka
Sorabtown  577429 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Sortur  582213 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Soundalaga  591241 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
South Public Square  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sri Jayachama  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sri Krisharajendra Road  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sri Krishnarajendra  560002 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sri Krishnarajendra Mills  570002 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Srimangala  571217 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Sringeri  577139 Chikamaglur Sringeri Karnataka
Srinivas Saradgi  585289 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Srinivasa Saradi  585286 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Srinivasanagar  574157 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Srinivasapura  563135 Kolar Bagepalli Karnataka
Srinivasapura Bazar  563135 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Srirampura  577542 Chitradurga Turuvekere Karnataka
Srirampuram  560021 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Srirangapatna  571438 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Srirangapatna  571438 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Srirangpatna Fort  571438 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
St Johns Medical College  560034 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
St Thomas Town  560084 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
State Bank Of Mysore  560050 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Station Ganagapur  585213 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Station Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Subashnagar  560009 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Subashnagar  574137 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Subramanya  574238 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Subramanyanagar  572227 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Subramanyapura  560061 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Subrayanpet Chikballarpu  562101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sudhamnagar  560027 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sudi  582211 Dharwar Ron Karnataka
Sugavi  581446 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Sugganahalli  562128 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sugur  577242 Shimoga Hiriyur Karnataka
Sujatha Puram  571301 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Sukravarsanthe  573161 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Sulahpet  585324 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Sulebele  562129 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sulebhavi  591134 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sulibhavi  587124 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sulla  580216 Dharwar Badami Karnataka
Sullia  574239 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sullia Gadhinagar  574239 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sultaji Gunta Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sunag  587128 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Sundekere  573155 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Sundhadi  591508 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Sunkalbidri  581222 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Suntikoppa  571237 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Supa  581122 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Surangi  582215 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Suranthkal  574158 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Sureban  591127 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Suttur  571159 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Swimming Pool  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
T Narsipur  571124 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tabakadhonithalli  581232 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tabibland  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tadas  581212 Dharwar Byadgi Karnataka
Tadkal  585343 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Tadkal  583256 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Tadkod  581175 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tadri  581437 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Tadvalga  586162 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Tagadur  571119 Mysore Channarayapatna Karnataka
Takkatte  576231 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Talakatnal  591509 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Talapady  574184 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Talkod  571122 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tallak  577543 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Tallikoti  586214 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Tallikoti Bazar  586214 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Tallur  576230 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Tallur  576230 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Talmadgi  585375 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Tamba  586215 Bijapur Indi Karnataka
Tandavapura  571325 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tangadgi  586129 Bijapur Shahpur Karnataka
Tarikere  577228 Chikamaglur Tarikere Karnataka
Tavarekere  560081 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tavarekere  562130 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tavarekere  572139 Tumkur Bangalore South Karnataka
Tavaremellihalli  581214 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tavargira  584131 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Tayalur  563136 Kolar Mulbagal Karnataka
Teetha  572154 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Tejaswinagar  580001 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tekal  563137 Kolar Malur Karnataka
Tekkalakota  583122 Bellary Tekkalakota Karnataka
Tekkatte  576231 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Telgi  583137 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Tellanur  571488 Mysore Kollegal Karnataka
Telsang  591265 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Temple Street  583101 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Temple Street  583102 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Tengli  585345 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Tenkabettu  576142 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Terdal  587315 Bijapur Terdal Karnataka
Tergaon  581352 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Thagarthi  591243 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Thaggahalli  571406 Mandya Maddur Karnataka
Thaggahalli  571460 Mandya Maddur Karnataka
Thambrahalli  583224 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Thanahattargi  591243 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Thanakushnoor  585436 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Thimmaiah Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Thimmanhalli  572233 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Thippasandra  562131 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Thirthahalli Town  577432 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Thirthalli  577432 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Thirthimathi  571254 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Tholapalli  561221 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Thondavadi  571142 Mysore Gundlupet Karnataka
Thondebhavi  561213 Kolar Gauribidanur Karnataka
Thottam  576143 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Thumbadi  572147 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Thumbasoge  571150 Mysore Heggadadevankote Karnataka
Thumbe  574170 Dak. Kannada Thumbe Karnataka
Thumbedevanahalli  573156 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Thyavanige  577544 Chitradurga Channagiri Karnataka
Tibetian Colony  581411 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Tibetian Settlement  571457 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tigadi  591171 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Tigadolli  591194 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Tilak Nagar  560041 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tilak Nagar  570021 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tilgul  586165 Bijapur Gulbarga Karnataka
Tilvalli  581120 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tippur  571613 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tiptur  572201 Tumkur Tiptur Karnataka
Tiptur Bazar  572201 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Tirlapur  582135 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tirlapur  582221 Dharwar Navalgund Karnataka
Tirukanambi  571123 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Tirumani  572172 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Toachikoppal Extn  570009 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Todalbagi  587322 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Togalbagi  587322 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Togarihankal  577163 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Togarsi  577433 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Tonachikoppal  570009 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Torna  585440 Bidar Bidar Karnataka
Tornagallu  583123 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Tovinkere  572138 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Town Hall Square  562101 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Trasi  576235 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Trg Command I A F  560006 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tubagere  561226 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tudur  577226 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Tulsigere  587215 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Tumkur City  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Tumminkatti  581119 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Tungabhadra Dam  583225 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Tungal  586146 Bijapur Jamkhandi Karnataka
Turaganur  571137 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Turmari  591195 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Turuvanur  577517 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Turuvekere  572227 Tumkur Turuvekere Karnataka
Turvihal  584132 Raichur Sindhnur Karnataka
Tyagarajanagar  560028 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Tyamagondlu  562132 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Uchangidurga  583146 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Uchgaon  591128 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Uchila  574117 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Uchila Bada  574117 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Udachan  585278 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Udagani  577447 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Udavara  573157 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Udayagiri Extn  570019 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Udbur  571321 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Uddeboranahalli  577168 Chikamaglur Chikmagalur Karnataka
Udevara  573157 Hassan Sakleshpur Karnataka
Udigala  571329 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Udupi  576101 Udupi Udupi Karnataka
Udupi Courts  576101 Udupi Udupi Karnataka
Udyavara  574118 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ugarbudruk  591320 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ugargol  591196 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ugarkhurd  591316 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ujire  574240 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ujjine  572171 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Ukli  586152 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Ulabi  577434 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Uliargoli  574106 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ullagaddi  591510 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Ullal  574159 Dak. Kannada Ullal Karnataka
Ullargoli  574115 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Ulsoor  560008 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Ulsoor Bazar  560008 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Uluguli  571269 Koduru Koduru Karnataka
Ummadahalli  571473 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
Ummattur  571333 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
University Campus  570006 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Uppinangady  574241 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Uppinbetgere  574241 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Uppinbetgeri  581206 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Uppunda  576232 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Urdigere  572140 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
V C Farm  571405 Mandya Mandya Karnataka
V G Doddi  561201 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
V O C Nagar  563119 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Vadagaon June  590005 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Vadavi  582146 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Vajralli  581436 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Vakkund  591701 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Valgalli  581394 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Vamanjoor  574508 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vandal  586220 Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka
Vandige  581357 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Vandse  576233 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vandur  581390 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Vanivilas Market  570004 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Vanivilasapura  572161 Chitradurga Hiriyur Karnataka
Varakodu  571143 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Varanga  576144 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Varthur  560087 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Varur  581234 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Vasana  577575 Chitradurga Harihar Karnataka
Vasantanagar  560052 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vastara  577174 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Veerakamba  574276 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vemgal  563157 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Venkatainachatra  571147 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Venkatappa Road  560051 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Venkatapura  561216 Bangalore Venkatapura Karnataka
Venkatarangapura  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Venkateshpur Extn  577501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Venkateshpura  560045 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Venur  574242 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vidhana Soudha  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vidhana Veedhi  560001 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Viduraswatha  561217 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Vidya Peetha  571326 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Vidyanagar  562134 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vidyaranya Puram  570008 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Vidyaranyapura  560097 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vigyana Kendra  560065 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vijayanagar  560040 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vijayanagar  591108 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Vijayanagar East  560040 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vijayanagar North  560079 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vijayapura  562135 Bangalore Vijayapura Karnataka
Vimanapura  560017 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vinchanagar Tumkur  572101 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Vinobanagar  580020 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Vinobanagar Shimoga  577201 Shimoga Shimoga Karnataka
Virajpet  571218 Koduru Virajpet Karnataka
Virgonagar  560049 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vishwavidyalaya  560056 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Viswaneedam  560091 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Visweswaranagar  570008 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Visweswarapuram  560004 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Visweswaraya Nagar  590001 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Vittal  574243 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vittalmudnur  574261 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vittalnagar  560018 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Viveknagar  560047 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Vogga  574265 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Vyalikaval Extn  560003 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Waderhatti  591513 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Wadi  585225 Gulbarga Wadi Karnataka
Walki  591511 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Waruri  581234 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
White Field  560066 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Williams Towm  560046 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Wilson Garden  560027 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Y N Koskote  572141 Chikamangalur Chikamangalur Karnataka
Yabaratti  591516 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yadaga  581379 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Yadavagiri  570020 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Yadgati  577140 Chikamaglur Chikamaglur Karnataka
Yadgiri  585201 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yadgiri Station  585202 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yadgiri Town  585201 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yadgud  591253 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yadhalli  587329 Bijapur Sedam Karnataka
Yadur  591512 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yadwad  591136 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yaksamba  591244 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yalgi  585253 Gulbarga Shorapur Karnataka
Yalivigi  581160 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yallur  591146 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yalwar  586164 Bijapur Basavana Bagevadi Karnataka
Yamakanmardi  591245 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yankanchi  586144 Bijapur Badami Karnataka
Yantrapura  577602 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Yard Davangere  577003 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Yargal  586158 Bijapur Sindgi Karnataka
Yargatti  591129 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yarguppi  580215 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yavgal  582216 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yebaratti  591516 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yedakola  571335 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Yedavanne  572162 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Yediyur  560082 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yediyur  572142 Tumkur Kunigal Karnataka
Yedrami  585325 Gulbarga Jevargi Karnataka
Yedthara  576214 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Yedthari  576214 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Yedur  591512 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yedur  577246 Shimoga Somvarpet Karnataka
Yegol  585248 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yeilambalase  577560 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Yekkambi  581358 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Yelabanka  560064 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yelachenahalli  560078 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yelahanka  560063 Bangalore Yelahanka Karnataka
Yelahanka Bazar  560064 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yelahanka Satellite Town  560064 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yelanadu  572160 Tumkur Hiriyur Karnataka
Yelanadu  572232 Tumkur Tumkur Karnataka
Yelandur  571441 Mysore Yelandur Karnataka
Yelasingi  585271 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yelbruga  583236 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Yeldur  563138 Kolar Srinivaspur Karnataka
Yelgach  581137 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yelhar  585370 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
Yelimanoli  591343 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yeliwal  581219 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yeliyur  571474 Mandya Channarayapatna Karnataka
Yellamma Hills  591173 Belgaum  Belgaum Karnataka
Yellapur  581359 Uttar Kannada Yellapur Karnataka
Yellapur Bazar  581359 Uttar Kannada Karwar Karnataka
Yellur  574132 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Yelsur  573137 Hassan Hassan Karnataka
Yelwal  571130 Mysore Mysore Karnataka
Yenugadale  563156 Kolar Kolar Karnataka
Yeraballi  577545 Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka
Yeragamballi  571497 Mandya Yelandur Karnataka
Yerdona  583273 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Yerdona  584150 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Yerebudihal  581162 Dharwar Dharwar Karnataka
Yergira  584133 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Yeriyur  571496 Mandya Gundlupet Karnataka
Yerlapadi  574503 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Yermal  574119 Dak. Kannada Mangalore Karnataka
Yermaras  584134 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Yermaras Camp  584135 Raichur Raichur Karnataka
Yeshwant Nagar  583124 Bellary Bellary Karnataka
Yeshwantpur  560022 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yeshwantpur Bazar  560022 Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Yevoor  585371 Gulbarga Gulbarga Karnataka
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