List of Pin Code of Odisha

Odisha is a state in India’s eastern region. It is the eighth-largest state in terms of land area and the eleventh-largest in terms of population. The state has India’s third largest population of Scheduled Tribes. It shares borders with West Bengal and Jharkhand to the north, Chhattisgarh to the west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south. Odisha has a 485-kilometer (301-mile) coastline along the Bay of Bengal. The region is also known as Utkala, and it appears in India’s national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana.” Odia, one of India’s Classical Languages, is the state language of Odisha.



Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
A G Office  751001 Puri Puri Odisha
Acharya Vihar  751004 Puri Puri Odisha
Ada  756134 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Adaspur  754011 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Adhuan  756140 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Agalpur  767022 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Agalpur  768047 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Agrahat  754070 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ahiyas  755036 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ainlapada  768219 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Ainthapali  768004 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Akhuapada  756122 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Alanahat  754107 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Alba  754217 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Alind Colony Hirakud  768016 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Amarda  757055 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Amarda Road  756030 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Ambabhona  768031 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Ambadola  765021 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Ambaguda  764055 Naupada Naupada Odisha
Ambikasahi  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Ampani  766028 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Amruta Manohi  754238 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Amsena  766109 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Anakhia  754102 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Analabereni  759026 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Anandapur  758021 Kendujhar Anandapur Odisha
Anantapur  756046 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Anchalgumma  764069 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Anduli  754233 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Angalo  755035 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Angul  759122 Bargarh Bargarh Odisha
Angul Bazar  759122 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Angulai  754232 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ankula  755001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Anladuva  757043 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Antei  754154 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Arad  756138 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Arei  755027 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Arnapal  756116 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Arsa  756139 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Arunodaya Market  753012 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ashoka Nagar  751009 Puri Puri Odisha
Aska  761110 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Aska College Square  761111 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Aska Junction  761110 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Astrang  752109 Puri Puri Odisha
Asurabandha  761151 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Asurali  756137 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Asureswar  754209 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Athagarh Patna  761044 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Athgarh  754029 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Athgarh Bazar  754029 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Athgarh College  754029 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Athmallik  759125 Dhenkanal Athmallik Odisha
Attabira  768027 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Aul  754219 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Avana  756051 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Ayaba  754230 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ayatan  754237 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Azimabad  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
B J B Nagar  751014 Puri Puri Odisha
Badadanda Sahi  761119 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Badadandasahi  761118 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Badakemundi Street  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Badakhamar  759036 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Badakharida  761041 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Badakodanda  761125 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Badampahar  757047 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Badamundai  754281 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Badasualo  759039 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Badjod  757078 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bagdehi  768220 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bagdia  759141 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Baghamari  752061 Puri Puri Odisha
Baghiabahal  762030 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Baghra Road  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bahadajhola  752082 Puri Puri Odisha
Bahadurbagichapara  766001 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Bahadurpetta  760032 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bahalda  757046 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bahalda Road R S  757054 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bahanada  757104 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bahanaga  756042 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Baideswar  754017 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Baidyanathpur  760004 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Bainsaria  755021 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bairoi  754010 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Baisinga  757028 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baji Chowk  759001 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Bajpur  752060 Puri Puri Odisha
Balanda  759116 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Balanga  752105 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Balangir  767001 Rayagada Balangir Odisha
Balangir Court  767001 Bolangir Balangir Odisha
Balangir R S  767001 Bolangir Balangir Odisha
Balaramgadi  756057 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balarampur  759034 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Balasore  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balasore Court  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balasore R S  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balianta  752101 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Baliapal  756026 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Baliapal  756026 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balichandrapur  754205 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Balikanagopalpur  754235 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Balikhand  756166 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Balikhand Chakratirsh  752002 Puri Puri Odisha
Balikuda  754108 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Balimela  764051 Koraput Balimela Odisha
Balimi  759020 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Balipantna  752102 Puri Puri Odisha
Baliparbat  758033 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Balipatna  754241 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Balisahi  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Balisankara  770015 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Balliguda  762103 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Ballipada  761054 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Ballipadar  761117 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Balugaon  752030 Kordha Balugaon Odisha
Balugaon  752095 Kordha Balugaon Odisha
Balugaon Bazar  752030 Puri Balugaon Odisha
Bamanal  752121 Puri Puri Odisha
Bamdevpur  755038 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bamra  768221 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bamra Basti  768221 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bamunigaon  762021 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Bamur  759133 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Banaikela  758038 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Banarpal  759128 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Bandadevipatna  761104 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bandhamamidi  764054 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Bandhamamidi  764056 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Bandhugaon  764027 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Banganmura  767040 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Bangiriposi  757032 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bangurigaon  752118 Puri Puri Odisha
Banigochha  752089 Puri Puri Odisha
Bankeswar  754247 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Banki  754008 Cuttack Banki Odisha
Banki Bazar  770046 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Banki College  754008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Banmalipur  752103 Puri Puri Odisha
Banpur  752031 Puri Puri Odisha
Banspal  758072 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Bant  756114 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bantala  759129 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Bapuji Nagar  751009 Puri Puri Odisha
Barabati Stadium  753005 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Barachana  754081 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Baragaon  761137 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Baragarh Bazar  768028 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Baragarh Court  768028 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Baragarh Katapali  768046 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Baragarh Panchayat Colleg  768028 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Baragarh Road R S  768028 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Baraipali  768150 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Barambagarh  754031 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Baramunda Colony  751003 Puri Puri Odisha
Barang  754005 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Barbati  756003 Nayagarh Nayagarh Odisha
Barbazar  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Barbil  758035 Kendujhar Barbil Odisha
Barbil Bazar  758035 Kendujhar Barbil Odisha
Bardol  768038 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bargaon  761120 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bargaon  766117 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Bargaon  770016 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bargarh  768028 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Barhat Trilochanpur  756115 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bari Cuttack  755003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Barigumma  764056 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Barikpur Bazar  756112 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Baripada  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada  757002 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada Bazar  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada Court  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada Hospital  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada Municipal Market  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Baripada R S  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Barkhama  762110 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Barkote  768110 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Barpada  756113 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Barpali  768029 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Barpali Bazar  768029 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Barpara  754245 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Barsahi  757026 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Barsuan  770041 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Barua  754251 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Barundai  755025 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Basantia  756144 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Basipitha  757074 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Basta  756029 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Basta  756029 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bastingia  762025 Kandhamal Phulbani Odisha
Basudebpur  752013 Puri Basudebpur Odisha
Basudevpur  756125 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Basudevpur College  756125 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Batasana  764060 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Batipara  754218 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Baulpur  759031 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Baunsuni  762015 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Bedari  754253 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Begunia  752062 Puri Puri Odisha
Beguniapada  761031 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Behera  766115 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Belgaon  767047 Naupada Naupada Odisha
Belgaria  757002 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bellguntha  761119 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Belpahar  768218 Jharsuguda Belpahar Odisha
Belpahar R S  768217 Jharsuguda Belpahar Odisha
Belpara  767026 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Bentkar  754112 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Berboi  752016 Puri Puri Odisha
Berhampur  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Berhampur  760007 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Berhampur 10  760010 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Berhampur City  760002 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Berhampur Industrial Este  760008 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Berumphur HO  760001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Betada  756168 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Betnoti  757025 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bhadrak R S  756101 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bhadrasahi  758051 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Bhagabatpur  754234 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bhagamunda  758080 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Bhainsa  767048 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Bhairabasinghpur  764057 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Bhanaranijigarh  752117 Puri Puri Odisha
Bhandanipokhari  756120 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bhanj Bazar  761126 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhanj Marg  761126 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhanja Nagar  761126 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhanjapur  757002 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bhanjnagar College  761127 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhapur  759015 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Bhapur  752063 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Bhapur Bazar  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhasma  770025 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bhatapatna  752115 Puri Puri Odisha
Bhatimunda  754080 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bhatipara  767042 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Bhatkumarda  761003 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhatli  768030 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bhaunriabad  756055 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bhawanipatna  766001 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Odisha
Bhawanipatna  766001 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Odisha
Bhawanipatna  766117 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Bhawanipatna Clg Square  766001 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Odisha
Bhawanipatna Stadium  766001 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Odisha
Bhedabahal  770026 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bheden  768104 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bhejiput  761127 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhetnoi  761116 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bhimda  757083 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bhogarai  756038 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Bhoinagar  751007 Puri Puri Odisha
Bhojpur  768223 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bhuban  759017 Dhenkanal Bhuban Odisha
Bhubaneswar  751001 Puri Bhubaneswar Odisha
Bhubaneswar Air Port  751009 Puri Bhubaneswar Odisha
Bhubaneswar G P O  751001 Puri Bhubaneswar Odisha
Bhubaneswar R S  751001 Puri Bhubaneswar Odisha
Bhubanipur  752106 Puri Puri Odisha
Bhuinpur  754239 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bhukta  768045 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bhusandpur  752036 Puri Puri Odisha
Bidanasi  753008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bidyadharpur  756161 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Bidyadharpur  764001 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Bijatala  757048 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bijaya Ramchandrapur  757002 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bijeipur  768032 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Bijipur  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bikrampur  764062 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Binjharpur  755004 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Binka  767019 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Binodbihari  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Bira Ramchandrapur  752042 Puri Puri Odisha
Biranarsinghpur  762024 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Biridi Road  754111 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Birmaharajpur  767018 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Birmitrapur  770033 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Birsurendra Sai Nagar  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Birtung  752116 Puri Puri Odisha
Bisoi  757033 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Bisra  770036 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bisra Road  770036 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bissam Cuttack  765019 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Bissamgiri  761055 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Biswanathpur  766020 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Bodagada  761109 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Boden  766111 Naupada Naupada Odisha
Bodhpur  754158 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Boipariguda  764043 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Bolagarh  752066 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Bolani  758037 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Bomkei  761042 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bonaigarth  770038 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Bondamunda  770032 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Borda  767036 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Borikina  754110 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Boudh Court  762014 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Boudh Nagar  762014 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Boudhraj  762014 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Brahmabarada  755005 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Brahmagiri  752011 Puri Puri Odisha
Brahmakundi  752113 Puri Puri Odisha
Brahmangaon  756165 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Brahmansailo  754018 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Brajakabati Road  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Brajaraj Nagar  768216 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Brundabanchandrapur  757087 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Budhapank  759139 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Budharaja  768004 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Budheswari Colony  751006 Puri Puri Odisha
Buguda  761118 Ganjam Buguda Odisha
Burla  768017 Sambalpur Burla Odisha
Burla  768018 Sambalpur Burla Odisha
Burupada  761134 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Bus Stand  761018 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Byree  754082 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
C G Colony  751001 Puri Puri Odisha
C R P Line  751011 Puri Puri Odisha
C T D Bureau  770033 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Cantonment Road  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Central Rice Research  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chainpal Colony  759104 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Chak Barhapur  756054 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chak Jagannathpur  756053 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chakapada  762028 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Chamakpur  758053 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Champua  758041 Kendujhar Champua Odisha
Chandahandi  764077 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Chandaka  754015 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chandanbhati  767065 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Chandanpur  757071 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Chandbali  756133 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chandbali Bazar  756133 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chandikhol  755044 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chandipur  756025 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chandipur  756025 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Chandnichouk  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chandol  754208 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chandpur  752024 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Chandra Sekhar Prasad  764083 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Chandragiri  761017 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Chandua Ashram  757014 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Charampa  756101 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Charbahal  766017 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Charbatia  754028 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Charinangal  754292 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Charirakaba  754280 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Charmal  768117 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Chasapara  754027 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chatra  754103 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chatrapur  761020 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Chatrapur Bazar  761020 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Chattahandi  764083 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Chaudkulat  754222 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chaudwar  754025 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chaudwar Bazar  754025 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chhatia  754023 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Chhatra Bazar  753012 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Chhendipada  759124 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Chikati  761010 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Chilika Nuapada  752033 Puri Puri Odisha
Chiplima  768026 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Chitrada  757018 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Chitrakonda  764052 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Choudhury Bazar  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Churamani  756136 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Churapalli  767024 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Civil Township  769012 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Collectorate  766002 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
College Square  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
College Square Cuttack-3  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Contractorpada  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Courtpeta  760004 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Cuttack G P O  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
D A G Office  752002 Puri Puri Odisha
D K College  756084 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
D P Camp Sunabeda-3  763003 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Dabugaon  764072 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Dagarpada  753002 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Dahamunda  756079 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Daily Market  769001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Dakhinbad  756117 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dala  755048 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Damanjodi  763008 Koraput Damanjodi Odisha
Damarpur  754226 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dandamukundpur  752112 Puri Puri Odisha
Dandika  756074 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dandisahi  754240 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Dangadi  755026 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Danganerbheja  764078 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Danpur  754210 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Darada  756022 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dargha Bazar  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Daringabadi  762104 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Dasarathpur  755006 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dasmanthupur  765028 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Daspalla  752084 Puri Puri Odisha
Daulatabad  754026 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Debabhumi  761135 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Debidol  754109 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Debidwar  755007 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dehurda  756036 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Delang  752015 Puri Puri Odisha
Dengibhadi  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Deobhog  766016 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Deogaon  767029 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Deogaon  768054 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Deogarh  768108 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Deoli  757021 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Dera Colliary  759103 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Derabis  754289 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Deulasahi  757001 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Deulbera Colliery  759102 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Dhakota  758049 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Dhalpur  759032 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Dham Nagar  756117 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dhama  768113 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Dhanmandal  754024 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Dhanurjayapur  758078 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Dharakote  761107 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Dharamgarh  766015 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Dharamgarh Market  766015 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Dharamshala  755008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dhenkanal  759001 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Dhenkanal College  759001 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Dhenkanal R S  759013 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Dhenkikote  758029 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Dhusuri  756119 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Digapahandi  761012 Ganjam Digapahandi Odisha
Digapahandi Tahasil  761021 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Dolamundai  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dolasahi  756127 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dolipur  755019 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Dompara  754007 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Duajhat  766118 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Duduka  767061 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Dukuru  757075 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Dumabhata  767050 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Dungri  768041 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Dungriline  765028 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Dungripalli  767023 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Dungura  756169 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Dyke I  764054 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Dyke Iii  764053 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Engineering College  768018 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Engineering School Berham  760010 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Eram  756162 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Ersama  754139 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ertal  756124 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
F C Project  755020 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
F M College  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Fakirpur  758022 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Fategarh  752088 Puri Puri Odisha
Fulbani  756037 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Fulnakhara  754001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Fulpada  759029 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Gabakund  752045 Puri Puri Odisha
Gada Gopinathprasad  751010 Puri Puri Odisha
Gadasila  759025 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Gaisilet  768037 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Galleri  761141 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gambharimunda  752035 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Gandhi Bhawan  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Gandhi Chowk  766001 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Gandhi Nagar  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Gandhi Nagar  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gandhi Nagar  765001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Ganga Nagar  751003 Puri Puri Odisha
Gangadharpur  752034 Puri Puri Odisha
Gangapur  761123 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gania  752085 Sonapur Sonapur Odisha
Ganjam  761026 Ganjam Ganjam Odisha
Garabandha  761215 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Garadpur  754153 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Garhdeulia  757082 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Garhmadhupur  755041 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Garhsanput  752058 Puri Puri Odisha
Garia  757023 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Garposh  768224 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Gate Bazar  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gediapalli  752086 Puri Puri Odisha
Ghantapara  762018 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Ghanteswar  756129 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Ghasipura  758015 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Ghatgaon  758027 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Ghess  768034 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Ghodaghat Para  767017 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Girisola  761009 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gobara  761124 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Godavarishnagar  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Godbhaga  768111 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Godijang  754157 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Godipada  752092 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Godma  754159 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Gogua  768114 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Gohira Damsite  768121 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Goilundi  760004 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Golabandh  761052 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Golamunda  766022 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Golanthra  761008 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Golebazar  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Gondala  761033 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gondturum  768115 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Gop  752110 Puri Puri Odisha
Gopalpur  756044 Baleshwar Gopalpur Odisha
Gopalpur  753011 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Gopalpur  761002 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gopalpur  752025 Puri Puri Odisha
Gopalpur  770024 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Gopinathpatna  761104 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Goridiapatna  759016 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Gorumoisani  757042 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Gosani Nuagaon  760003 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gotamara  759135 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Gotma  766104 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Gourpati  768112 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Govindapur  754003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Govindapur Katchery  755061 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Govindpur  759027 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Guamal  756163 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Gudari  765026 Rayagada Gudari Odisha
Gudevella  767046 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Gujidarada  756128 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Gumagarh  762029 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Gumma  761207 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gunthapada  761115 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Gunupur  765022 Rayagada Gunupur Odisha
Gurandi  761210 Kandhamal Phulbani Odisha
Gurudijhatia  754020 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Gurundia  770043 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Hadgarh  758023 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Hakimpada  759143 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Haldia  752201 Puri Puri Odisha
Haldiapada  756073 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Haldipada  756027 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Handapa  759134 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Harachandi Sahi  751002 Puri Puri Odisha
Harbhanga  762021 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Hardoli  764084 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Harekrishnapur  752087 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Hareswar  756045 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Harichandanpur  758028 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Haridakhandi  760006 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Haridaspur  755024 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Harisankar Road  767038 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Hatbadra  757050 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Hatibari  755046 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Hatibari  770047 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Hatidihi  756141 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Hatigarh  756033 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Hemgir  770013 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Hemgir Road  770075 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Hilpatna  760005 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Hindol  759022 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Hindol Road R S  759019 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Hinjilicut  761102 Ganjam Hinjilicut Odisha
Hinjilicut College Road  761102 Ganjam Hinjilicut Odisha
Hirakud  768016 Sambalpur Hirakud Odisha
Hulursinga  759132 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Humma  761027 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Ichhapara  767049 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Ichhapur  756110 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Indrakhi  760031 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Indrapur  764085 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Indupur  754214 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Industrial Esdtate Orissa Govt  753010 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Industrial Estate  769004 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Industrial Estate  770071 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Institute  753006 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Irda  756080 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Issan Nagar  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Iswarpur  754248 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Itamati  752068 Puri Puri Odisha
Jagada  769008 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Jagadalpur  768051 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Jaganathprasad  761121 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Jagannathballv  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Jagannathpara  766012 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Jagannathpur  759131 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Jagatpur  754021 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jagatsinghpur  754103 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jagatsinghpur Bazar  754103 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jail Road  769004 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Jaipatna  766018 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Jaipr Road R S  755019 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jaipur  755001 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Jaipur  755046 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Jaipur Bazar  755001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jaipur Ck  754161 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jaipur College  755001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jajang  758052 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Jalda  769043 Sundargarh Jalda Odisha
Jaleshwar HO  756032 Baleshwar Jaleswar Odisha
Jaleshwar RS  756032 Baleshwar Jaleswar Odisha
Jaleswar  756032 Baleshwar Jaleswar Odisha
Jaleswar R S  756032 Baleshwar Jaleswar Odisha
Jalput  764041 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jamankira  768107 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Jamda  757045 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Jamla  768049 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Jampar  754244 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jamsuli  756081 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Janghira  758079 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Jankia  752020 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Janla  752054 Puri Puri Odisha
Jaradagad  761005 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Jaraka Bazar  755050 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jarapada  759138 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Jarasinga  767067 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Jaria  754216 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jatani  752050 Puri Jatani Odisha
Jayanagar  764005 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jayantipur  761006 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Jayasree  761025 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Jaykaypur  765017 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jaykaypur Bazar  765017 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jaypore  764001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jemadeipentha  765031 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jenapur  755023 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jeypore  764001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jeypore  764001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jeypore  764002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jeypore  764003 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jeypore  764004 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jeypore-2  764002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jhadabhumi  761142 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Jhadaragingi  762023 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Jhadeswarpur  754291 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jhadpokhria  757086 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Jhagarpur  770077 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Jharbandh  768042 Bargarh Bargarh Odisha
Jharigam  764079 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Jharsuguda  768201 Sambalpur Jharsuguda Odisha
Jharsuguda  768201 Sambalpur Jharsuguda Odisha
Jharuapara  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Jhirpani  769042 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Jhumpura  758031 Debagarh  Jhumpura Odisha
Jignipur  754284 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Jobra  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Joda  758034 Kendujhar Joda Odisha
Joda Bazar  758034 Kendujhar Joda Odisha
Jogimunda  767027 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Joka  757093 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Joshipur  757034 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Jubilee Town  759001 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Jugpura  756050 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Jujumura  768105 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Jullundi  761133 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Junagarh  766014 Kalahandi Junagarh Odisha
Junagarh Brahminpara  766014 Kalahandi Junagarh Odisha
Jyoti Vihar  768019 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kabirpur  755009 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kacheri Road  769012 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kadobahal  768044 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kaduapara  754106 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kafla  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kaipara  755010 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kakatpur  752108 Puri Puri Odisha
Kakhra  756043 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kakirigumma  765030 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kalampur  766013 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Kalapathar  754009 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kalaringatta  755028 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kaliaboda  753003 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Kaliapani  755047 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kalikadevi Sahi  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Kalikaprasad  758048 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Kalimandir Road  768203 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kalimela  764047 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kalinga  762022 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Kalingchhak  754071 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kalta  770052 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kalunga  770031 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kalunga  770071 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kalupuraghat  752022 Puri Puri Odisha
Kalyani Nagar  753013 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kalyanpur  755030 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Kalyanpur  752044 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Kalyansinghpur  765016 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kamagarh  755031 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kamakhyanagar  759018 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kamarda  756035 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kamarposh Balang  770049 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kanakpur  754136 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kanas  752017 Puri Puri Odisha
Kanchuru  761101 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kandarpur  754117 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kandel  766025 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Kandel Road  766112 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Kanhaipur  761039 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kaniha  759117 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kanika Rajbati  753008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kanikapara  755037 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kankadahad  759028 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kanpur  754037 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kansbahal  770034 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kantabanji  767039 Bolangir Kantabanji Odisha
Kantabanji Bazar  767039 Bolangir Kantabanji Odisha
Kantabanji R S  767039 Bolangir Kantabanji Odisha
Kantamal  762017 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Kantapara  754016 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Kantigaria  755049 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kantilo  752078 Jagatsinghapur Kantilo Odisha
Kantiokateni  759035 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kantipal  758064 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Kapaleswar  754025 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Kapileswar  751002 Puri Puri Odisha
Kapileswarpur  752043 Puri Puri Odisha
Kaptipada  757040 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Karachuli  761143 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Karanda  759033 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Karanjia  758044 Kendujhar Karanjia Odisha
Karanjia  757037 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Karanjia Bazar  757037 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Karanjia Court  757037 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Karanjia Golei  757037 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kariopatna  754223 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Karlamunda  766116 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Kasarda  754105 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kashinagar  761206 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kashipur  765015 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Kaspakaradakona  761113 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kathjodi  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kavisuryangar  761104 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kazibazar  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kedargouri  751002 Puri Puri Odisha
Kenabeta  770051 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kendrapara  754211 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kendrapara College  754211 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kenduapada  756142 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kendupatna  754203 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Keonjhar Atopur  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhar Court  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhar New Market  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhargarh  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhat Bazar  758002 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhat Minig School  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keonjhat S C College  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Keshpur Bazar  754211 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kesiabahal  768228 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kesinga  766012 Kalahandi Kesinga Odisha
Kesinga R S  766012 Kalahandi Kesinga Odisha
Kesudurapal  758077 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Khaira  756048 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Khaira  756048 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Khairi Jashipur  757091 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Khajuripada  762012 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Khaliamenta  758063 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Khalisahi  752096 Puri Puri Odisha
Khallikote  761030 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khallikote College  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khallikote R S  761029 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khamar  759118 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Khambeswaripatna  761145 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khan Nagar  753012 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Khandagiri  751030 Puri Puri Odisha
Khandaparagarh  752077 Puri Puri Odisha
Khandasahi  754282 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Khantapara  756043 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Khaprakhol  767028 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Kharabelnagar  751001 Puri Puri Odisha
Kharada  761208 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khariaguda  761209 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khariar  766107 Naupada Khariar Odisha
Khariar Pattnaikpara  766107 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Khariar Road  766104 Naupada Naupada Odisha
Khariar Road Town  766104 Naupada Naupada Odisha
Khatbinsahi  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Khaunua  757076 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Khetrajpur  768003 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Khetrajpur Market  768003 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Khirchora Gopinath  756018 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Khirei Tangiri  758075 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Kholan  767066 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Khukundia Nuagada  761128 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Khunta  757019 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Khuntagaon  770044 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Khuntuni  754033 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Khurda  752055 Puri Puri Odisha
Khurda College  752057 Puri Puri Odisha
Khurda Road R S  752050 Puri Puri Odisha
Kiralaga  770028 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kirei  770073 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kiribur Hill Top  758040 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Kishoreganj  759127 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kishornagar  754131 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kodala  761032 Jagatsinghapur Kodala Odisha
Kodala Bus Stand  761032 Ganjam Kodala Odisha
Kodala Tahasil Colony  761032 Ganjam Kodala Odisha
Kodandapur  755029 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kodinga  764075 Nabarangapur Nabarangapur Odisha
Koira  770048 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Koksara  766019 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Kolabira  768213 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Odisha
Kolabnagar  764011 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kolanara  765012 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kolar  754162 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Komna  766106 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Konark  752111 Puri Konark Odisha
Konisi  760033 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Konkarada  761144 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Korai  755022 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Koraput  764020 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Koraput Collectorate  764022 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Koraput Market  764020 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Koraput R S  764020 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Koraput Road  764001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Korkonda  764082 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kosagumuda  764061 Nabarangapur Nabarangapur Odisha
Kosala  759130 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kostha  757084 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kothar  756118 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Kotharh  762105 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Kotpad  764058 Koraput Kotpad Odisha
Kotpur  755045 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kotsahi  754022 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Krishna Chandrapur  757029 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Krishnandapur  754135 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kuamara  757027 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kuanpal  754204 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kuarmunda  770039 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kuchei  757105 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kuchinda  768222 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kudanagari  754156 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kudeinadi Gaon  756052 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kuhuri  752027 Puri Puri Odisha
Kujang  754141 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Kujendri  765023 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Kujidihi  757015 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kuliana  757030 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kullada  761131 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Kumanda  759140 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Kumbhar Mundakata  757081 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kumbhari  768043 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kumra Jaipur  754287 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kumursinga  759137 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Kundheibenstsahi  752002 Puri Puri Odisha
Kundra  764012 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Kundukela  770019 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Kupari  756059 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kural  752090 Puri Puri Odisha
Kurda  756056 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Kurtumgarh  762109 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Kusalda  757085 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kusaleswar  758025 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Kusumbandi  757092 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kusumi  757052 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Kusumi  768227 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Kusupur  754285 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Kutra  770018 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Labanikhiachhak  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Laboratory  751013 Puri Puri Odisha
Lachhipur  767068 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Lachipeta  764049 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Ladugaon  766024 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Lahunipara  770040 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Laikera  768215 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Lakhanpur  768053 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Odisha
Lakhmipur  765013 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Lakhna  766114 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Lakhnnath Road  756076 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Lalitgiri  754288 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Lamptaput  764081 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Lamptibahal  768230 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Lanjiberna  770023 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Lanjigarh  766027 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Lanjipalli  760008 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Lapanga  768232 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Larambha  768102 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Lataharan  752119 Puri Puri Odisha
Lathikata  770037 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Laumunda  768048 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Laxmi Bazar  761102 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Lephripara  770012 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Linepada  762027 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Liplay Rajganapur  770017 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Loco Colony  770032 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Loco Settlement  752050 Puri Puri Odisha
Loida  768214 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Loisinga  767020 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Machhadiha  756082 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Machhagaon  754119 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Machhagarh  758081 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Machkund  764040 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Madanpur  754246 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Madanpur Rampur  766112 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Madhabnagar  756181 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Madhapur  758001 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Madhuban  754142 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Madhuldiha  757043 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Madhupatna  753010 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Madhusudan Marg  769001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Madhusudan Nagar  753008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Madhusudan Nagar  751007 Puri Puri Odisha
Madhyasasan  754116 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Madikunda  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Mahakalpara  754224 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Maharapadar  767044 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Maharga  754206 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Mahendragada  761034 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Mahichala  766023 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Mahimagadi  759014 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Mahipur  752094 Puri Puri Odisha
Mahisdihi  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Mahodadhi  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Mahulpalli  768231 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Main Road  769001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Makalpur  756003 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Malatigunderpur  768116 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Malgodown  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Malisahi  762014 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Malkangiri  764045 Malkangiri Malkangiri Odisha
Malkangiri Colony  764048 Malkangiri Malkangiri Odisha
Mallikapodi  762111 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Mandasahi  754114 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Mandhatapur  752079 Puri Puri Odisha
Mandhyakhand  752093 Puri Puri Odisha
Mandosil  768050 Bargarh Bargarh Odisha
Mandua  758074 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Mandurkula  756072 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Maneswar  768120 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Mangalabag  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Mangalpur  755011 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Maniabandha  754034 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Manijanga  754160 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Manik Ghos Bazar  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Manikarnika  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Manikgoda  752067 Puri Puri Odisha
Manjuri Road  756121 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Manmunda  762016 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Manoharpur  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Mantri  757017 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Markendeswar Sahi  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Marsaghai  754213 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Marthapur  759023 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Marwaribazar  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Mashra  755012 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Masterpada  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Mathakargola  759024 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Mathili  764044 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Mathura  761112 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Matikhal  761045 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Matkambeda  758036 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Mauda  754290 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Medical College  753007 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Medical College  760004 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Medical College Burla  768017 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Melchhamunda  768035 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Mendha  767063 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Mendhasal  752059 Puri Puri Odisha
Meradakatia Chhak  755039 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Meramandali  759121 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Meriabazar  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Military Lines  760001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Minchinpatna  761028 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Mirganiguda  764063 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Mission Road  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Mitrapur  756020 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Modipara  768002 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Mohana  761015 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Moharakpur  756045 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Morda  757020 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Motiganj Bazar  756003 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Motijharan  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Motto  756132 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Mujjagada  761132 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Mukhiguda  766026 Kalahandi Mukhiguda Odisha
Mundali Colony  754006 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Mundamarai  761114 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Munibahal  767037 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Muniguda  765020 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Munshipentha  761046 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
N T C Chilika  752037 Puri Puri Odisha
Nabeen  760009 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nachuni  752028 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Naikanidihi  756164 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Naira  765032 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Nairi  752029 Puri Puri Odisha
Naktideul  768118 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Naktiguda  766001 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Nalagaja  757073 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Nalco Nagar  759145 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Nalda  758042 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Nalibar  754104 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Namauza  754231 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nampo  756034 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nandankanan  754013 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nandapur  764037 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Nandigaon  756143 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nangaleswar  756024 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Narangarh  752018 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Naranpur  758014 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Narayanpatna  765014 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Narayanpur  761212 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Narendrapur  761051 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Narla Road  766110 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Narsinghpur  754032 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Naugaonhat  754113 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Nawapara Tanwat  766105 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Naya Bazar Jaleshwar  756032 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nayabazar  753004 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nayabazar Balasore  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nayabazar Jaleswar  756032 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nayagarh  752069 Puri Nayagarh Odisha
Nayagarh Bazar  752070 Nayagarh Nayagarh Odisha
Nayagarh College  752069 Nayagarh Nayagarh Odisha
Nayahat  752107 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Nayapalli  751012 Puri Puri Odisha
New Reserve  761020 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Niali  754004 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Nilgiri College  756040 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Nimakhandi  761001 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nimapara  752106 Puri Puri Odisha
Nimasahi Chhak  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nimina  761122 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nirakarpur  752019 Puri Puri Odisha
Nischintakoili  754207 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nowrangpur  764059 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Nowrangpur Bazar  764059 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Nuagada  761214 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nuagam Aska College  761111 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nuagam Chikiti  761040 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nuagan  770050 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Nuagaon  762102 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Nuagaon Puri  752083 Puri Puri Odisha
Nuapada  761011 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Nuapalamhat  752120 Puri Puri Odisha
Nuapara  754252 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Nuapatna  754035 Kordha Nuapatna Odisha
Nuasahi  762103 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Nudadiha  757077 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
O B Nagar  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
O M P Line  768204 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
O M P Line  769010 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
O M P Line Koraput  764021 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Odaba  761217 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Odagaon  752081 Puri Puri Odisha
Olavar  754227 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Old Bhubaneswar  751002 Puri Puri Odisha
Onukadeli  764042 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Orissa Assembly  751001 Puri Puri Odisha
Orissa High Court  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Orissa Military Policy  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Orissa School Of Eng  753010 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Orissa Secretariat  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ostapur  754229 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Oupada  756049 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Oupada  756049 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
P T C Angul  759123 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Paburia  762112 Kandhamal Phulbani Odisha
Padmanbhapur  761007 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Padmapur  754260 Cuttack Padmapur Odisha
Padmapur  760034 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Padmapur  758073 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Padmapur  765025 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Padwa  764038 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Paikamal  768039 Bargarh Bargarh Odisha
Paiksahi  757072 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Palaspanga  758054 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Palbamni Chhak  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Pallahara  759119 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Pallahat  752056 Puri Puri Odisha
Panchabati  764046 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Panchabhuti  761139 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Panchagaon  768226 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Panchapally  758062 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Pandapada  758071 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Pandia  761043 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Panigrahipentha  760006 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Panikoili  755043 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Panposh  769004 Sundargarh Panposh Odisha
Panposh Road  769004 Sundargarh Panposh Odisha
Papadahandi  764071 Nabarangapur Nabarangapur Odisha
Paradeep Lock  754144 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Paradeep Port  754142 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Paralakhemundi  761201 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Paralakhemundi-2  761201 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Parjang  759120 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Park Street  760002 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Parla  766103 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Pastikudi  766021 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Patapol  753001 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Patia  751031 Puri Puri Odisha
Patkura  754228 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Patnagarh  767025 Bolangir Patnagarh Odisha
Patnagarh Bazar  767025 Bolangir Patnagarh Odisha
Patnagarh Rampur  767041 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Patrapur  761004 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Pattamundai  754215 Kendrapara Pattamundai Odisha
Pattamundai College  754215 Kendrapara Pattamundai Odisha
Pattopur  761013 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Pavikud  752032 Puri Puri Odisha
Pegarpara  754243 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Penjisahi  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Phasi  761038 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Phiringia  762011 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Phulbani  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Phulbani Bazar  762001 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Pichukuli  752064 Puri Puri Odisha
Piliabindha  756167 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Pipli  752104 Puri Puri Odisha
Pipli Tahasil Campus  752104 Puri Puri Odisha
Pirhatbazar  756131 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Pitala  761103 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Police Line  752002 Puri Puri Odisha
Policeline  761020 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Polsara  761105 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Pottangi  764039 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Prabodhapur  756125 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Prajatantra  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Prasadraopentha  764003 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Pratappur  756083 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Pratappur  757103 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Pratapur  761019 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Preem Nagar  760002 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Pritipur  755013 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Pudamari  761014 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Puri  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Puri Sea Beach  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Puri Station Road  752002 Puri Puri Odisha
Purnapani  770035 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Puruna Baripada  757102 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Purunagarh  768119 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Purunakatak  762013 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Purusothampur New  761018 Ganjam Purusottampur Odisha
Purusottampur  761018 Jajapur    Purusottampur Odisha
Quairry Siding Panposh  769015 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
R R I Garmunda  768151 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
R Udaigiri  761016 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Radho  757101 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Ragadi  755042 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Raghunathnagar  761145 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Raghunathpur  754132 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Rahama  754140 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Raibania  756075 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Raibania  756075 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Raidihi  770029 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Raighar  764074 Nabarangapur Nabarangapur Odisha
Raijharan  759136 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Raikia  762101 Kandhamal Phulbani Odisha
Railway Colony  769013 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Railway Colony  770017 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rairakhole  768106 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Rairangpur  757043 Mayurbhanj Rairangpur Odisha
Rairangpur Bazar  757043 Mayurbhanj Rairangpur Odisha
Rairangpur R S  757043 Mayurbhanj Rairangpur Odisha
Raisuan  758013 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Raj Bazar  752050 Puri Puri Odisha
Raj Berhampur  756058 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Rajabagicha  753009 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Rajbersambar  768036 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Rajbhawan  751008 Puri Puri Odisha
Rajendra College  767002 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Rajgangpur  770017 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rajkanika  754220 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Rajkisherenagar  759126 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Rajnagar  754225 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Rajnagar  758017 Kendrapara Kendrapara Odisha
Rajnilgiri  756040 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Rajpur  768229 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Rajranpur  752026 Puri Puri Odisha
Rajsunakhala  752006 Puri Puri Odisha
Rama Chandrapur  755032 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ramachandrapur  758061 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Ramanaguda  765029 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Rambagh  755014 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Rambha  761028 Ganjam Rambha Odisha
Rameswar  754201 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Rampur Colliery  768225 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Randiahat  756135 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Rangadhipa  770002 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Ranibagicha  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Ranibandha  770017 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Ranipada  761105 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Ranital  756111 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Raruan  757035 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Rasgovindpur  757016 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Rasol  759021 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Rasulgarh  751010 Puri Puri Odisha
Rasulpur  755034 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ratnagiri  754236 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Ravenshaw College  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Rayagada  761213 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Rayagada  765001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Rayagada  765001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Rayagada  765001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Rayagada  765001 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Rayagada  765002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Rayagada  765002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Reamal  768109 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Regent Market  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Regional Engg College  769008 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Regional Research  751010 Puri Puri Odisha
Remed  768101 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Remuli  758047 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Remuna  756021 Baleshwar Remuna Odisha
Remunda  768103 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Rench  752114 Puri Puri Odisha
Rengali  768212 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Odisha
Rengali Damsite  759105 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Reserve Police Line  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Retang Colony  752050 Puri Puri Odisha
Risida  767031 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Rly Colony Jharsuguda  768201 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Rourkela  769001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-2  769002 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-3  769003 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-4  769004 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-5  769005 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-6  769006 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-7  769007 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-8  769008 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rourkela-9  769009 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Rudangia  762108 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Rugidipara  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Rupra Road  766101 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Rupsa  756028 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Rurhiya  755033 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
S C S College  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
S V M College  754103 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sabrang  756123 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sabulia  767062 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sabulia  761036 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sadanandapur  756071 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sadangi  759030 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Sahadevkhunta  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sahajbahal  770076 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Odisha
Sahapur  761056 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Saharpada  758016 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Sahidnagar  751007 Puri Puri Odisha
Sahidpark  756003 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sainik School  751005 Puri Puri Odisha
Sainkul  758043 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Saintala  767032 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sajanagarh  756041 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sakhigopal  752014 Puri Puri Odisha
Sakhigopinath  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Saktinagar  769014 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Salapada  758020 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Salchua  757106 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Salebhata  767021 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Salipur  754202 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Salipur College  754202 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Samal Barrage  759037 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Samantipalli  761053 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sambalpur 768205 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Sambalpur  768001 Baudh Baudh Odisha
Sambalpur Court  768001 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Sanatta  756040 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sankara  770020 Sonapur Sonapur Odisha
Sankarkhole  762019 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Sankarpur  760006 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sankerko  757024 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Sankhachilla  755015 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sankhatras  753052 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Santarpur  751002 Puri Puri Odisha
Sarangada  762106 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Sarankul  752080 Puri Puri Odisha
Sarasara  762026 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Sarasara Balang  770045 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Saraskana  757051 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Sarat  757079 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Sarbahal  768201 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Sargaon  756017 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sargipalli  770021 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sarichuan  754118 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sartha  756077 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Satpatna  752091 Puri Puri Odisha
Satsankha  752046 Puri Puri Odisha
Satyanagar  751007 Puri Puri Odisha
Secretariat  751001 Puri Puri Odisha
Sector-15  769003 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-16  769003 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-2  769006 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-21 Paradeep  754143 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sector-5  769002 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-6  769002 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-7  769003 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-8  769009 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sector-Vii Sunabeda  763002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Sena Adhanga  754155 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Seragada  761106 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Seragarh  756060 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Serango  761216 Gajapati Parlakhemundi Odisha
Shelter Chhak  753008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Shirsa  757031 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Shyamakhunta  757049 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Sidheswarpur  754101 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sikharpur  753003 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Siko  752038 Kordha Kordha Odisha
Similiguda  764036 Malkangiri Malkangiri Odisha
Simulia  756126 Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Sindhekela  767035 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Singhdwar  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Singhpur  755016 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Singipur  752021 Puri Puri Odisha
Singla  756023 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sinhapalli  766108 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Sirigida  758076 Debagarh  Debagarh  Odisha
Sitarampalli  761020 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sobra  755019 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sohella  768033 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Somepur  754130 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sonarparbat  769016 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sonepur Bazar  767017 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sonepur Rampur  767045 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sonepur Spinning Mill  767017 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sonerpur Raj  767017 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Soro  756045 Baleshwar Soro Odisha
Soro Bazar  756045 Baleshwar Soro Odisha
Soro College  756045 Baleshwar Soro Odisha
Sosia  766029 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Sovarampur  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sri Arobind Marg  753013 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sri Ramachandrapur  752041 Puri Puri Odisha
Sribaladevjee  754212 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sridamchandrapur  757080 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Srikanthpur  756001 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Sriram Nagar  760002 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Srirampur Palpatna  754249 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Station Road  761136 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Station Road  768201 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Stn Road Brajaraj Nagar  768216 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Store Quarry  768052 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Suakati  758018 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Subalaya  761136 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Subarnapur  754036 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Subdega  770014 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sudpara  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Sujanpur  755017 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Sukarpara  754283 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sukha  767064 Sonapur Sonapur Odisha
Sukinda  755018 Jajapur    Panikoii Odisha
Sukleswar  754286 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sukruli  757039 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Sumandalo  761035 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sunabeda I  763001 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Sunabeda Ii  763002 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Sunambo Street Aska  761110 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Sundar Shivmandir  758035 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Sundargarh  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sundargarh College  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sundargarh Court  770001 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Sundargram  754002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sungra  754221 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Sunhat  756002 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Surangi  761037 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Suruda  761108 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Suruda Bazar  761108 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Suryanagar  751003 Puri Puri Odisha
Swam Patna  758030 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Swaraja Ashram  753002 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Swargadwar  752001 Puri Puri Odisha
Takatpur  757003 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Talabasta  754014 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Talcher Thermal  759101 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Talcher Twon  759107 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Talchuan  754242 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Talpada  758026 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Talpali  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Talpatia  768211 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Talsara  770074 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Taluk Office Road Aska  761110 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Tanarada  761140 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Tangarpali  770027 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Tangi  752023 Puri Puri Odisha
Taragaon  764008 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Tarasinigi  761138 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Tarbha Bazar  767016 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Tardha  767016 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Tarikund  754115 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tarpur  754133 Jagatsinghapur Jagatsinghapur Odisha
Tato  757036 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Telenga Bazar  753009 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Telengapentha  753051 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Telkoi  758019 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Tensa  770042 Sundargarh Tensa Odisha
Tentulikhunti  764070 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Thakurgarh  759142 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Thakurmunda  757038 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Thakurpatna  754250 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Therubali  765018 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Tigiria  754030 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tihiri  756130 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Tikkabali  762010 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Tikrapara  767001 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Tinimuhani  754211 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tiran  754139 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tirtol  754137 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Titilagarh  767033 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Titilagarh Court  767033 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Titilagarh Hatapara  767033 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Tora  768040 Sambalpur Sambalpur Odisha
Tubey  759144 Anugul Anugul Odisha
Tukla  766113 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Tulasichaura  757001 Mayurbhanj Baripara Odisha
Tulosipur  754012 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tulsipur  753008 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Tumribandh  762107 Kandhamal Kandhamal Odisha
Turekella  767043 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Turigaria  756047 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Turmura  770031 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Turumunga  758046 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Tusra  767030 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Tyandakura  754134 Cuttack Cuttack Odisha
Udala  757041 Mayurbhanj Udala Odisha
Udala Bazar  757041 Mayurbhanj Udala Odisha
Udala College  757041 Mayurbhanj Udala Odisha
Udayapur  758045 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Uditnagar  769012 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Udyanmarg  751009 Puri Puri Odisha
Ujaplur  770011 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Ukhunda  758032 Kendujhar Kendujhar Odisha
Ukkamba  765024 Rayagada Rayagada Odisha
Ullunda  767034 Bolangir Bolangir Odisha
Umerkota  764073 Koraput Koraput Odisha
Umerkote Bazar  764073 Koraput Koraput Odisha
University  760007 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Upalada  761211 Ganjam Chatrapur Odisha
Utkal University  751004 Puri Puri Odisha
Utkela  766011 Kalahandi Kalahandi Odisha
Vedvyas  769041 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
Veer Surendra Sai Nagar  751004 Puri Puri Odisha
Vellora  756078 Baleshwar Baleshwar Odisha
Vikrampur  759106 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal Odisha
Zink Nagar  770072 Sundargarh Sundargarh Odisha
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