What You Should Know About Casinos in Pakistan

Casinos in Pakistan has some of the strictest gambling laws in the world. Not only is gambling explicitly prohibited by the country’s laws, but the penalties for those companies who offer gambling, or for people who participate in gambling activities, are serious.

Because of these restrictive laws, people in Pakistan who want to gamble have no choice but to do so at an online casino that is based in another country. While casino operators can’t set up shop in Pakistan, even as an online entity, there are plenty of operators based elsewhere that Pakistanis can play at.

This is an extra reason why online gambling has risen in popularity in Pakistan over the last few years. It’s a practice that has become more popular around the world with the advancement of high-speed internet connectivity. And it allows people in Pakistan to do something that the law forbids them to do in their country.

Gambling laws in Pakistan(Casinos in Pakistan)

The Prevention of Gambling Act 1977 explicitly prohibits gambling of any form in Pakistan. This goes for both public and private gambling establishments.

The penalties for people who set up a gambling operation include either a monetary fine or up to a year in prison, or both. People who gamble in public places also face a fine, a year in prison or both.

what you should know about casinos in pakistan

Those gambling in private places may go to jail for two years, and repeat offenders face increasing fines and extra years in prison.

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This doesn’t mean that people in Pakistan can’t gamble, though. It just means that they can’t do so at any establishment (public or private) that’s set up within the country. This goes for internet sites that are based out of Pakistan.

Much of this is based on the fact that Islam is the official religion in Pakistan, and gambling is prohibited by Muslim law.

The only legal option for Pakistani citizens is to visit such online casinos platforms. Even though the laws are in a gray area, there are still plenty of choices when it comes to online casinos. In case you are curious, here you can find more information about Pakistani Casinos.

The options Pakistanis have

Even though online gambling is prohibited in Pakistan, people can still technically access gambling sites that are not based in the country. Luckily, there are plenty of options here. Online gambling is extremely popular around the world, which has given spark to many reputable online casinos.

This means that Pakistanis will have access to reputable casinos as long as they are based in these other countries.

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The online casinos Pakistanis can choose from are vast in number. Players just need to make sure that the casino holds an online gambling license from a well-known regulatory agency. Two of the most reputable are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

In addition to looking for a fair and secure online casino, Pakistanis should search for an online casino that accepts their payment methods. Traditional financial institutions in Pakistan may block deposits and withdrawals to or from an online casino, since gambling is banned in the country.

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Because of this, if a Pakistan resident wants to gamble online, they may need to find one that accepts some form of cryptocurrency.

The most popular casino games in Pakistan

The more popular online casino games in Pakistan are very similar to those that are popular in the rest of the world. Perhaps the most popular are online slot games. This is because of the simplicity of playing slot games as well as the various titles that are available.

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Online casinos provide a lot of extra benefits for slot games, too. The online technology can allow for big progressive jackpot bonuses, bonus features and game modes.

Lottery games are also very popular in Pakistan. These games provide instant winnings, which is one of the most attractive parts about this type of casino game. Keno is also a popular option in this category.

In terms of table games, roulette is one of the most popular in Pakistan. Again, this is because it’s a very easy game to understand and provides instant gratification in terms of winnings on every spin.

Sic Bo is a very popular casino-type game for players who enjoy a wide range of betting options. It’s a dice game that began in China.

Finally, Bingo games are very popular among online Pakistani casino players. It’s an in between of a table game and a lottery game in terms of the simplicity and the instant gratification of winnings.

Pakistanis can still gamble online

If people who live in the country want to play, their only option is to seek out an online casino that’s based in another country. The good news is that there are plenty of these options available today from a number of different sources.

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