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SkyJumper Trampoline Park Proudly Announces India’s First Open Trampoline Competition

SkyJumper Sports And Amusement, a leading provider of exhilarating entertainment and recreational activities, is delighted to unveil India’s First open trampoline competition, set to take place on May 21st at Garuda Mall in Bangalore. This ground-breaking event will showcase 12 exceptional national-level athletes vying for coveted cash prizes while propelling the growth of trampolining as a popular sport in India.


The primary objective of this event is to generate widespread excitement around trampolining, an Olympic sport with immense untapped potential within India. Despite its captivating nature and thrilling appeal, trampolining has often remained overlooked and underappreciated. Through this competition, SkyJumper Sports And Amusement endeavors to provide deserving athletes with the recognition they merit and cultivate trampolining as a sport capable of propelling our nation to Olympic medal-winning heights.


“We are thrilled to host India’s first open trampoline competition, as it aligns with our unwavering belief in the potential of trampolining as a burgeoning sport within India,” remarked a spokesperson for SkyJumper Sports And Amusement. “Through these prestigious events, we aspire to raise awareness, ignite genuine interest, and secure the well-deserved recognition for trampolining as a sport of immense stature,” they added.


SkyJumper welcomes all enthusiasts, athletes, and spectators to join them at Garuda Mall in Bangalore on May 21st for an extraordinary display of talent, athleticism, and boundless joy. Whether you are a trampolining enthusiast or simply looking for a day filled with excitement and fun, India’s First open trampoline competition at SkyJumper Trampoline Park promises an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Don’t miss out on this momentous occasion that is set to redefine trampolining as a popular sport in India and inspire a new generation of athletes to soar to greater heights.


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