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‘The Growth Hacking Book’ Trends on Twitter and Hits #1 spot on Amazon; Readers Gush Over the Second Edition

Since its first release, The Growth Hacking Book took the startup world by a storm through its increasing popularity and involvement of some of the biggest names from the startup ecosystem. 
The publishers announced the launch date of the upcoming edition on their company’s official Instagram page in May. The post read, “After the massive success of The Growth Hacking Book 1 in 2019, we are excited to bring back the popular book format with a new set of denizens. ⁣⁣An all-new stellar lineup of authors will be announced over the next few months. ⁣⁣The second edition of the most critically acclaimed book on Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking is in the making.” 
The Growth Hacking Book 2 started the pre-orders on Amazon on the International Growth Hacking Day (July 13th). The book has already hit bestseller status on Amazon in the US, India, France and many other Amazon websites. 
A few weeks after the pre-order began on, seeing the spike in popularity, Amazon opened pre-orders for the book on Amazon India store as well. 
Last week, the book was seen ranking #1 for over 20 hours on the entire Amazon India Kindle store beating the top books in every category. 

The movement doesn’t seem to slow down. The book readers, community and contributors of The Growth Hacking Book 2 are leaving no stones unturned to make the book a success. 
The term “Growth Hacking Book” was recently seen trending on Twitter nationwide, making it the most talked non-fiction business book of the year 2020. 
The book continued to trend for a couple of hours with a total of approximately 1500+ tweets on Twitter during the prime time when usually television news channels like Republic TV dominate the trends. 

Rohan Chaubey, who is the Co-Founder of GrowthMedia.AI, tweeted: “This is historic! Thanks for making the Growth Hacking Book trend nationwide! The Growth Hacking Book 2 is the first Indian/International book on Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking to hit a nationwide trends list on Twitter.” 
Following the trend on Twitter, Parul Agrawal, Co-Founder of GrowthMedia.AI, shared, “The community support is overwhelming. This project is more than a book, it’s a movement that unites thought leaders and entrepreneurs from 20 countries to reinvent digital marketing for the next decade. The unique idea is collaboration over competition.” 
Talking about the book, Associate Partners, Sourabh Goyal and Pia Singh added, “90 percent of start-ups fail within the first five years (IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics). The Growth Hacking Book series suggests GrowthSet framework and growth recipes guaranteed to make start-ups have a longer run and increased profits.” 
Last year, Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO and Director, NITI AAYOG, Government of India endorsed The Growth Hacking Book 1. Forbes listed it on their top holiday book reads for small business owners and solopreneurs. BookAuthority ranked ‘The Growth Hacking Book’ as one of the top Growth Hacking books to read in 2020. 
The Growth Hacking Book 2 features 100+ contributors from 20 countries sharing their best growth hacks to dominate the business world in the next decade. The names of all A-list contributors can be found on the official Instagram and Twitter profiles of The Growth Hacking Book. 



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