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uLektz, an EdTech startup is set to prove that the name of the company has nothing to do with its success

Generally, when we read or hear any name, we tend to perceive some notion about it. Name depicts somewhat about the credentials, qualities or some idea about the product, services, brand etc. but it’s not everything to give you the portrait of business and its accomplishment. Choosing a right name for the company is imperative but it’s not everything to have remarkable success and goodwill about the corporate. There are numerous companies with very easy-to-pronounce, attractive and meaning names, but failed miserably. Likewise, there have been many companies with the names that are very problematic to pronounce, write or remember, proven to be successful.

Brands such as Hoegaarden, Nutella, Tag Heuer, IKEA, Hyundai, Porsche, NIKE, MOSCHINO, HERMES, OCADO, HUBLOT, GIVENCHY, BALMAIN PARIS, Volkswagen, Adidas, Adobe etc. have been mispronounced all the time but they have been brilliantly recognized in markets.

Brands with their value proposition and the quality of services makes the business successful or failure. Name is the mode to distinguish businesses in the marketplace but its not the indication about the company future. Therefore, great brands even with difficult pronunciation and an evocative thought behind the name has shown a great success in the industry.

So uLektz is also a name in SaaS industry with a remarkable developed applications for the education segment with a base to the business solutions for academicians and other associates. This can be easily understood from the basis given below for the origination of the name uLektz.

uLektz is the Name of the venture. “U” stands for University and the word “Lektz” is the Latin Root for “to Read” and is root for the word Lecture. Lekt is also cognate of the Sanskrit “Lekh”

Lets explore more and see what Founder and CEO of uLektz says about the name of this organization from one of his quotes.

Quote from Sadiq Sait, Founder and CEO – “Before founding uLektz, I led the design and development of a product named “Lektz”, which offered eBook DRM (Digital Rights Management) and eBook Reader Software to protect and distribute interactive eBooks of different languages such as Left-To-Right (LTR), Right-To-Left (RTL), Top-to-Bottom (TTB) and Indian languages. Lektz has been successful and it is being used by many educational publishers, institutions and education management companies worldwide for digital content protection and delivery. Since the primary idea of uLektz evolved from Lektz, my co-founder and I named our startup as uLektz.

The founder has genuinely stood out with a message to the existing as well as the future prospective clients about the sector for which the uLektz has been invented. The distinguished approach with a sturdy resourcefulness has made the name contended for bringing revolutions to education industry through its products and services.

The whole idea to generate this name has been a journey of the business where “Lektz” was already there in the market with the digital study material, courses, and other supportings etc. which further was shaped up to uLektz with the addition of “U” as university. Well the theme and the business preposition has been added so that the education industry has a connected name in the market. The outline behind the name is the offerings in business which can further be understood from the below specified quotes.

Quote from Sadiq Sait, Founder and CEO – “ I’m from South India, I see many in North India find it difficult to pronounce South Indian Names and vice-versa. Likewise, we often find difficulties in pronouncing or writing some foreign names. For me, “easy-to-use services” is more important than “easy-to-use company

In the end we can say that uLektz is ensuing a right path to generate value to the education industry with its lucrative name that will assuredly be added to the list of the brands like Volkswagen, Adidas, Adobe etc. which are difficult to pronounce but are well acknowledged tags because of their delivery standards to the clienteles.



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