Unemployment Rate In America Is Increasing As 66 Million People Apply For First Week’s Unemployment Allowance.

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly, with its spread worldwide. Currently, the number of people affected by this epidemic in the world is 1,019,018. The USA is a country with the highest number of coronavirus cases that is 245,373. The pandemic is severely affecting the people of the USA as the number of patients suffering from the infection in the country is increasing at a very high pace. Coronavirus is not only affecting the health of the people but also its impact on the employment rate of the country is very drastic. Due to the increasing outbreak of coronavirus, unemployment has reached a high level in the USA.

According to the US Labor Ministry’s Thursday data, more than 66 million workers have applied for the first week’s unemployment allowance on the week ending March 28. This is the largest number of people applying for the first week’s unemployment allowance in the history of America so far. Last week, 33 lakh workers applied for the first week’s unemployment allowance. That was also the new record for that week. In this way, the number of unemployed people in America has increased by more than one crore in two weeks.

The actual number of newly unemployed people has been estimated to be more:

The actual number of unemployed people may reach even more, as according to a report, many people have complained of telephone lines being busy or difficulty in applying for unemployment allowance. With this, part-time workers and some other categories of workers have not even got the facility of unemployment allowances.

Companies in the US are continuously laying off employees to prevent infection:

As a part of an effort to prevent coronavirus infection, companies are constantly laying off employees. In the coming years, more workers may have to depend on government support. The March employment figure is scheduled to come on Friday. It is also expected as very bad. According to the refinitiv’s estimates, the March report could bring the figure of one lakh people losing their jobs. Due to this, the unemployment rate of the country can rise from 3.5 percent to 3.8 percent, this is the highest unemployment rate in the country till now. The March data will not look very fierce because the survey based on which the month data is prepared, is completed in the middle of the month. Whereas in the following two weeks, millions of people have lost their jobs.

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