If you’re constantly on the search for headphones that deliver enough bass, your search is over

If you’re like me, there’s no one, two, or even three types of music you like. My saved songs in Spotify range from Metal, Reggae, Hawaiian, Classical, Electronic, Jazz, and even some Country among others. And the Crusher 360 services all those genres perfectly for their $300 price tag because of the adjustable bass.
But for those who need noise cancelling, the Crusher 360 might not be for you. You could do what I do and use them as the office or home pair while using a noise cancelling pair for noisy environments. But that means an extra $300.
There is one other use-case for the Crusher 360 that could help justify the cost if you already have a noise cancelling pair of headphones. The Crusher 360 work equally well for video games and videos. It’s like having a powerful sound system on your ears.
The Crusher 360 come fully recommended.
Source: Business Insider
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