Ascent Wealth Creations Review – Build Better, Invest Smarter [2022]

Ascent Wealth Creations Review – Build Better, Invest Smarter [2022]

That dream home isn’t far away if you make the right choice in brokerage platforms. Reasonable fees, low charges and high-speed investing all in one with global brokerage house, Ascent Wealth Creations.


As a millennial, we have been subjected to a global financial crisis (2008), rising real estate prices, especially of the housing market (2010), bone crushing inflation (2015) and a pandemic (2020) all within the first forty years of our lives. Intense.

As a salaried individual, 80% of our income goes into servicing our basic expenses such as food, rent, transport. With the remaining 20%, there is lots that can be accomplished. If you are a saving savvy individual, perhaps you are still stuck on trying to build a savings pot worthy enough for a big purchase. Perhaps you wish to buy your dream house or your dream car. Often, we get frustrated when we don’t generate enough returns via our fixed deposit. But, we wonder, what other avenues do we have with a small chunk of savings? Risky ventures are not for small size investors. So, where do we go?

Smart Investment Decisions

Smart investing is key to building a good life for ourselves. Decision making needs to be quick. In the online trading sphere, it is imperative that you choose the right brokerage platform. Ever since trading shifted online, there is a rush of platforms claiming that they are right for the investor. It becomes really difficult to choose between brokers and choose the best one for yourself.

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Ascent Wealth Creations: Who Are They and Why Are They Right For You?

In our quest to discover a great trade platform, we tried out Ascent Wealth Creations.

Ascent Wealth Creations is a well-established, new age trading platform. Based in the global brokerage sphere, Ascent Wealth Creations has quickly risen to the top. Customer service par excellence is at the heart of their work ethos.


The great part about Ascent Wealth Creations is that they have a trusted investment advisor available twenty four hours of a day, seven days a week just to answer client questions.

Furthermore, even if investors are new to online trading, they have training manuals and tutorial videos to educate users.


The great part is: no minimum deposit guideline. This means, investors can start trading right away without the constraint of first funding their account with a minimum deposit value.



Trading Accounts And Features

Ascent Wealth Creations offers a variety of trading accounts with unique benefits. The prime benefit starts with a zero minimum deposit required for their beginners account.

The above benefits are intensified when you consider how low their fees, spreads and commissions are. This allows the investor to build a robust portfolio at a fraction of the cost compared to other brokerage houses.


Using Leverage To Your Advantage

The growth of online trading world has also given rise to growth of credit. With online brokerage houses there is no longer a need to visit a bank or financial institution to seek out a loan. To make investing simpler and better, brokerage platforms offer their clients the potential to leverage their funds to build bigger portfolios with less. The twofold impact is that the investor benefits in terms of trade portfolio value and the brokerage house benefits in fees, commissions and spreads. This not only saves a trip to the bank, including furnishing useless documentation, but also saves the investor high interest rates on short term credit.

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Ascent Wealth Creations has established levels of leverage depending on the type of trading account selected:


H3 Trading Account

H3 Leverage Availability

Beginners Account

Up to 2 times leverage

Mid Level Account

Up to 3 times leverage

Expert Account

Up to 4 times leverage

Institutional Investor Account

Up to 5 times leverage



What Trade Products Are Available With Ascent Wealth Creations?

A wide range of trade products are available to trade with Ascent Wealth Creations.


Stocks in blue chip companies, upcoming start ups and worldwide indices are available just a click away.

Similarly, if you wish to invest in foreign currencies or foreign currency pairs, that option also exists for you. Furthermore, commodities and precious metals, such as crude oil and gold respectively, are available to trade.


Recently, Ascent Wealth Creations added cryptocurrencies to their list of trade products. This makes Ascent Wealth Creations a worthy competitor in the online trade sphere.

The Trade Platform and Takeaways

Overall, Ascent Wealth Creations is a great platform for trading. They offer their tools via their browser platform. It is a great software with encryption technology. The downside is that there is no mobile application yet. This is something Ascent Wealth Creations needs to work on to facilitate their clientele.


Also, the account opening process involves a lengthy background check which includes providing proof of identification.


Contact Ascent Wealth Creations to learn more about their offerings and how to open an account. Start your journey today!

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