Boring Diet Food Is A Concept Of The Past!

There isn’t one person who doesn’t feel like bailing on their diet at some point. It just feels like so much work sometimes. Research has shown, most people drop out of their diet regimes after the first month! And frankly, we don’t blame them. It’s harder to stick on a plain & tasteless plate of boiled veggies when you are really craving a mouth-watering bowl of Butter Chicken and Thai Curry. But we torment ourselves anyway, thinking that starving ourselves is part of the weight loss journey.


WRONG!! Nobody said diets are supposed to exhaust out your tastebuds. You’ve been compromising on taste unnecessarily and InstaDiet has finally broken this myth. This diet food delivery service boasts of their delicious meal plans. Having curated 65+ yummy calorie-counted & portion-controlled dishes, their expert nutritionists personalise diets carefully for each individual. So, you can eat what you love and still lose weight! Their precision is owed to winning their customer’s loyalty by saving them time and money.

All the fuss about deciding ‘what to eat’ and ‘how much to eat’ has already been taken care of by ‘InstaDiet’. But you could get that somewhere else too. What sets these guys apart is their proven claim, saying you can lose weight while eating butter chicken, paneer makhani, choley, rajma, veg kofta and so much more. And that hits home for everyone. They’ve already caught the eyes of actors like Delnaaz Irani, Vahbiz Dorabjee & Shenaz Treasury who are generously gushing about their fitness journeys with InstaDiet.

Say goodbye to plain & tasteless food

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Usually, what refrains people from keeping up with diets is the thought of eating dreary salads all day. Instadiet draws the attention of their customers as they blend nutrition with exquisite taste.


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“With InstaDiet, I get to eat everything I love and still shed kilos. It feels so good to not have to worry about what to eat and how much to eat. Everything is already done for me. All I have to do is heat and eat.” says Delnaaz Irani, famous bollywood actor and performer.


Instadiet is super excited to bring this lifestyle of eating everything you love in a controlled way to India from the west. It looks like InstaDiet is going all out to make you feel like you’re eating healthy home cooked meals, complete with Indian spices and everyday delicacies.

Kickstart your weight loss journey

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With a variety of 65+ options, they give their customers complete control over their meals. They can pick and choose their own meals and snacks for each day ranging from bhaji to thai curry to chicken in ginger sauce. The process is simple: Choose your plan and meals, Get your order delivered and Start your weight loss journey. And you may choose from the 3 plans they offer: 1-Week Plan, 4-Week Plan and 12-Week Plan. Longer commitments ensure a sustainable diet, giving your body time to adapt and effortlessly lose weight.
Notable perks of InstaDiet is that they offer a money back guarantee on their service which we have to say, does help us build deeper faith in them. They deliver all your food in one go which makes it convenient and easy to carry. 3 minutes is all it takes from, packet to your plate.

Don’t take our word for it.

Take your 1-week trial for Rs 3,999/- only!

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Instadiet is making it deliciously easy for all of us to smash our fitness goals by providing a wide range of nourishing & yummy dishes with instant deliveries of your weekly diet meals to your doorstep in one go.

InstaDiet believes that the process of losing weight shouldn’t feel like a punishment. Their qualified team of chefs and dieticians prepare healthy, calorie-counted meals, so you can easily lose that unwanted weight while eating the food you love.


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