Essential Tips For Designing a Coworking Space

The interior design is the essence of any space. The functionality and usability of any property, may it be residential or commercial, depends upon its design.
Recently in India, the trend of coworking spaces is growing. A coworking space is where freelancers and startups come together to work under one roof, sharing the workplace. Along with this trend, the need to design efficient and fully functional coworking spaces is also increasing.
So today, we are giving you a few tips for designing coworking spaces which will be aesthetic and will fulfill all the needs of the budding entrepreneurs.
Let the design be flexible.
The number of entrepreneurs working in your coworking space is going to fluctuate. Also, the type of professionals will change time to time.
In such a scenario, it is beneficial to have a design which is flexible. Apart from some essential stable structures in the meeting rooms or coffee room, it will be a great idea to use retractable walls, moveable furniture, and wall hanging lamps which provide even light to all the parts of the space.
Let the design trigger innovative ideas.
The professionals working in your coworking space will probably have a zeal for innovation and an open mind to collaborate with new people and develop new plans. Hence, creating an interior design which is ‘only beautiful’ is not enough, it must inspire ideas!
A coworking space should have a design which makes people be innovative and strike interactions. For this, it is wise to include a bright and quirky common area furnished with sofas, comfy chairs, and beans bags and a special coffee and snack room where people can gather and exchange ideas over a cup of coffee.
Also, if possible, you can include a game room with games like table tennis, carrom, chess, etc. as it is also an excellent way to bring like-minded people together.
Let the design maintain balance in collaboration and privacy.
The design of your coworking space should foster interactions, new deals, innovations but it should also give a decent amount of privacy.
Use soundproof glasses at some places like the meeting rooms, jamming rooms, or at the room partitions to help preserve privacy and peace. You can also design a few quiet cubicles for the freelancers who want to work alone peacefully.
Play with colours and inspire minds.
Coworking spaces are hubs of creativity and innovation. Creative, bright minds from various fields come together and try to work at their best. So, without a doubt, your coworking space should also be lively and should bring in a surge of creativity.
Adding wallpapers with different inspirational quotes or hanging a few innovative posters and frames can add some quick spice to the design.
Here’s what different colours in the interior design signify:
White: Clean and Calm
Black: Authority and Sophistication
Purple: Royalty and Ambition
Green: Balance and Harmony
Blue: Intellectual and Relaxing
Red and Yellow: Positivity and Passion
Orange: Creativity and Success
Use these colours wisely in your coworking space to create the aura you wish. You can also use some fabulous colour combinations like Teal + Copper, Dusty Pink + Grey, Peach + Black, Hot Pink + Blue, Bright Red+Yellow, etc.
We are sure these simple tips will help you design a beautiful, yet highly functional coworking space. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments!
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