GamesBeat Decides: The Good Awards

We are close to 100-percenting 2018. The only thing we have left to do to get the platinum trophy is hand out some awards. So we got the crew together on the GamesBeat Decides podcast to talk GamesBeat Rewind 2018.On this episode, we’re inventing a bunch of awards to give out to some of the best games of the year.
Here are the award categories this year:

  • The Award for “Let’s play this game so I can make a cool YouTube video”
  • The Missing Dungeon Master Award
  • Best Apocalypse of the Year
  • Best Boozy Game of the Year
  • Best History Repeating Game
  • Best Throwing Game of the Year
  • Best Mardi Gras of the Year
  • Best Mining Contraption
  • Best Chat with a God while being a Pirate
  • Best Izzet My New Groove Award
  • The best game for living gods
  • The “Oh, hello. OK, Bye!” Award
  • The Video Game Ass Video Game Award
  • The Stan Lee Memorial Award for Not Being Ashamed of What You Are
  • Best overshadowed retro game
  • The best Mega Man game since Mega Man 10
  • Best game I thought I would hate but didn’t (GOOD)

Source: VentureBeat
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