How AI/ML can help mitigate the coronavirus outbreak

Using AI/ML to mitigate coronavirus outbreak

How can we effectively mitigate the spread of coronavirus spread and make our lives less complicated? Perhaps AI could solve some big pain points.

Why overreacting to COVID-19 is acceptable

Vikram Vaidyanathan and Rajat Agarwal of Matrix India share guidelines for fintech firms on how to navigate their way COVID-19.

This herbal extracts company clocks Rs 1,250 Cr revenue

Sami-Sabinsa is a health science company dealing with nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, standardised herbal extracts, fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, and probiotics.

Why the founder of TaxiForSure launched Vokal

Bengaluru-based startup Vokal, founded in 2017, is a user-generated content platform that allows one to learn from others.

This startup is providing healthcare amid lockdown

Started in 2017 Kota-based MedCords aims at addressing the disparity between accessibility to quality healthcare in urban and rural India.

Samsung Galaxy A71 is well-rounded but pricey

Samsung Galaxy A71 is far better than the Galaxy A51, but one wishes that the former wasn’t priced way above where it should be.

This entrepreneur helps SMEs and NGOs scale business

Arundhati Mukherjee founded Aaroh to help SMEs and NGOs with best practices for marketing to achieve growth and scale.

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