How Luxlighting Technology Private Limited is disrupting the laboratory equipment and instruments sector in India

Luxlighting Technology Private Limited has been in business since 2003 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and instruments under the “LaboSys” and The “LuxMed” brands to a diverse range of universities, colleges, research and development labs, and other institutions. They began manufacturing scientific laboratory equipment in-house in 2003, when it was previously available exclusively through importation. They profoundly believe in keeping goals and achieving them.

Their goal has always been to prioritize the demands of our consumers, which requires us to constantly modify and improve our products in order to increase their acceptance by the general public. As a result of persistent effort and dedication, they earned their clients’ trust gradually and steadily, to the point where the product specifications are utilized to create tender specifications for the acquisition of laboratory equipment by major universities, institutes, colleges, and other educational organizations.

To establish the “LaboSys” and “LuxMed” brands, which have contributed significantly to the scientific path throughout time, they made a total dedication and persistent effort, aided by a professionally managed workforce, and most importantly, we worked diligently and with passion. In the instrument business, the “LaboSys” ® and “LuxMed” brands were formed by a Biomedical Medical TM Instrumentation professional from B.I.T. Mesra, Ranchi, who had a lofty ambition and built the company to give the industry’s greatest product.

They have now successfully established a strong foothold in the scientific market as a result of the provision and efficiency that have been methodically achieved at their very modern manufacturing plant.


How are they the best in their industry?

Best quality of equipment and brand

Prior to purchasing laboratory equipment, whether for a chemistry or medical lab, it is critical to gather information about the many brands or types of laboratory devices available on the market. For specialized purposes, leading manufacturers will offer premium and high-quality types of equipment. It is critical to select the appropriate model for your laboratory’s unique requirements. Consider the product’s features, consistency of performance, and accuracy as well. Purchasing branded laboratory instruments has the benefit of increased operational durability and efficiency.

High and up-to-date Manufacturing Standards

There are regulatory agencies that certify that products and industrial processes adhere to worldwide standards. Verify that your desired vendor of laboratory equipment possesses these certifications. The European Commission and the International Organization for Standardization are two well-known standards organizations. Most manufacturers also get certification from the International Safe Transit Association to ensure the safe shipping of laboratory equipment (ISTA).

Utilization Ease

The laboratory equipment you select should be simple to operate. Additionally, it should ensure user safety. It must be user-friendly, and it’s a good idea to verify that its features support the numerous laboratory operations. It is preferable to choose modern automated equipment that requires low user intervention and reduces the time required to execute tests, particularly if your laboratory is personnel constrained.

After-purchase Servicing

Ensure that you are familiar with the product’s servicing needs, particularly those related to the warranty. This is especially critical if the laboratory equipment you select requires routine maintenance that must be performed by a highly skilled professional with experience in medical equipment repair and maintenance. In some cases, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if the lab equipment has not been serviced at specified intervals by manufacturer-approved personnel. In terms of approved service technicians, certain manufacturers do not permit an establishment’s internal maintenance people to undertake servicing; therefore, ensure that your selected provider can arrange for one and assist you in locating accredited professionals for your equipment in your area.

Ethical Equipment’s History

The best method to learn about an instrument’s track record is to speak with the seller. If you are considering purchasing second hand tools, ensure there are no recognised issues with the equipment. If feasible, request maintenance logs from the lab if you are purchasing directly from them to ensure the instrument is in good working order. Calculating how much money you will spend over the next few years, depending on whether you purchase old or new equipment will assist you in making the best choice.


The most critical factor to consider is whether a manufacturer stocks the instruments necessary to help you increase the quality of services given in your lab.


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