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How To: Grow Your Business With Automation

Automation in business process to manage information, data, and process in order to reduce cost and investments, optimize resources, increase productivity through the use of computing technology is one of the most sought after value additions to grow businesses.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly seeking new ways to make their business more efficient, effective in order to scale up and grow in terms of revenue without adding a huge additional cost i.e hiring cost. This is the ultimate dream. Business process automation provides businesses with the right tools in order to achieve just that.

One such company that provides automation services that have stood out and quickly rose to the challenge of bringing to the market the most sought after automation tools is Wyzebulb. They allow enterprises to automate their business operations by providing integrations of all business units and applications at one place. Connecting Digital marketing, sales, and business, Wyzebulb helps streamline workflows, integrate applications and automate manual tasks to make a business team highly efficient.

Real-time and quick updates to let data flow between business units and applications, without writing a single line of code is the need of the hour and Wyzebulb delivers just that. Here are five ways to grow your business today using automation:

  1. Facebook Integrations

Any business that wants to stand out would definitely need a social media presence. While some businesses that are e-commerce based, social media is mandatory for sales and promotion, almost all business would benefit from a social media presence, the simplest being a Facebook business page.

This is the easiest way to connect to your customers, get their genuine reviews and feedback as well as provide support. The Facebook business page also allows you to run Ads. All this is great. But, how do you use your Facebook business page to its full potential? Step in, Automation!

Wyzebulb’s integrations for Facebook allows you to capture and collect comments under your posts into Google Sheets. This allows you to capture important information such as email id, contact number or addresses from your customers in a matter of seconds from thousands of comments under a single post!

While promoting Ads on your Facebook business page, you may have gotten various leads commenting under the Ad posts. With a click of a button, you can export the comments from Facebook Lead Ads into a Google Sheet which is updated in real-time by using Wyzebulb’s Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheet integration.

Another great way is to use Wyzebulb’s automation powerhouse is through their Facebook Messenger Bot which allows you to instantly reply to a comment as a direct message through the bot and address your customer’s needs instead of relying on slower modes such as email or SMS.

2. Email and SMS Automation

Sending customized emails and SMS messages to your customers is a great way to stay connected to them and build your business brand image. Loyal customers drive the most sales by returning month on month and in order to achieve this, a strategic email and SMS automation service is needed. Here are the five types of emails that your business should be sent to customers and potential clients.

  • Promotional Emails
  • Cart Checkout/ Abandoned Emails
  • Welcome Emails
  • Product updates
  • Newsletters and more.

Wyzebulb’s Email automation easily allows you to draft emails and send them to an entire email list within a couple of seconds. It also gives you the crucial details on open and click rates to try and test what messages and promotional techniques are working better.

3. Integrations and Flows

Wyzebulb offers over 5000+ integrations, connecting over 1000 Applications under one account. Wyzebulb flows will allow you to monitor and integrate all your data from a variety of applications under a single system and share it across multiple business units in real-time. Their ever-expanding application library even allows you to request for a new application with a delivery time of 48 hours! Their workflows are divided across various categories such as Leads, website builder, support, analytics, sales etc.

When you perform actions on one application, Wyzebulb automatically captures that data in real-time and creates actions on another application according to the workflow filters of your choice!

A clientele of over 5000+ trusted businesses has used Wyzebulb’s B2B automation services to increase sales and grow their businesses by implementing the above automation rituals into their business process. With industry leaders like BJYUS, THE HINDU and Godrej using Wyzebulb’s automation services, its safe to say their features and customer support have been tried and tested!

If you are still confused on how to use automation to grow your business and get more sales check out the Automate with Wyzebulb Youtube video:


We hope that you found this article insightful and you consider using the power of business automation for sales and business growth with the three actionable steps provided in this post. Consider leaving a comment below with your thoughts and sharing it with other entrepreneurs and working professionals who can implement automation into their company’s working strategy

About the Author:

Nishma Khetia is a part-time Content Writer and Social Media Manager.

She is a passionate Travel Blogger who enjoys storytelling under her pen name Time Travelling Shutterbug with her descriptive blogs, vlogs, and photography. She is a graduate with a Masters degree in Pharmacy Practice from Manipal University.


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