Top Startups In Ahmedabad – Gujarat

2097 is the largest events marketplace that hosts and curates the best of events and experiences happening around you. also empowers event creators to host and manage events like a pro right from their mobile phones.
Our end-to-end event management solution takes care of the tasks like selling tickets, managing registrations, event promotions, event invitations, tracking event results and box office solutions.


IstudyApp is an educational application delivering best learning and teaching experience, & making most process automated for institutes by reducing human efforts & manual processes. Our App comes with great flexibility, so that the app can be customized as per Institute’s requirement. Our app offers features like internal opportunity cell, general knowledge hub, automated attendance, result, calendar, event management, video-learning, cloud computing storage, live video lecs., updates on institute etc. It will bring students, faculties & parents together at one place on the cloud and will deliver all required info & reports to them. It takes care of student’s educational profile from day 1 till last. Our app has features like fees mgt, library mgt, work force mgt etc. We have option for API & Add-on web apps. We are unique as we offer clean & simple UI which is easy to use by any tech/non-tech operators, which is must for any system in India & we have followed traditional Indian way.

joognu technologies

Remember when keeping an online journal was a social requirement? Social media like FB are essentially updated interactive journals that let users share parts of their lives in all their ego-driven glory. Incorporating photos and video into the way people share information with friends and family was a natural progression. The only downside to this was the narrative behind the posted media got lost somewhere along the way. Joognu is a parent-focused web-based platform that allows users to store, organize, and share their children’s experiences and memories. The site and app let parents upload video and photos along with journal posts they write. All of this is stored online and can be accessed later when the parent wants to string these “memories” together using the site’s Weaver feature – which helps users string together their children’s life moments into a sharable digital timeline.

1,10,000 uploads and 18000 downloads of joognu android app ….and counting!


A cross-platform mobile app which allows the users to check-in into the live events. The app also serves as a one-stop information platform for all the upcoming live sports and music events. It also has an option to customize and personalize the event calendar based on user’s location and likes. We are also planning to add the direct ticket selling option to the application as well.

Selected users who check-in into the event through our app will be rewarded with free seat upgrade or free merchandise. We will process this user data to give valuable data analytics to organizers and sponsors.

The value proposition for the teams/artists will be that they will be able to identify their dedicated fans in the audience and forge a direct relationship with them.

The value proposition for Sponsors will be that they get access to real audience data which they can use for their conducting their sales and promotions more effectively.


Cuztomise is an enterprise SAAS field service management platform for agencies to completely automate their operations, from booking to delivery, completely eliminating friction from their operations and improving productivity and profitability. Cuztomise provides access to superior technology for SMB’s which cannot afford to build it and brings them at par with their bigger counterparts.

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At consumer end, it eliminates user frustation of scheduling a service by providing a completely automated way of booking a request and constantly keeping consumer updated about ETA’s

The consumer front end gels up nicely with the backend which is used by dispatcher and agents on field to keep track of jobs, assets in real time and handle any dynamic rescheduling. Moreover its inbuilt communication platform allows engagement of agents and experts over a unified channel which is then used to build a knowledgebase.

It takes only 2 mins to sign up and get going with Cuztomise.

Gridle is a productivity platform for work. We have worked with several companies in the past and each company uses a different tool for things like managing tasks, projects, IMs, Content and everything in between. People spend 28 Manhours/month on emails and even more time on hopping between these tools.

Gridle is just 1 interface on which enterprises, can plug and play. Need just task-management + files or Content management + IMs? Gridle is your one stop shop for work. It uses Data-visualization and intelligently aligns itself to the way you work and not the other way around. With disruption through Data-visualization, NLP and fully customizable platform, Gridle aims to be a home for work for enterprises.

Our customers have been able to identify bottlenecks and make decisions faster increasing their productivity by 11 to 13% . With companies outperforming each other on various HR fronts, productivity enhancement is on To-Do of every CXO and is a $ 17 B industry globally.


What is it: TummyRats is a community platform for locals to ask any food related questions from locals to be answered real time. We are here to disrupt local food discovery market.

Details: Started in January, 2014 | Only on app | Available on Android

Performance: 95% of the queries gets answered in less than 2 minutes | 52% daily active users | 60% organic growth on a monthly basis without spending any money | Amongst Top 400 apps of India in Travel and Local category.

Currently in India, there’s no platform for local food discovery. The biggest of all is Zomato (India’s Yelp); however, it is only present in 14 cities of India primarily because of the nature of its business i.e. it requires feet on street work.

Whereas TummyRats is a product, it has no limitations and can penetrate into even the smallest cities of India. Though TummyRats is active only in two cities of India i.e. Ahmedabad and Pune; people from more than 30+ cities are already registered on the app.


Currently, all over the world institutes are spending millions to maintain their Alumni Relations. All of the institutes use a huge man power to connect to their Alumni which costs them alot. In India, the situation is very bad. In India, barely handful institutions might be connected to more than 10% of their Alumni. No expertise is available for managing Alumni Relations, all over the world.
In AlmaShines, we offer Alumni Management Solutions for the institutions which converts this tedious job of Alumni Relations into a fruitful task. Alumni relations bring a lot of resources and intellect to the institutions, but institutions do not have proper channels to present their needs to Alumni, nor to manage their Alumni. We are first of its kind company in the world, that aims at building up powerful Tools that encourage interaction between institution, student and alumni. With our tools we are able to reduce the alumni management costs and enhance the efficiency

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An extensive word highlighting tool. It would highlight and show the number of words/terms you are interested in and are present on a page. This could be helpful in learning new words or not to let any topic go unnoticed. Simple UI and an ease to use. Adding a word is as simple as double-clicking it and click ‘+’. Gives a detailed information about which words are present and how many times each of them are present on each page. User can maintain his list of words and add/remove them. It would also allow to create and manage lists which could be catered for specific purposes.


No more need to use multiple tools like facebook, whatsapp, messages, etc to manage and communicate with your wedding guests.

Mywedstory – simplifies the wedding communication by a single dedicated platform personalized for each wedding to send digital invitation cards, share important wedding details like events, accommodations, collect & share photos at one place and manage all the guests.

We make weddings more exciting, even before the wedding day by engaging the guests months in advance and keeping them in loop till the wedding day. Everything about your wedding is just one tap away, making it convenient for all your guests. Create more digital memories, save time and have an eco-friendly wedding.

MyWedStory helps you give a more personalized and enhanced wedding experience to your guests, after all wedding is about the experience.


We are building a community of students helping one another by sharing experiences, insights and information related to college selection and beyond. In other words, CollegeBol is India’s only Social College selection platform.

Leveraging the power of student-sourced content and advanced data sciences, CollegeBol makes available a wealth of high quality information about Colleges in India to make the process of College selection a breeze. CollegeBol caters to India’s 45,000 Colleges and 30 Million students who are enrolled in Higher Education.

CollegeBol is a funded EdTech Startup backed by leading industry barons, serial entrepreneurs and academic stalwarts across Silicon Valley and India.


What We Offer
From organizing a dynamically interactive event to facilitating easy networking among the attendees, we help you with everything you need to make your event a grand success

Manage and Coordinate events effortlessly
Create your event on Hubilo’s platform and gain live insights into the event proceedings to make it a more engaging and memorable event for your audience

Create a hub of people around you
Discover your favourite events, connect with the fellow attendees in advance and create a hub of people who share similar interests

Share Hero

Share Hero is the World’s First Rewarding Share Platform!

Share Hero is a mobile and web platform that enables users to share resources (real things) within their community. Users can make their community a better place by sharing and donating resources. In return, they become a Social Hero and earn medals – which can be redeemed as Real World Rewards through Share Hero Reward Partners.

Share Hero operates on a Patented* Business Model that offers its users the unique advantage of doing good and being rewarded in return.

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Share Hero offers a simple user friendly platform where users will be able to perform these key activities:

– Share Resources
– Borrow Resources
– Donate Resources
– Earn Rewards


•1Platform is an aggregator of the offline brand stores and online retailers of consumer electronics in India – think of us as “Google Shopping” made for India.
•1Platform offers consumers to “search, compare, bid, and buy” products on a single digital platform, and transforms offline brand stores into truly omnichannel businesses as the products on 1Platform are sold and delivered directly by the brand stores. And, consumers get the same confidence and post-sale service experience as buying directly from the stores.
•1Platform is empowered with proprietary real-time interaction system which allows engagement between consumers and stores.
•1Platform is built on Cloud and uses predictive analytics within its search algorithm which delivers personalized search results and product recommendations.

OoWomaniya is a multi-faceted platform for women to “know-share-speak” about their emotional and intimate health issues, doubts and questions. The primary goal is to create a safe space for women to be able to share personal problems which is one of the major concerns in India. Socio-cultural barriers add to the resistance.

OoWomaniya will engage experts like psychologists, counselors, fitness trainers and gynecologists to provide consultation and health related services online and offline. OoWomaniya will act as a network to connect women with similar problems, experts, NGOs and other women-centric organisations.


To select a school/college/university is a biggest tasks for any parents and students. After several months of research we have found there is no authentic tool where parents/students get the review about any school/college through the authentic sources. At Talktik, we build a platform where parents/students give the ratings of the school/college where they (their kids) are studying and share the feedback. There will be a tool available for the parents or students to provide the list of best schools/colleges based on their criteria. There will be another unique features where school/colleges will get the data by paying small fees about the prospective students (if students has opted for this feature) data. There will be next steps (phase 2) about the international college and university rankings for the foreign students and where students social networks and social shopping will come in to the picture.


At Shipmnts, we’re working towards fixing the Global Logistics UX. Moving cargo from one country to another requires one to
– manage complicated documentation, licenses and compliances,
– coordinate with multiple folks managing different parts of the end to end supply chain,
– clear customs, organise multimodal (ocean/air + land) transport, warehousing and more in both the countries
This all is still unreliably managed using email, phone calls and layers of manual repetitive processes – costing time, money, human intervention related errors, delays, skewed supply chains & a lot of stress. We are building an intelligent platform that understands global trade flows and can assist in orchestrating its associated logistics and compliance.

We want to make global shipping as easy as booking a cab. All in an attempt to enable multinationals and Micro-multinationals to easily ship their cargo anywhere in the world. Say hello to Globalisation 2.0!


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