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We help a traveler book a personalized holidays with a local travel agent –
* Match traveler to 3 best suited local agents as per his needs
* Destination knowledge of local agent help him create personalized itinerary
* Traveler has our support during holidays

Imagine booking a holidays to say Sri Lanka for 5 days when you prefer romantic holidays. You need to chose hotels, flights, cities, attraction, meals, etc all as per your preferences. We make it happen – at convenience and at right price


India’s First Returns Management Specialist. And Largest Unboxed Superstore.
Overcart is India’s first marketplace for over-stock, unboxed, refurbished, and preowned products. With a comprehensive quality-check process, expert product knowledge, and unparalleled customer focus, this is the safest place for you to purchase secondary products.

Overboxd, the company’s reverse lifecycle management offering for manufacturers, online sellers, and large organizations helps client track products through the liquidation cycle. This is complemented by proprietary algorithms and product testing software.


Providing access to female healthcare and lifestyles products to women in rural India.
Azadi is an alternate retail channel for women in rural India that is women led, has products that women want, and has a brand that speaks to a rural woman’s aspiration. Through training women in entrepreneurship, selling demand driven, Azadi removes the barriers to essential healthcare and lifestyle products, provides sustainable community profit opportunities, and creates a channel that celebrates womanhood. To effectively overcome the supply chain, sales force management challenges inherent to working in rural India, Azadi leverages technology.


Hive is a deep learning company solving visual intelligence challenges through three main pillars of the business: Hive Data, Hive Predict, and Hive Media. Hive Data is the world’s largest two-sided marketplace for machine learning data labeling. We have over 700,000 distributed workers helping research labs and enterprise clients generate high quality truth data sets in fields like autonomous driving and robotics. Hive Predict is our set of proprietary visual intelligence models that solve problems like the identification of celebrities and logos. We sell these APIs to companies looking to incorporate our models into their own workflows. Our flagship product is Hive Media, through which we are selling the world’s largest television analytics dataset.

Travelkhana is the first India-wide meal booking marketplace connecting 1.5 billion long distance Indian train passengers to quality restaurants on the Indian Railways network.
Using Travelkhana’s meal booking platform, train travelers easily place orders via website, phone, SMS, or mobile app, and can select among the extensive choice of meal types and high quality food provided by restaurants selected and validated by Travelkhana along the rail network. Travelkhana’s platform tracks train running information to insure meal delivery at the right time, at the right seat, fresh and ready to eat.


Vidooly is a video marketing & analytics product for individual YouTube content creators, MCNs ( Multi channel networks ), Enterprise media, Traditional TV broadcasters & Digital focused brands.

We provide actionable marketing analytics features to individual content creators; backend technology platform for MCNs helping them to manage creator channels, administration, acquiring new talents, creator partner payouts & digital video rights.

Same time we provide intelligent dashboard to digital focused brands to reach out new creators, targeting right audience & drive more engagements.

Our business model is monthly subscription based like any traditional SaaS ( Software as a Service ) fees.


EasyRenting currently offers a clean website with verified listings . It’s a NO BROKERAGE website and users just love it. Around 70% of landlords that we contact list their property with us and over 10% convert to paid service. We have started getting repeat customers & are currently able to recover 50% of our operational cost.

EasyRenting offers a distanced based search as compared to area based search in the other leading local websites Rental services like creation of rental agreement are fully integrated with the website.

Our vision for next 6 months
• Launch Mobile Application
• To automate and integrate services like tenant verification, police registration, credit check etc with the website
• Integrate third party handyman services like finding a builder, plumber etc

Observe Design

Observe Design’s integrated platform allows healthcare facilities to observe, record and analyse the adherence to infection control protocols in their facilities. Our IOT (internet-of-things) system with hardware and software components provides the hospital administration with key insight that helps them to design infection control interventions in order to minimize the spread of healthcare associated infection.

HansureTM is a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser that gives access to sanitizer anywhere, anytime.

SakshieldTM is a smart bedside sanitizer dispenser that acts as a monitoring system to remind healthcare worker to sanitize their hands at points of patient care and track the hand hygiene behavior of healthcare workers in a hospital.

PratyakshTM is a mobile/tablet based software tool to record, measure and analyse hand hygiene of healthcare workers in a healthcare facility. PratyakshTM removes all limitations inherently present in the paper based recording system.

Cialfo – College Applications Platform

Cialfo, founded by former counselors, is a college guidance platform makes counseling students simpler and more pleasant. Counselors use our career assessments, global college search engine (spanning 50+ countries), C-Docs (electronic document sending) and native mobile apps to improve student engagement, simplify communication and make their lives easier.

The counselor community drives product development at Cialfo, which has made it easy to use. Switching to Cialfo couldn’t be easier – we transfer ALL existing data securely for you to hit the ground running.

Cialfo is on a mission to democratize tertiary education globally and help 100 million students through its platform by 2025.


Lookup is a free and secure messaging app that works as a local shopping network connecting you to local stores and businesses directly through chat.

Lookup’s goal is to connect you to local stores closest to you and chat with experts who can get you what you need in a matter of minutes. Send a request for food or grocery and it shall be delivered; request for table reservations at hotels, restaurants or appointments at spas, salons; request for medicines or book appointments with your doctor; get laundry done, buy electronics and more with a request.

For those who want to promote your local business, Lookup is just what you are looking for!

– Download Lookup from Google Play Store or iTunes
– Select “Claim your business” option under Settings
– Get your business in touch with the customers directly via a chat window easily on the app

Cook Gourmet

We aim to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone by offering over 10 new recipes each week. Customers choose a recipe and we ship all the fresh pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients right at your doorstep. Our simple 5-6 step recipes are cooked in 15 to 35 minutes. We introduce our customers to new ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques with seasonally-inspired recipes that are always delicious, fun and easy to prepare.

None of our recipes require any specialised equipments like oven, as we want to cater to Indian kitchens having access to only basic setup, and always wanted to cook exotic recipes. We aim to do away with the fear of failure that comes from creating a new recipe as our water-tight recipe steps ensure it comes out good. Having done more than 200+ recipes we have mastered the process of creating full proof recipes across various cuisines.

Raptor Supplies

Raptor Supplies is an e-commerce firm dedicated to making the searching / ordering / delivery of industrial supplies products painless and hassle free. The Company’s focus is on B2B industrial supplies that are urgently needed or cannot be found locally.

Rather than searching multiple, thick paper catalogs and dealing with the hassle of cross-border shipping, Raptor has built an exhaustive catalog of industrial supplies products that includes good, searchable product descriptions + pictures, which can be ordered online (currently 650,000+ products and growing).

Underlying the Company’s offering is a logistics platform that ensures speedy and end-to-end fulfilment, enabling a customer to order online and get delivery to their doorstep without worrying about expensive shipping charges and custom clearance delays.

Raptor’s current focus is on serving businesses in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

TOKO Innovation Studios

Super School is a the only Early Learning app a parent will ever need on his/her phone. Packed with interactive learning through games & videos, Super School covers a wide gamut of topics that will help strengthen a child’s foundation. We have everything from Nursery Rhymes to Stories, to Fact’s about the World, to intriguing Math & Language games.

We’re currently building a vast library of interactive learning content on top of a cross-platform technology solution. Looking for talented developers & designers to join our mission to transform & expand the experience of learning.


In one sentence – “Famous Places. Best Buys.”

Shopping for Handpicked Authentic Products from Places Famous for them, has never been easier. Shop world’s best products sitting at your home.

No more waiting for your trip to Kashmir in India to lay your hands on that exclusive Pashmina scarf you have always craved for. Or to Italy for those handcrafted fashionable leather boots.

Already delivering across India and to the world!

We have set up a pan-India supply chain network to give you the best of the products at the best prices. 16 states of India have been added and 12 to go. Then, we move on to international products you love.

Building Shopatplaces from India for the Global Market. Products you will cherish.


Langhar is a web/mobile app to discover awesome home cooked food experiences and 1 meal is donated to the needy per order.AIRBNB +TOMS shoes for food.

Langhar is a trusted community marketplace enabling common people (housewives, hobbyists) to convert their homes into unique restaurants to earn extra income and gain popularity. Also foodies can eat tasty,economical, unique home cooked dishes and can have fun.They can choose between dine in/pick up and delivery.Moreover for every dish ordered we donate one meal to the needy

A trusted community where you can find awesome and verified home cooked food experiences.Authentic, healthy food at a economical price with native taste.Also people add a social angle that brings fun and a connect .Unique dishes due to diversity and depth of skills and experience of the cooks hence giving people a rich variety to choose from.Moreover people get a great feeling of feeding the needy.


Motorpaneer is a data-driven Decision Engine that helps new car buyers. Like or for New Cars.

Powered by a proprietary adaptive algorithm – internally titled ‘CarSmash™’ – a playful user interface encourages buyers to articulate their needs and expectations from a new car and gives out personalized recommendations based on their unique persona, social streams, family background and driving habits.

We maintain a beautiful (we’ve been told :p) clutter-free UI/X for our product. At the center of which is a wizard-like pre-baked user flow optimized to mimic most real life Car buyer journeys. It helps buyers get comfortable with their choices. A natural language library simplifies jargon and puts context to numbers, helping buyers beat anxiety about a rather huge purchase.

The competition is focused on businesses. We’re shifting the power back to the buyers! It takes the average buyer 90 days to buy a car. We’re looking to bring that down to seven! 🙂


Motrpart is a cloud based real time location based parts availability,parts analytic and prices information portal.
We provide suppliers a login system to manage their spare parts and showing ratio of demand .
Suppliers easily able to manage their spare parts and can market these parts to mechanics by sending sms as the prices changes.

On the other hand buyers like mechanics can know part info,prices and availability in real time.
Motrpart provides them login system where all mechanics can see nearest shop where part can be available .
All the suppliers spare parts they can directly see and acts as real time catalog system .


TripMD is a web/mobile platform for expats, travelers & medical tourists to access trusted healthcare in a foreign country.

Between finding a doctor, language barriers, and complicated insurance, we know how unsettling it is to be sick in foreign country. We believe you should have the same confidence in your healthcare abroad as you would at home. It starts with our trusted doctor network.

Our strong global network of doctors are constantly reviewed and have been trusted by the diplomatic community living locally for years. They have a strong comprehension of English language and practice in high quality medical facilities.

Our users can book appointments online, store their medical records (that they create while overseas) online to share them with their family physician back home and receive seamless insurance claim support.

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