Upskill brings hands-on worker AR platform Skylight to HoloLens


Already available across everything from Google Glass to mobile devices and various enterprise-specific augmented reality headsets, Upskill’s business AR platform Skylight is coming to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Skylight gives hands-on workers access to “large canvas” mixed reality visualization capabilities, including a platform that supports their daily work and training. A streamlined UI lets users get task guidance and live help, access live data, follow prespecified steps when performing their jobs, and capture videos to share with coworkers.

With HoloLens, workers can use the hardware’s tracking hardware — including hand gestures or gazes — to interact with virtual workspaces. They can also place resizable digital content in the real world, view multiple content windows at once, and display content in commonly used formats without needing to transcode or reauthor files.

“As adoption of Microsoft HoloLens continues to rapidly increase in industrial settings,” said Microsoft’s Mixed Reality marketing director Terry Farrell, “Skylight offers a software platform that is flexible and can scale to meet any number of applications well suited for mixed reality experiences. With Skylight for HoloLens, hands-on workers are provided with the ability to interact with content and information in the most natural ways possible, leading to a safer, more efficient workplace.”

A key Skylight platform advantage is its prior testing and use across other AR devices. Across every device, Skylight offers the same enterprise scalability, security, and ability to connect to almost any system or database. But Skylight for HoloLens “will serve as the foundation that delivers the latest advances in visualization, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence in a mixed reality environment,” says Upskill CEO Brian Ballard.

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The public early access version of Skylight is available today by request to Upskill. A date for the final release hasn’t yet been announced.

Source: VentureBeat

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