Open Letter To The Chief Election Commissioner Of India For Postponing The Upcoming Elections in 2022 Amid Omicron Induced Third Wave, Save The Citizens From Mass Deaths

Open Letter To The Chief Election Commissioner Of India For Postponing The Upcoming Elections Amid Omicron Induced Third Wave, Save The Citizens From Mass Deaths


Respected Sir/Madam

My name is Nitin Naresh and I am resident of New Delhi, India

I would like to raise my very strong objection on the upcoming elections which have been recently announced in India for 5 states Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa.

In the year 2021 election commission allowed west bengal elections to be held amid covid wave and we all know the consequences.

The coronavirus cases went as high as 2,00,000,00 and Election Commission told Supreme Court that Covid Management is not their prerogative.

This time once again the third wave of coronavirus is on our head and a new more contagious variant of coronavirus has arrived that is Omicron and election commission is once again conducting the elections which should be immediately stopped for in-definive period until the covid situation improvises.

As per the recent statement of DG of WHO, considering the Omicron as mild virus would be one of the biggest mistake, it is almost 10 times more contagious and fast spreading virus and is also causing the deaths.

I would therefore like to humbly request you not to put the entire country under death threat for the sake of elections and stop these elections immediately indefinitely until the situation comes under control.

Add few more points to support my case

1. Uttar Pradesh has one of the largest population in India and is a very very large state with a huge human population, many people from uttar pradesh works in other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida for their job and profession. They might visit back to the state for voting during the election and have a very high chance of getting infected and spreading it to other states.

2. In the year 2021 during the second wave of pandemic, Uttar Pradesh Reported the maximum deaths due to covid, lack of hospitals, lack of doctors and lack of oxygen, similar situations also arise in delhi-ncr and maharashtra, the situation of healthcare infra might not have been improved so much within one year that such a big risk can be taken.

3. Recently Niti Ayog, One of the most prestigious autonomous department of India has also ranked Uttar Pradesh as one of the worst state in terms of Health Care Index.

Why Election Commission is taking so much big risk and putting crores of lives in threat knowing that such a big state with almost 20-25 crore population of India with one of the worst ranking state in terms of health care index by central government.

Its like putting 20-25 crore population on a explosion and waiting for the explosion to happen. Who would be held responsible.

I would immediately like to request election commission to put a complete stop on the elections as well as election campaigning.

With Warm Regards


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