Telangana Elections Commission Moves Madras High Court Over the Agitation of ‘Murder Charges.’ 2021

Political Rallies have exhibited their annihilation in the prudent interest of prioritizing the critical healthcare outbreak of Covid-19. The Elections Commission of India has been adhered to not compensate on the poll count but is neglecting the severe fragilities of the citizens. It appears to be bait, after all. The High Court has shown responsibility and the audacity to go against the inept political power and affirm its murder comments.

How did the long rowing tussle between the Election Commission and the High Court found its way brutality? Chief Justice Hima Kohli chaired the case and bombarded the approach adopted by the Telangana Election Commission to carry out the ULB polls condemning it to be the significant super spreader of the second wave across the state. While the Elections Commission’s arrogance in going ahead with the polls despite the High Court declaring an alarming emergency shows how much the politicians care about the well-being of its citizens.

According to the assertions made by the High Court, repetitive questions were asked of the State’s Election Commission on why it didn’t stall the elections for municipal corporations or postpone them at a future event amid the dire situation prevalent in the state. The Chief Justice’s proclamation of the Election Commission gets validated as incepting the election polls amid the worsening woes of the state over the past few weeks.

Despite constant efforts, the High Court’s plea went grueling as the SEC went and issued notification for elections. It postulated and held training programs for polling staff and deployed police personnel for controlling the elections. Is this not a sign of pure haughtiness when the Election Commission is threatening the lives of people serving the nation?

Madras high court: Elections Commission responsible for Covid-19 surge | Chennai News - Times of India

The Chief Justice, Hima Kohli,  acknowledged the synopsis and asked why the politicians have kept the post of Mayor of Hyderabad at bay for one and half years. The susceptible decision crept us when the Election Commission adhered to carry out the elections without the indispensable incorporation of the Mayor. She further allegedly agitated and said that whether the state’s politicians’ plan to wage war against Covid-19 is coming together. Why is the state being so adhered to carry out the elections by the scuff when almost every district across the state is reporting higher infections.

The argument that pops up while asserting the synopsis behind is whether the election commission, living in a bubble and squeaking the noise of blame to the citizens for the second wave. When the tide is getting grim, it is the statutory responsibility of the SEC to halt the elections elsewhere. All this while, the Chief Justice kept on questioning firmly about the prognosis adopted by SEC, and always is the case, the authorities kept on shifting the blame. How could it be justifiable to conduct the elections in masses when thousands are aching their final breath and trying to battle out the tough times.

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The responsive behavior of the Elections Commission is atrocious, and not many could understand the urge to file a court for secluding its image.

The longstanding war of words hit a meltdown today when the SEC requested the Madras High Court to rescind and ban the media from reporting oral observations. The news came days after the heavyweight criticism of the Election Commission for conducting out rallies, and also after the court’s sharp remarks on murder charges of politicians collusion in not stopping the rallies.

The rallies are getting deemed an eminent reason for the rising cases among the voters and the police professionals. It has turned into propaganda for the so-called ruling parties. It has also argued the stance of the allegations and asserted that there was nothing coherent to suggest that campaigning was the super spreader of the virus. The poll body has become a constitutional entity of serving blatant lies to the citizens, high court, and other prolific administrations. In a petition, the poll body confiscated a statement that condemned the approach of the journalists and the high court over its murder charges comment.

The SEC claimed it to be a conspicuous attempt to tarnish the image of the government. Somewhat the Election Commission has fabricated the way for its nemesis, and the agitation over the blame-game continues. It is become more crystal clear that they are hiding something beneath the shore. The Election Commission claims to be an institutional body for inheriting the responsibility for conducting elections in the country. How could we even consider it to be a responsible authoritative body when all it has been doing is disregarding the interests of the citizens for their greed and supremacy.

The hot-headed war commenced on Monday after a rebuke of harsh arguments between the Madras High Court and the State Election Commission. During one of the critical arguments of the case, the court commented,” Your institution is singularly responsible for the crippling crisis of COVID-19. Your officers should be penalized on murder charges probably…Were you on another motive or propoganda when the election rallies were held?”

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The revocation of the election commission was imminent as it was trying to bury the cracks in the dark so that their image does not get torment in face of the citizens and voters voluntarily supporting them along the way. It argued that why did the infections rise in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh.

The ascertained states have reported the highest spike in the second wave of Covid-19 even though there have no elections held. The condescending factor got put out during the arguments by the Election Commission, and it stated that law is one for all. And the High Court couldn’t hold them singularly responsible for the disastrous scenario of Covid-19 in Telangana.

India’s struggle against Covid-19 is capitulating global recognition, but what is the point when our politicians and the statutory bodies are showing no precinct of coping with the situation. Even if India gets equitable supplies from the rest of the world, then also there might be a question mark of shortage in amenities as the corrupt and arrogant protagonists of the law would deploy on selective pricing across their preferred states.

The Election Commission is the biggest draconian of the lot. Despite the plea of the citizens and media houses to stop the rallies, holding training programs amid Covid-19, and then stupendously declaring follow the protocols. How bizarre is the system claimed to be the hope of the nation in the troublesome moments that have tied their hand to escape from their responsibilities? The ethical behavior has trailed down fringes as the State Administration is also convoluted to continuing of rallies despite the Covid-19 protocols to rescind public gatherings at the brimming state of affairs.

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