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Coronavirus Alerts: 6 Days To For The End Of Lockdown 4.0: Politics During The Pandemic Is Not Favourable!

With the number of coronavirus cases increasing daily, the government is tensed about what will happen in the future but the government is still opening up the lockdown with various relaxations which are not being fruitful at all. During this whole time, one thing is for sure that the political parties are fighting constantly and nothing productive is coming out of it. We need to unite and fight the common enemy instead of indulging in all this mess.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the purpose of the lockdown has failed because of the relaxations which are being offered right now. India is the only country where the increase in the number of cases is exponential and relaxations are being offered during the lockdown. A separate commission for migrant labourers in Uttar Pradesh has been set up when the employment exchange already exists. Akhilesh Yadav has questioned the need for this commission. He has also said that there will be a lot of miss use of manpower and money because of this. Yogi Adityanath who is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has himself said that certain parties are trying to weaken the country’s fight against the common enemy. He said that when the country is moving ahead there are people who are playing politics. 

The lockdown was announced, rather than supporting this, the opposition parties were opposing it. both the sides of the government, the left and the right are fighting with each other. Meanwhile, the Kerala model has flourished and testing, contact tracing, food and water for migrants has been ensured by the Kerala government. 

The Congress wants to scrape off the Central Vista project and merging of the PM cares fund with the old fund that was available. At the same time, opposition party BJP took out the relief packages which are being criticised by many people. Both the parties are busy with their quarrels and they are not realising that the real fight is with the virus. India mess, people are being left out and are dying without any help. All this will have an adverse effect on the people of the country. It was seen earlier that the people did not wait for the judiciary to rule out the sentence instead people went on roads and started protesting. Mass movements have been there. It is possible that Coronavirus might be the one thing which will unite the people against the apathy of the government. 

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is constantly taunting the Centre chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has always made controversial statements. Ministers from rival parties like Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra are constantly in some issue with the Centre and this actually shows what unity in diversity means in our country! 

With the tiff happening in Uttar Pradesh and other states all over the country, it is safe to say that the Indian government has failed to create a democracy with civil relations. 

The parties are constantly pointing towards three areas. The first one is the need for greater testing to identify the infection. Even when the testing has been increased, the opposition has always pointed out regarding lack of testing kits.

The second reason is regarding the lack of personal protective equipment for health workers. The opposition has created a large amount of pressure on the government to deliver the PPE kits.

After all, this is the third point will be that the opposition has always pointed out the economic misery which has been caused due to the lockdown. In this, it must be noted that economic slowdown is not the process of just one month. The opposition also accounts for the government and if you look at the wider picture, it is the duty of everyone to handle the economic situation.

BJP leaders have accused the Congress party for playing petty politics during this situation. They have urged the opposition to play a responsible role and help the government in combating the virus. Amit Shah, the home minister has asked the people to think of national interest and stop misleading the youth. at the same time, the opposition has questioned the viability of resources with the government in power and has also questioned the treatment of the migrant workers.

The pandemic has proven to be a test for the government. All the parties in the country need to join hands and work together instead of pointing out flaws in one another. This is not the time for gaining publicity but it is the time for helping the needy. The essence of democracy will come out when no party will point out at the flaws but actually work towards them. 

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