NTA Website Went Down Immediately After The Declaration of Neet 2020 Results

The NTA website immediately went down at 4 PM as soon as the NEET 2020 results were declared.
Approx 16,00,000 students have registered for NEET 2020 this year and the results were expected today at 4 PM.
Inventiva Team called at the office of NTA in Noida and no one was available for any comments.
This is not the first time such thing has happened, as a matter of fact, this is a part of daily routine in Indian government departments.
You all might have faces issues and technical glitches in
Income Tax websites during tax filing
Ministry of Corporate Affairs during Annual Returns Filings and ROC Filings
CBSE Websites during the result declaration.
Indian Government provides crores of contracts for its website maintanance to private sector organizations and still the situation of IT infrastructure and technology in India is pathetic.
Long time back, Indian government also passed the orders for all the financial companies to locate their servers in India due to data privacy.
The quetion stands is if such companies will be able to survive if they locate their servers in India with such poor technology and infrastructure and what are the criteria for the Indian government to claim India as one of the most advance technological country.
Not just the websites even our countries defence systems also fails at the last moment. recently a news surfaced on the internet that India’s Nirbhay cruise missile test fails
The flight test of India’s homemade 1000-kilometer-range cruise missile failed Monday following technical problems. Defense scientists in India said the test failed within 8 minutes of the launch due to technical issues in the engine.
At 7:30 PM 16th October 2020, The NEET Website says The NEET (UG) – 2020 result will be available soon.

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You can even see the outcome of India’s Largest Digitization Project UIDAI – AADHAAR Card.
According to McKinsey Study Full cost of Aadhaar project is 60,000–70,000 crores, The project was started on 28 January 2009 and even today after 11 years, the aadhaar website do not work properly.
Taking out the aadhaar details from the aadhaar website is like winning another olympics.
Story to be updated.

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