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Prashant Mishra’s TechXR Innovations Private Limited has taken the AR/VR space to the next level

Very few individuals have the knack of doing something extraordinary which amazes the world, Prashant Mishra is one of them. This IIT Kanpur alumnus has broken all thresholds and raced ahead of all in the entrepreneurial sphere by achieving the impossible. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) was something that interested him as it was extremely effective in imparting Education, Training, Architecture, Tourism, Remote Collaboration, and Gaming. The toughest of concepts are made easy through 3D visualization and that’s what made him think about its possibilities. After spending a considerable amount of time on it, he developed the world’s most affordable controller to interact with AR/VR Space with 6 degrees of freedom, the patent of which was granted to him.

The controller had the power to do almost everything on a smartphone that one can do with an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift which could change the face of the industries associated with education, training, gaming, and democratization of 3D content generation. To take this further, Prashant roped in his nephews Shivang Mishra, Shashank Mishra, and Shubhanshu Shukla who were in the 3rd year of engineering, training them to develop content around his controller.
Sensing that his initiatives carried the potential to go further, he mentored TechXR Innovations Private Limited, floated by his nephews which aimed at making AR – VR affordable to the masses. Their participation in a 5G Hackathon conducted by the Department of Telecommunication India and Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, secured them a place amongst the top 30 innovators, which was a great achievement for him.

Soon after its inception, TechXR was considered in the top 10% of startups in the world by Y Combinator. Soon after, it took a batch of students from NIFT who were able to create AR-VR applications after 8 weeks / 2 months. Later RGPV University Bhopal in association with TechXR initiated an internship course which also received an overwhelming response. In January 2022 the company tied up with iHub @ IIT Roorkee and launched a paid course, the first batch of which starts on 15th February 2022. Prashant says that he wants to create the world’s largest XR developer community in India and is optimistic about hitting his target soon.

To know more about TechXR Innovations, connect to its Instagram:



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