Razer launches new $90 Mamba Elite gaming mouse

razer launches new 90 mamba elite gaming mouse
I was in the grocery store last night, and I already saw Halloween candy. Why am I telling you this? Because the calendar may say August, but retailers and product companies like Razer are getting ready for the fall. And that means it’s time to roll out new products so that they are on shelves and online stores when the gift-giving holidays arrive.
That’s where Razer’s refresh Mamba mouse comes in. The Mamba Elite is a complete update of that popular device, and it is shipping now for $90.
If you’re wondering what makes this Mamba so “Elite,” the big reason is that it uses Razer’s 5G Advanced Optical Sensor that is in the excellent DeathAdder Elite from 2016. Of course, like all mouse manufacturers, Razer sources its sensors from Pixart. But I can vouch for its performance and accuracy in real-world scenarios.
On top of the improved sensor, Razer is re-engineering the body of the Mamba to improve its ergonomics. It is also adding grippy side textures, its Omrom mechanical mouse switches, and enhanced Chroma lighting — all of which you will find on other Razer mice like the DeathAdder Elite, the Lancehead, or the Basilisk.
I am not in love with the last-generation Mamba. I find its shape uncomfortable, and I don’t feel as accurate with it as I am with the DeathAdder Elite or Logitech’s current mouse lineup. So I’m glad that Razer is doing an Elite version. I’m not sure if it’s worth $90 in a world where plenty of comparable alternatives are selling for $70.

Source: VentureBeat

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