BEWARE: These States And Cities May Go Under Lockdown Next, Check Rules!

India reported an unprecedented surge of 1,45,384 fresh coronavirus cases on Saturday, the highest single-day increase so far, and Mumbai has become one of the most affected states.

Some states have imposed night curfews and coronavirus restrictions, while others are considering strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of the second wave.

Maharashtra:- Decision On Lockdown In Next 2 Days

The state’s health department announced that Maharashtra witnessed a surge in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, with 63,294 infections recorded on Sunday, bringing the total to 3,407,245.

The state reported an increase of 7,883 from 55,411 Covid-19 cases on Saturday. The state also recorded 394 related deaths, bringing the death toll to 57,987. The case fatality rate is currently 1.79%.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray held an all-party meeting on Saturday to review the current coronavirus situation in the state. The source said that although a final decision has not been made on the lockdown, the state government is likely to call in the next two days.

The number of patients is growing so fast that if we don’t decide to lockdown today, then a similar lockdown situation will automatically happen tomorrow. 

Today, the situation is getting worse and worse. We have been thinking about COVID-19 taskforce experts in the state.

The CMO (Chief Minister’s Office) issued a statement that quoted him as saying: On the one hand, this is a kind of public opinion, but on the other hand, it is the outbreak of the coronavirus. In this case, if you want to win this battle, you have to go through some hardships.

In the backdrop of 263,137 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, the number of Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra has surged. 

The current number of active coronavirus cases in Maharashtra is 565,587. In the past 24 hours, the number of people who recovered in the state reached 2,782,161, while the number of people who recovered was 34,008. 

The department said that through the new 2,19,977 new tests, the total number of samples tested in Maharashtra has increased to 2,18,51,235 so far. The positive rate of cases in Maharashtra was 15.3%.

Mumbai reported 9,986 cases on Sunday, with a slight increase in the number of new cases. The Financial Center reports that 79 people have died in the past 24 hours.

The report said that currently, 30,41,080 people in the state are in-home quarantine, while the other 25,297 are still under institutional quarantine.

Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad, Mumbai, and Thane continue to be severely affected by coronavirus illness. These areas have the highest number of cases in the country.

On Saturday, the Mumbai division, composed of Mumbai and Satellite Towns, reported 18,241 new cases and 89 deaths. The total number reached 10,64,221 and the death toll was 21,028, as per the department. The Nasik division added 7,856 cases, of which 1,944 cases were in Nasik City.

The Pune division reported 11,749 cases of coronavirus infection, including 4925 cases in Pune City. Kolhapur district added 1,041 cases, Aurangabad district saw a surge in 2,190 cases, Latur district increased 4,593 cases, Akola district rose 1,369 cases, Nagpur division increased 8,373 cases, of which Nagpur City added 3,696 cases.

The center noted on Sunday that high-level teams deployed in 30 districts in Maharashtra reported that citizens were extremely reluctant to take appropriate measures for Covid-19.

The report also said that the number of cases in Aurangabad and Pune is increasing, and they are all facing problems related to hospitalization.

The Maharashtra government plans to implement a lockdown to stop the surge in cases. At a party-wide meeting held on Saturday, a consensus was reached regarding the lockdown.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray held another meeting with stakeholders on Sunday to study the situation in Maharashtra. The way the state works out the modalities of the lockdown; the decision on the lockdown period may be announced soon.

Delhi:- No Lockdown, But New Restrictions

Delhi reported the second-highest daily peak of coronavirus cases in the county on Saturday, which was also adversely affected. In the past 24 hours, a total of 7,897 cases of coronavirus in the national capital have tested positive, including 39 new deaths.

As per Saturday data, the total number of cases increased to 7,14,424, the total number of recoveries increased to 6,74,416, the total number of deaths increased to 11,236, and the number of active cases increased to 28,774.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ruled out the possibility of the lockdown, but he said that the new restrictions will soon be implemented in the national capital.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 10,000 new infections have been detected in Delhi for the first time.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warned on Sunday that if hospitals begin running out of Covid beds for rescue, the capital may have to be put under lockdown.

I’m not in favor of lockdown. I don’t think lockdown is the solution to corona. [But] any government should take such measures when the hospital structure collapses.

 The Chief Minister stated: Through the lockdown, the speed of disease transmission is reduced… If you (citizens) cooperate and if the hospital facilities are under control, we don’t have to implement a lockdown in Delhi. 

He appended: However if the number of beds in the hospital starts to be short, we may have to implement a lockdown. I do not recommend the lockdown. I only need your cooperation.

Kejriwal called on people to stay at home as much as possible. Last Sunday, Delhi reported 10774 new cases, including 48 deaths. So far, Delhi has reported nearly 60,000 new cases in April.

Of the 11,728 hospital beds reserved for the patients suffering due to coronavirus in Delhi, there are currently 5363 vacant beds. 

Of the 1,153 breathing machines, only 307 are available. The Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi Government Burari Hospital, AIIMS Trauma Center, Northern Railway Hospital, and Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital have run out of breathing machines (ventilator beds) in government hospitals.

78 private hospitals are equipped with breathing machines for Covid patients; 45 of these hospitals have no vacancies.

Kejriwal urges people with mild or asymptomatic to avoid hospitalization so that severely ill patients can be admitted.

Only when you really need it, you can use the hospital’s facilities. If everyone starts running to the hospital, we will lack beds, ventilators, and intensive care units (ICU).

Make beds available only for critically ill patients. If you have no symptoms or have mild symptoms, and you go to the hospital and occupy a bed, even if you can receive treatment at home, the severe patient will not be able to get treatment. He may also die, the chief minister said.

Delhi’s ongoing fourth wave of infections has spread much faster than previous waves. Kejriwal said that 65% of people who are sick are under 45 years of age.

The Chief Minister earlier wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to remove the age limit for taking the vaccine shots. He emphasized that all adults must be vaccinated quickly, and said that if everyone can be vaccinated, it can be carried out a door-to-door campaign. The door-to-door campaign ensures universal vaccination within 2-3 months.

On Sunday, the first day of the “Teeka Utsav” mass vaccination campaign, more than 1,00,000 people received their first shots in the city. Special camps are held in places such as NCERT and Le Meridien, and even at some bus stops.

We now have a vaccine for coronavirus illness. Despite this, it is spreading so quickly. To prevent this, we should vaccinate citizens at a faster rate. We could have controlled it.

The current vaccination speed is very low. I have repeatedly asked the central government to write a letter to them and another letter wrote to the prime minister, saying that all restrictions on the vaccination process must be lifted. The Delhi government is ready to go to every house and do people get vaccinated, CM Kejriwal said.

Gujarat:- No Lockdown

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said on Saturday that despite the increase in positive coronavirus cases, the Gujarat government does not recommend the lockdown in the state considering the impact on the poor. However, he welcomes the voluntary closure of villages or market associations in cities at the local level.

Considering the problems faced by the poor, the state government is unwilling to impose a lockdown in the state. When asked whether the government was considering clamping a lockdown in view of the soaring cases, Rupani said: ‘We have implemented a curfew of 10 hours a day to limit unnecessary movement of people’.

He spoke to reporters after reporting 20 new “Dhanvantari” vans, which will be tested for coronavirus in public places and make treatment recommendations.

The Chief Minister said: If any market association implements a lockdown at the local level or if any village is taking such measures, it is welcome to do so. With the increase in cases, many market organizations, villages, and housing associations in Gujarat declared lockdowns in their respective regions.

The Sola road market organization in Ahmedabad also decided to enforce a lockdown on Saturday and Sunday to break the chain of transmission.

In the city of Palanpur, people also observed the “Janta” curfew lasted for two days, but some merchants still opened their shops.

According to data from the State Health Department, Gujarat added 4,541 fresh coronavirus cases last Friday, bringing the total to 3,37,015. At the same time, CM denies reports that the state government has concealed real data on the number of deaths caused by coronavirus infection.

Madhya Pradesh:- Under Lockdown

Ahmedabad gujarat covid coronavirus lockdown

The streets and markets of most cities in Madhya Pradesh appear deserted on Saturday, and there are no special activities on weekends because the 60-hour lockdown was beginning to show its effect. The lockdown took effect at 6 pm on Friday.

Among these places, Katni, Ratlam, Betul, Khargone, and Chindwara divisions, bordering Maharashtra, have seen a surge in infection rates in the past few days.

Betul and Ratlam will be confined for 9 days, while it will be from Friday to the morning of April 16, in Chhindwara, close to Nagpur, the largest city in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

Officials said the lockdown will take effect in Katni and Khargone starting from Friday night for a period of seven days. However, officials pointed out that Damoh is still “open” for election campaigning; thanks to Assembly by-poll at the conference scheduled to be held on April 17.

Assam: No Lockdown or Night Curfew

Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma ruled out any possibility of imposing a lockdown or night curfew in the state on Thursday because of the spiral of coronavirus cases in other parts of the country. He said the government has planned to increase the number of daily sample tests to 1,00,000 in the next seven days.

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It is impossible to impose a night curfew or lockdown in Assam. Our strategy is to focus on three Ts-testing, tracking, and tracing to control the spread of the disease. Sarma told reporters: 35,000 tests will be conducted on Saturday, and this number will gradually rise to 1,00,000 times a day within a week.

As of Wednesday, the state has tested 73,32,581 samples for coronavirus. In the context of the rapid increase in coronavirus cases across the country, many states have begun to implement lockdowns and night curfews to curb the spread of infection.

A year later, we have already seen the second wave of infections, and preventive measures need to be taken. Starting from Saturday, testing for COVID-19 will be strengthened so that we can safely celebrate Bihu (from mid-April), he said. Sarma stated that standard work (operating procedure) will be issued to celebrate the Rongali Bihu Festival program.

He stated: All passengers traveling from Maharashtra and Karnataka will be tested for COVID-19 compulsorily when they arrive in Assam, even if they have undergone such a test in both states. 

The minister urged people to follow health and safety procedures and to conduct self-tests when they develop symptoms of coronavirus.

He also called on people over 45 to join the vaccination campaign. Assam reported 196 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in the state to 2,19,028.

According to an announcement issued by the NHM (National Health Mission) on April 7, there are 848 active cases in the northeastern state, and 2,15,723 people have recovered from the disease. The state’s COVID-19 mortality toll is 1,112.

On Saturday, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country surged to 1,32,05,0927, which was the fourth consecutive day, with more than 1,00,000 reported cases in a single day. In the past 24 hours, a total of 795 deaths were reported.


The Uttar Pradesh government announced new restrictions on Sunday due to a surge in COVID-19 cases and imposing night curfews in various regions and schools have closed now until April 30.

At a meeting chaired by the CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, it was also decided to conduct at least 1,00,000 RT-PCR tests every day to identify people who have contracted the fatal diseases. According to the order, those areas that report more than 100 or 500 active cases a day will be placed under night curfew.

Prior to this, the government had delegated the power of curfew to the magistrates. Many places including the state capital Lucknow and other regions such as Varanasi, Prayagraj, and Kanpur are already under curfew.

After yesterday’s review meeting, the government announced measures to restrict gatherings of five or more people in religious places during the upcoming Navratri and Ramzan festivals to effectively control the Covid pandemic.

The auspicious nine nights festival, Navratri, celebrated by Hindus, and Ramzan, the most anticipated time of the year for Muslims, will both begin on April 13. However, the date of Ramzan depends on the appearance of the crescent moon locally.

Uttar Pradesh added 12,788 new cases on Saturday, bringing the number of infections in the state to 6,76,740.

According to state government data, the state capital Lucknow reported 4,059 coronavirus cases, followed by Allahabad at 1,460, Varanasi at 983, and Kanpur at 706. 

The state also reported 48 fresh deaths during this period, bringing the total number of deaths to 9,086.

The state statement asserted in the statement that the number of active coronavirus cases in the state stands at 58,802.

Bangalore:- With the surge in cases in the city, experts are in favor of a weekend lockdown in Bangalore

969383 967644 bangalore lockdown

More than 7,510 coronavirus cases were reported in Bangalore’s urban area a day, some members of the Government’s TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) supported lockdown on weekends and rest in between to curb the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases.

This proposal followed closely the recommendations of the Maharashtra State Task Force, which recommended the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to impose a lockdown for one or two weeks.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education of Karnataka, K Sudhakar, held an extensive meeting with members of the TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) and listened to their opinions. Some experts asserted that by the beginning of May, the number of daily cases may increase to 30,000 and gradually decrease at the end of May.

They said that in order to limit the further surge in coronavirus cases, the government will have to prevent various gatherings and disrupt the chain of infection. Some of them stated that the government can take some measures to impose restrictions and respond to the situation without harming the economy.

Officials and experts also addressed the potential shortage of beds in Bangalore. They figured that they will need about 10,000 beds, and private hospitals will have to help at least 40% of the beds if needed.

Members recommended that the government increase its vigilance on interstate borders and screen passengers coming from states with a high caseload of coronavirus cases.

Sudhakar gave a briefing to the media after the meeting and asked the task force members to put forward their suggestions in writing. He will forward the suggestions to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa and also have a discussion with him. He said that the Chief Minister will take the final decision.

The minister said that Karnataka has so far received 7.2 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. People have been given about 6.1 million doses, of which 53% of the recipients are women.


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