Top 20 Free Promoting Websites for Businesses in India 2022

Do you think, like everyone else, “nothing is good for free”? This statement may be true in some situations, but not when promoting your business online for free. Your business needs customers to grow and survive. To attract customers, you need to promote your business well-planned.

In those days, companies used postcards, pamphlets, and leaflets to promote their businesses, but the possibilities were endless. As the internet has developed, you have many options, and thanks to accessible business advertising sites, you can promote your business without charging you anything. 20 ways to promoting your business on the internet for free.

Let’s take a quick look at some websites that can help you increase your brand awareness without paying. 


Top 20 Free Promoting Websites for Businesses

what do you do if google my business doesn't understand your business?

 1) Google My Business 

They offer free local advertising, one of the most important places to promote your business online. This is a simple list of Google search results and even Google Maps. The main advantage listed here is that there can be nearly 8 billion searches per day. The best part is that you can register your phone number and physical location in the smartphone app so that users can quickly contact you. Google My Business helps improve SEO, tell potential customers more about your business, and generate rich search results.  


twitter reportedly working on 'undo tweet' feature for paid subscribers | technology news,the indian express

2) Twitter

One of the essential things to keep in mind about Twitter is to watch what you post on this platform. It has many users who are very attractive to access and are great for establishing someone as a leader in thinking. Twitter has grown significantly over the last few years, and we shouldn’t ignore this platform for marketing our business.

Many college students, business people, politicians, and celebrities use Twitter. Therefore, if you post an ad here and people love your business, you will get retweets, followers, shares and fame. Twitter has more than 350 million active users. Therefore, you have a vast audience to reach.


how to claim your business on bing places and why you should

3) Bing Places for business

This accessible business advertising platform is the Microsoft platform, the Bing version of Google’s local business services. Easily add multiple store locations, photos, videos and more. Platforms like this are unique because they connect to another part of the internet-based market and aren’t as popular as Google, making it easier to rank and stand out for your business in search results. Moreover, it is effortless to set up a profile using them. All you have to do is create your profile and verify your company. Once this is done, you can start promoting your business. 


youtube is a $15 billion-a-year business, google reveals for the first time - the verge

4) YouTube 

The internet is an excellent channel for promoting your business for free. Promoting your content on YouTube is great, but you should also think of other methods. More than half of YouTube searches are by “how-to”, so you can create how-to related videos about products and services. Include your website link or email address in the description so that interested users can contact you. It gives free awareness of your product or service to the people.

YouTube is used by over 1.3 billion people every day, and about 5 billion videos are watched every day. Therefore, you can imagine the potential of this platform. Therefore, please do not ignore this platform to promote your business, as it can bring you many customers. 


event recap: linkedin tactics for b2b marketing teams - blog i milk video

5) LinkedIn 

Almost every professional and reputable company has a profile on LinkedIn. Hosting your blog on this platform will help you streamline your blog to a B2B-focused LinkedIn presence. Over 500 million users belong to this network. LinkedIn acts as a platform for people to search for jobs, vendors, and partners.

It can be one of the best free ways to promote your business as it can help you connect with potential employees and clients. If you’re a freelancer, we recommend you try LinkedIn Pro Finder. Start with the free version first. You can upgrade later if you like the service. In addition, it helps to get leads from organizations looking to hire independent contractors. 


what is quora & why should you care?

6) Quora 

You’ve probably heard about Quora many times. This is a question and answer site, and it’s a forum-like platform that can also draw attention to you and your business. To increase your name and brand awareness, you need to step into this vast and diverse audience. Quora users can limit ads directly. It would help if you built a strong network and credibility to create long-term opportunities to drive certain types of business. When promoting your product on Quora, keep in mind that removing links in conversations is not allowed and gives a wrong impression. 

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digg - youtube

7) Digg 

This news aggregation website usually contains articles from well-known media outlets. Therefore, it can be not easy to display the content on the first page. Works with the voting system. For example, if a user likes content, they can vote and vice versa. Therefore, the ranking will change immediately. Organizations with successful blogging can share posts to Digg to gain external traffic. Millions of people are using this platform. Make use of this by promoting your product here. But before you can link to Digg, you need to develop a solid content marketing strategy that will help you get the attention of your content.


55 ways to advertise your business for free on the internet - moneymint

8) Town planner 

It’s one of the best free ways to advertise your business, especially in smaller towns and communities. It serves as an aggregated calendar for events, news, holidays, and all kinds of other promotions. This platform is not available in all cities. However, if your business is connected to the people who use it,  this platform can be a great way to share information and advertise your business.  


merchantcircle logo - logodix

 9) MerchantCircle 

This is another free network focused on small businesses looking to connect with local customers and other local small businesses. Local businesses can use this tool to promote their businesses. As a small business partner, you should not miss this opportunity to showcase your business since it has over 100 million potential customers. To help you grow your business, MerchantCircle boosts your listings, publishes business blogs, and offers a variety of free marketing tools like expanding digital footprint, SEO support, and more. You can also register your online store and use the platform to its fullest potential. : online b2b yellow pages, b2b yellowpages in kolkata, kolkata industrial directory, business to business, kolkata, calcutta yellow pages, eastern india yellow pages, west bengal industry,, kolkata manufacturers, kolkata ...

 10) Yellow Pages 

It’s a neatly organized version of the very yellow pages your grandparents used to flip through to find what they needed. Yellow Page is a reputable organization that was a top business directory a few years ago. You can list it for free on it, and they also have premium options if you want to expand or opt for more advanced features. You will be surprised to know that Yellow Pages get more than 70 million visitors in related listings each year. All you have to do is follow their simple registry to place your ad, and you’re done.  


facebook business suite combines pages, instagram, & messenger tools

11) Facebook 

Who doesn’t know this platform? This is one of the best platforms to advertise your business and get good feedback. You can do this easily by placing promotional offers or banners of new services as your Facebook cover photo or profile picture. Facebook provides users with many tools to promote websites and posts.

Be sure to select the correct category on Facebook for your business and input all pertinent information about your business, especially in the “About” section. You will appear professional and knowledgeable with this. You can start with the free version and upgrade to the paid versions if you get good feedback. 


yext logos

12) Mapquest / Yext 

Mapquest recently partnered with Yext to expand its services by adding your business address, phone number, and business location. You may not know that Mapquest was a user mapping platform before Google Maps was created. Its functionality is similar to Google Maps, but the main difference is that it focuses more on exploration than finding directions. Mapquest is a great platform to add your website to because it’s always visible to Google Maps and many people use it.  


instagram introduces new tools that will help protect teens on the platform

13) Instagram 

Yet another trending platform among youth, you can’t miss going public here as you can connect with millions of potential customers and clients. On Instagram, you can share photos, videos, and music, and its apps are available on iOS, Windows, and Android. You can connect with over a billion people through Instagram, and it’s the perfect platform to give people insight into what you do and offer. It may not be successful for all types of businesses, but having an Instagram presence is advisable to dominate the market for years to come. 


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how to create a free listing on citysearch (5 easy steps)

14) City Search 

Restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, and other businesses should use this platform. They are partners of various well-known brands such as Expedia, MerchantCircle and Urbanspoon. They also have an app, and you can access the list using it. The good part about this site is that they have put together a list of companies that internet users more search, and these are the places in the “Best” tab of the 20 listings. To get started with Citysearch, you need to register your business and location. Once registered, you can post ads there.  


apple maps is looking better than ever, but it still has a long way to go - the verge

15) Apple Maps

The website is a great way to promote your business for free on the internet. It is similar to Google Maps and could be a significant competitor in the coming years. All iOS devices come preinstalled with Apple Maps, and it reportedly receives more than 5 billion requests in a week. This means that if you’re not promoting your product here, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. 

Here, advertising means gaining market share from Apple users, and you can create a strategy on how to promote it better so that more and more people see your ad and contact you. You must have a free Apple ID if you want to list your business on Apple Maps. 


5 bright ideas for promoting travel and tourism companies online - fliphtml5

16) Manta

It connects small businesses to its potential market using online tools like Google Ads and SEO. Manta is a small business directory and a great place to promote your business, especially if you have a small business in the US. The point is that you won’t find a better directory than this one because it gets millions of visitors every month, so promoting here can get you some pretty good results if given the go-ahead. It was done correctly, and people love to use it because Manta gives organizations a specific industry classification that makes the site easy to navigate.


screencloud vimeo app guide - screencloud

17) Vimeo 

 The platform allows users to create and share video content like YouTube and Dailymotion. You can use this platform to make your business and website popular as their primary purpose is to make money from video products. Vimeo was the first platform to support HD video, which made it famous, and brands still use it today. You can advertise on Vimeo for free, but it costs money to operate the monetization tools so that you can choose them based on your business needs. Moreover, you can do various things on Vimeo like create trailers, company presentations, product demos, etc. 


the ultimate guide to chatbots in business

18) Yellow robot 

 It is more or less similar to Yellow Pages in subscriptions, but one of the main differences is that it includes customer reviews and various advanced options for those who choose the paid version. Registering with them is straightforward, as their registration process is straightforward. They’ve connected their subscription to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Windows Live, so signing up should take less than a minute. Start advertising immediately after signing up.


difference between public administration and business administration pdf

 19) SearchMe4 

 It is also a directory, but it is based in the UK. It connects businesses with desired customers and can also find local businesses. You can sign up with them for free, which means anyone can add your business to SearchMe4 in just a few minutes. This site gets relatively little traffic as it is a UK based directory, but it could be ideal for you to contact people in the UK. 


better business bureau (bbb) - earn living online

 20)  Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

 Many people think of the platform as a place to register complaints about scams, poor customer service, and bad business practices, but there is a more positive side. It helps promote accredited businesses and provides a category segmented by business type and location for registered and certified companies. So all reputable brands and companies are registered on this platform as it is one of the oldest business review platforms. But there is a downside that it only supports a few countries like the US, Canada and Mexico, so if you want to reach an audience there, it can be a perfect platform to advertise a product or service. 


The importance of Promoting business 

the simple guide to business promotion - jemully medi

Businesses use advertising to achieve various purposes, and businesses place these advertisements in a variety of media. In addition to advertising products in traditional venues such as newspapers and magazines of general interest, companies also advertise in media that reach specific markets. For example, a wearable communication device advertised on a social networking site goes to young customers. Home furnishings and decor are advertised in the Home & Garden Show guide. Effectively created ads help achieve business goals. 

  • Product presentation and identification 
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When a company launches a new product, advertising makes the product known to a broad market. The ads often focus on the product’s solution to a common problem, such as the new cell phone’s ability to solve the “dropped calls” problem. In a very visual example, ads for a frizz product might show “before and after” photos to illustrate the product’s effectiveness. 

  • Product sale events 

The advertising industry is an effective method of informing the public about limited-time product sale events. Sales-based ads can be created by local stores or come from the product’s national manufacturer. The national manufacturer shares advertising costs with the local retailer in many cases. This type of advertising is known as collaborative advertising and typically uses graphics and advertising templates provided by manufacturers. The name of the local retailer appears as the point of sale for the local product. 

  • Product differentiation from competitors 

Companies frequently use advertising to show how their products are more beneficial or more effective than similar competitors’ products. In some cases, retailers find it necessary to advertise because competition covers newspapers or television with their ads. Unless other retailers in the market actively promote their products, they will be easily overlooked in the minds of consumers. 

  • Product breakthroughs and advancements 

Advertising is used to convey impressive product breakthroughs. In September 2003, “Advertising Age” described a long history of “soap wars”, in which soap manufacturers advertised their respective products. In 1980, a product breakthrough occurred with introducing the first liquid hand soap. This refillable soap solved the messy sink residue problem. A national brand purchased this water soap product, and competing water soap products also appeared. 

  • Organize advertising to promote a good image 

When a company communicates information about its operations or illustrates why its products are the best choice for consumers, it uses organized advertising. Sales expert Zig Ziglar notes that this ad is not designed to increase sales but is structured to promote a good company or product image. This awareness will hopefully translate into future sales. Ziglar points out that even if consumers don’t buy the product now, the company will still keep its name in front of the consumer market.



12 best marketing and advertising tips to promote local businesses

Today, advertising plays an even more critical role than before. It is a highly insightful tool that can manipulate or influence the success of a product or business. It can significantly widen the demand curve or, if misapplied, do the exact opposite.

By disseminating information, advertising creates this link between the product and the consumer by filling this knowledge gap; A gap exists between familiarity and not. However, it isn’t easy to quantify precisely how and what impact advertising does; it is believed that advertising creates this relationship, which ultimately affects the economic success of that particular product. And thus, ultimately affecting the future identity of the brand. 

An aspiring Manager must be aware of the market in his company and its products operate. As evidenced by our research, advertising can be used as a strategic lever to grow, maintain (and in some cases reduce demand) if it is applied correctly. 

The context of when and when not to advertise is not just about product maturity but how an advertising campaign’s size, environment, and timing can affect the company and branch. Advertising is generally a vehicle for establishing or re-establishing market share; it can also increase the market’s overall size, resulting in added value for all businesses.

In some cases, advertising can change the market conditions that a company is experiencing by creating a monopoly out of perfect competition or disrupting a monopoly by replacing it. Change the perception of value. 

At the corporate level, a marketing function must ensure that the marginal cost caused by increased marketing activity is less than the campaign’s marginal profit to ensure excess returns. While this can be difficult to determine at any given time, there is a wealth of empirical evidence available both inside and outside the company to better understand the relationship between the two. 

However, caution when analyzing advertising economics is that advertising and economics have significant lags between when theoretical models predict and what happens in practice. Both subjects had problems finding relevant experimental data for theory and practical applications. Combining these two themes means that there is considerable potential for planned actions to produce undesirable results when performed in the real world.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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