What Trends Will Impact Online Gaming Going into 2021?

What Trends Will Impact Online Gaming Going into 2021?

Online gaming has seen a growth unlike many other industries, and which is expected to continue into 2021 and beyond.

Experts have carefully monitored the online gaming industry to reflect audience’s interests. What can we expect to see more of in the industry, and what trends will dominate?

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Continued Mobile Growth

One of the biggest changes to the online gaming industry in the future will be the continued expansion of mobile gaming.

This helps to increase the potential audience, due to the prevalence of smartphones and the ease with which people can begin gaming on them. The more people want to engage with mobile devices, the more developers will create content and games that fit this style of gameplay.
Previous trends, such as battle royale games like Fortnite, helped bring mobile gaming to the fore as they proved that the same gaming experience could be achieved on mobile as it could on desktop.

People were able to use what they had to game with and not have to purchase any expensive hardware.  

Indian Gaming: 10 Trends That Show Online Gaming Is Booming In India

Across the board in online gaming, there is a growing appetite for mobile play. The trajectory of mobile gaming in the future can be exemplified by the options for online casino in India, with sites making a concerted effort to show customers that there are mobile options to allow the same gameplay.

The emphasis on the mobile nature of the casino games shows that mobile is becoming a preferential mode of gaming.

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Rise in eSports

eSports has been slowly building itself into a sector of the industry that is primed to give more legitimacy to gaming and those who want to turn it into a professional career.

Part of the reason that eSports will grow is due to the presence of the industry and its players. Key performers have managed to develop huge followings on social media and Twitch.

They are paid large sums of money and many have stories of rising through the ranks due to their hard work and gaming prowess – like the most influential sports people tend to.
The ability for anyone to stream their games and break out onto the world’s eSports stage means that the industry is highly competitive and the barriers for entry are low enough to cultivate a huge following.

Gaming trends in 2021 – what to look out for

For Q2 in 2019, around 2.72 billion hours were streamed on Twitch. These streams don’t just focus on eSports and competitive play, however. Many provide commentary, tutorials, or even just play for fun.

The future will see eSports continue its domination of the way we consume games. The more people who stream, the more likely the industry is to have games made for streaming purposes.  

The online gaming industry reflects the trends brought about by what audiences want. But it also helps shape what people are interested in and what they can do with the industry.

Indian Gaming: 10 Trends That Show Online Gaming Is Booming In India

The continued growth for mobile gaming will shape what kinds of games are made, and how people are able to engage on mobiles. The rise in eSports will also influence the kinds of games which will be developed. 

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