For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

These are some of the finest words that have come from the pen of an eternal writer, T.S. Eliot. The world has known the excellence that he had created and immortal works that he has left behind. The purpose of proposing this quote at the very beginning is of quite consequence and plausibility for it will only be glorified by the story that will shortly unfold. The quote is a befitting description to spread the way for another legacy in the making- Mad Over Print Pvt. Ltd.
Mad Over Print is a name that most of us are accustomed with; and those of you who are not, it’s time to watch out for it is going to be on the top of the charts soon enough. Diverting away from their B2B range of online and offline advertising and marketing, MOP (as it fondly called by those associated with it) has launched their very own e-commerce website which has brought their quirky and innovative creations at the touch of your fingertips.
In the world of uncertainly and risk, MOP has hands down been the flag bearer of what we call the start-up world. In the times, when according to the statistics, 8 out of 10 companies are struggling to survive, MOP is standing with its head held high having more than 40 renowned companies under its clientele umbrella and recognized under the Start-up India act of Government of India. After all of this is done and dusted, MOP is now set to step foot and conquer another conspicuous dimension of their offerings. MOP website is all about the designs and patterns that we pin at Pinterest but it comes with the goodness of bringing that stuff within our reach, delivered at our doorstep.
Talking of the new e-commerce website , it is drafted from the scratch keeping in perspective the user friendly designing of the site teamed up with the finest of the graphics which not only appeal to the eyes of the spectators but also adds up to their shopping experience on the site. Going for the line of products, it would be suffice to say that MOP covers all the genres of the products for a variety of viewers so whether you a cartoon loving teenage or an office going engineer or even an art admiring mother of two, they have got something for each and every one of you. They have got things like coasters, mugs, magnets, posters, notepads and many more and going as per their out shining track record, we are sure to say that they will keep on adding new stuff to amaze us with every single day.
As a mark of another milestone, the CEO and Director of MOP himself expressed the array of emotions that he feels standing at the highest pedestal of his career graph. He says, “On the behalf of the entire MOP Team, it gives me immense pleasure and pride to announce the launch of our very own e-commerce website which will broaden our horizons and would assist us in connecting to the masses, to the ultimate consumer. It has taken months of planning and execution on the part of the back end team and vigorous effort put in by everyone at MOP to make this dream become real. We assure you that our products will satisfy the quirky nerd in all of us and you’ll keep coming back for more. We have worked hard up till this point and we would work equally hard in the times to come to make our place and we are full of nothing but excitement for the start of this new venture.”
The start of everything new is always switched around a lot of perseverance, dedication and passion topped with the stroke of luck and a huge leap of faith for it is like we are entering an unknown zone with no light to guide us, just our instincts and experience. As a token of good luck and best wishes, we all convey our heartfelt compliments to the entire MOP Team for this new journey and here’s to hoping that it brings them big dreams, bigger fame and biggest success! Here, it would be suffice to say that the team has proven the words of Edward Hale right in every strand: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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