Biggest Bitcoin (BTC) Holders’ Countries

Crypto owners in the United States are the biggest holders of Bitcoin. It’s not surprising that the United States is the biggest holder of Bitcoin. According to data, a cryptocurrency analysis firm, the U.S. has nearly 22 percent of all bitcoin addresses. The U.K., on the other hand, holds about 10 percent of all bitcoin addresses. Check out how you can earn good money with bitcoin in 2022 .

Canada, Germany, and Russia hold between 200k and 500k bitcoin addresses each. However, given their population sizes relative to those countries with larger holdings. Such as Japan or South Korea, those numbers could be higher if more people were using crypto in these nations.

There are more Bitcoin addresses from the U.S. than any other country globally, with over 22% of all public Bitcoin addresses, 2.7 million addresses calling America home. The rest of the top five countries with the most Bitcoin owners are China, South Korea, Canada, and Australia.

Biggest bitcoin holder countries

The United States is also home to three of the top four exchanges. Such as coinbase , Kraken , binance and Poloniex.The United Kingdom comes in second with 806k addresses, which adds up to around 10% of the total number of all BTC addresses worldwide.

When you add up all of these countries’ public BTC addresses, you get more than 85% of all Bitcoin holders worldwide. If you’re interested in finding out which countries have the most bitcoin addresses, there’s a simple way. You can look at the number of public Bitcoin addresses by country and see what comes up.

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America owns the biggest share of the world’s cryptocurrency. The U.S. holds 19 percent of bitcoin in circulation, while China owns 18 percent and Nigeria has 15 percent. Russia and Canada hold 14 percent each, while Germany and Italy own 13 percent and 12 percent.

Nigeria is the biggest bitcoin (BTC) holder.

Nigeria is the biggest bitcoin holder with more than $3 billion worth of bitcoin. Nigeria has a lot of bitcoin users, exchanges, and miners. The country also has a lot of investors who invest their money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Most people from Nigeria are familiar with cryptocurrencies, and they use them daily for their transactions.

Nigeria has been at the front line in technology adoption ever since mobile phones were introduced into its market. Nigerians have consistently embraced new technologies faster than any other country on earth. So many Nigerians are interested in Bitcoin because it’s such an innovative technology that can change our lives forever!

Venezuela and Kenya

The first country on this list is Venezuela. The country has been going through an economic crisis for a long time now, and the people have been struggling to find ways to cope with the situation. One way that they have found is through cryptocurrency, which has proven to be a reliable investment in times of uncertainty.

The second country on this list is Kenya, which has been making headlines lately due to its new cryptocurrency regulations and being dubbed a “blockchain island” by some experts. The data from BitInfoCharts shows that the leader in Vietnam, with 5,781,778 BTC or 0,895% of all Bitcoins in circulation. Following it are Russia and China, respectively, with 0,726% and 0,620%. These are the three biggest Bitcoin holders countries, according to statistics.


Russia is second on the list with 4 million BTC. In 2017, Russian authorities already started considering Bitcoin as a legitimate payment solution for online purchases. At least, this was what Dmitry Marinichev thought back then. Mr. Marinichev is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor for Internet issues.

And he has been developing a national cryptocurrency called CryptoRuble for a while now. The development of this new digital coin is happening behind closed doors, but some unexpected delays are affecting the project.

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Final Words

As you might expect, the U.S. is home to the most Bitcoin addresses globally, with nearly 8 million registered. The U.S., however, has about 27% of all bitcoin addresses worldwide, or around 4 million. Other countries in this top 10 list include Australia, France, China, Italy, Sweden, and Vietnam all of which have over 100k public BTC addresses.

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