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IEC: Your First Step Towards an Export Journey

IEC: Your First Step Towards an Export Journey

IEC: Your First Step Towards An Export Journey - Inventiva

An Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is a necessary code identifying numbers that must be used when exporting from or importing into India. When officially excluded, no individual may import or export before even getting an IEC. IEC also isn’t required for terms of exports unless the internet provider is getting welfare underneath the Foreign Trade Policy.

Everyone who wants to set up an import/export firm in the nation will need an IEC. IEC is a number assigned code that is valid for a period. The DGFT is the one who issues it. Generally, importers merchants neither purchase products without IEC nor do the exporters sell without IEC. To make use of DGFT incentives, you need to have IEC.

IEC (Import/Export Code) Certification Procedures

Form of Submission: To begin, create a registration form in the suitable form – Transition from the old Niryaat Form ANF-2A – and submit it to the appropriate DGFT Regional centre.

Documents: Furthermore, you must collect the appropriate documentation for your identification and government body, as well as an email location with personal bank account information and an ANF2A certification.Export Business in India: Investment, How To Start

Submitting an application

  • After you’ve finished your applications, you’ll need to submit them to DGFT through DSC (Digital Certificates Certified) and submit the IEC Registering charge.
  • Ultimately, you will obtain hard copies of the IEC Code again from authorities if your registration is granted.
  • Documents needed to register for an IEC (Import Export Code)
  • The necessary is the requirements for IEC Code Enrollment:
  • A duplicate of a person’s PAN card, a company’s PAN card, or an industry’s PAN card.
  • Voter id, Aadhar card, or passport copy of a person.
  • Cancellation cheque copies of checking account balances by consumers, companies, or firms.
  • Certificate of the premises or a duplicate of the signed contract or a document of the electricity costs
  • A personality envelope for registered postal service of the IEC certification.

When isn’t an Export-Import Code (EIC) Required?

But per the administration’s most recent advisory, IEC is not required for all GST-registered businesses. In most of these circumstances, the dealer’s PAN will be interpreted as a unique IEC code for exports and imports purposes. If the exported or imported products are for private use, not really for business reasons, an Import Export Code (IEC) is unnecessary. Informed Educational Companies don’t require an Import Export Code for export/import done through Government of India Agencies and Organizations.

Advantages of IEC  

Business Expansion: IEC may help you expand your business by bringing your services or products to a worldwide market.

No filing of returns: You need not file any returns for the IEC. There is no obligation to file any returns with the DGFT for export transactions.

Taking Advantage of a Variety: Based on their IEC registration, the companies might receive many incentives for their DGFT, Export Development Council, Immigration, and many others import/export.

No need to renew your license: IEC is effective for the duration of an individual’s existence, and you need not renew it. You can apply it to all your import and export transactions of an entity. IEC registration is required by a person for exporting or importing goods.  | Coding, Online coding, Export

Processing is simple: Getting an IEC from the DGFT within 10 to 15 days of applying is pretty simple. It is unnecessary to submit to acquire an IEC; you must provide any export or import documentation.

Is an IEC Necessary for Every Import-Export Situation?

  • Again for export and import of products and services, there are some exceptions at which an IEC Code is not necessary. These are some of them:
  • For products delivered and/or obtained for individual usage, an IEC Code is not necessary for importation and exportation. Namely, such items aren’t related to commerce, manufacturing, or agriculture.
  • An IEC Code is not necessary if the administration or government departments and agencies and certain designated charity institutions participate in exporting or importing materials.

Situations in Which IEC Is Necessary?

  • The customs officials need it when an importer clears his cargo via customs.
  • The bank requires it whenever an exporter receives money from foreign currencies in his checking account right away.
  • The customs port needs it when an exporter needs to dispatch his cargo.
  • Whenever an importer transfers money to a bank in another country, known as a remittance bank, the bank requires it.

Is an IEC Required for Export Offerings?

Yes, indeed must, is the simplistic solution. Businesses would be unable to export products or services to certain other nations outside of an IEC code. If a company is exporting products or services, the IEC Value is needed by Border Ports. You’ll also need an IEC Code if you accept money from foreign currency checking accounts as just an exporter.

Procedures for filling out a form for an IEC Code in the offline mode

  • If you prefer practical versions, you can follow the methods outlined below.
  • The format ANF 2A must be used to submit a request. The form may be found here.
  • Enter all of the information in parts A, B, and D of the application.
  • Each section of the form must be signed.
  • Bring two pictures, as well as a personality proof of your PAN card and banking information.
  • The desired note paid to the DGFT Support Center should be attached.
  • Include a personality postcard with Rs. 30.
  • Send the completed form, envelopes, and supporting papers to the DGFT regional director.


Importing is the marketing of products or services to overseas countries obtained or produced inside the native land. Exporting is the activity of buying raw materials from those other nations and transferring those to anyone else’s country. Importers need export-import numbers when their items are passed by immigration and when money is delivered outside.

Importers and exporters alike profit significantly from the IEC code. Advantages in the form of tax breaks and otherwise announced by the Customs, Export Promotion Council, or other agencies would’ve been available to registered business organizations. Exporters could perform exports minus paying taxes after registering a LUT with GST.What Is The New Pre-packs Insolvency Resolution Process? Would The Process  Speed Up Insolvency Cases In 2021? - Inventiva



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