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Amazon India: Over 15,000 SMBs saw best-ever sales during Prime Day 2023

Amazon India: Over 15,000 SMBs saw best-ever sales during Prime Day 2023

The two-day Prime Day sale in July 2023 witnessed significant success for small and medium businesses (SMBs) on Amazon India, with over 15,000 SMBs achieving their highest-ever sales during the event. Additionally, more than 2,000 new products were launched by SMBs during the sale, indicating the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation within the SMB sector.

During the Prime Day sale, SMBs on Amazon. They experienced a remarkable volume of orders, with 20 orders placed every second. Furthermore, over 90,000 SMB sellers received orders from Prime members, highlighting the reach and customer base that Amazon Prime offers to SMBs. The sale event also proved to be a platform for new SMBs, with over 14,000 recently launched businesses in 2023 receiving orders. Among them, over 500 SMBs experienced their highest-ever sales day during Prime Day, indicating the tremendous growth opportunities available through such events.

Amazon India offers specialized programs such as Launchpad and Local Shops to support small businesses. These initiatives aim to promote and showcase products from SMBs, contributing to their success. During the Prime Day sale, these programs launched over 800 new products, providing additional visibility and opportunities for SMBs to showcase their offerings to a broader audience.

Amazon India: Over 15,000 SMBs saw best-ever sales during Prime Day 2023 |  The Financial Express

The success of SMBs during Prime Day reflects the positive impact of e-commerce platforms in providing a conducive environment for small businesses to thrive. By leveraging the reach and customer base of Amazon India, SMBs can access a larger market, boost their sales, and gain exposure to a broader customer base.

The growth of SMBs is crucial for the overall economy, as they play a significant role in job creation, innovation, and local economic development. E-commerce platforms like Amazon India provide a level playing field for SMBs, enabling them to compete with more prominent players and reach customers across the country. Additionally, e-commerce platforms offer valuable resources and support, such as logistics, payment solutions, and marketing tools, which can further facilitate the growth of SMBs.

Akshay Sahi, the Director of Prime and Delivery Experience at Amazon India, expressed satisfaction with the response received from Prime members during Prime Day. He mentioned that brands and sellers across various categories witnessed a great response from Prime members residing in metros and Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns across India.

Sahi highlighted the significant product and brand launches that took place during Prime Day, indicating the magnitude of the event. With the inclusion of the best deals of the year, Prime Day it attracted a high level of customer engagement and participation. This demonstrates the enthusiasm and interest of Prime members in exploring and purchasing products across a wide range of categories.

Furthermore, Sahi emphasized the achievement of delivering the highest number of same-day deliveries compared to previous Prime Day events. This achievement underscores Amazon India’s commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience and meeting the expectations of customers by ensuring faster delivery options. The ability to fulfil same-day deliveries is a testament to the efficiency and scale of Amazon’s logistics network in India.

Amazon India: Over 15,000 SMBs saw best-ever sales during Prime Day 2023 |  The Financial Express

The positive response from Prime members in metros, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities and towns reflects the broad appeal of Prime membership across various regions of India. It indicates the growing adoption and trust in Amazon India’s services and the increasing penetration of e-commerce in smaller cities and towns. This aligns with Amazon’s aim to make e-commerce accessible to customers across the country and promote inclusive growth.

In summary, Akshay Sahi’s comments highlight the success of Prime Day in terms of customer response and the positive impact on brands and sellers. Prime members from metros, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities and towns actively participated in the event, taking advantage of the wide range of product launches and attractive deals.

Delivering the highest number of same-day deliveries demonstrates Amazon India’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its robust logistics infrastructure. Overall, the positive response from Prime members reinforces Amazon’s position as a leading e-commerce platform in India. Amazon India has reported that the 2023 Prime Day event witnessed the highest-ever number of Prime members who shopped during any Prime Day event, with a significant increase of 14 per cent compared to Prime Day 2022. This surge in Prime member participation highlights the growing popularity and engagement of Amazon Prime in India.

Amazon Prime Day 2023: These products are at lowest price of year

The increased engagement from Prime members resulted in the highest-ever sales during the event, indicating the success of Prime Day in generating customer interest and driving purchases. The peak moment of Prime member engagement was marked by a record-breaking 22,190 orders placed in a single minute. This milestone represents the highest number of orders recorded for a Prime Day event, demonstrating the tremendous scale and volume of transactions that occurred during the event.

The significant increase in Prime member participation and the record-breaking order volume further solidified Prime Day’s position as a highly anticipated shopping event in India. Prime membership offers numerous benefits, including exclusive deals, faster shipping, and access to a wide range of entertainment content, which contribute to the heightened engagement of Prime members during such events.

The success of Prime Day can be attributed to various factors, including extensive product selection, attractive deals, and the convenience of online shopping. Amazon’s ability to curate a diverse range of products, offer competitive prices, and provide a seamless shopping experience has attracted a large number of Prime members, resulting in heightened engagement and increased sales.
The record-breaking engagement and order volume also reflects the effectiveness of Amazon’s logistics and fulfilment capabilities. Managing such a massive influx of orders and ensuring timely deliveries requires a robust infrastructure, which Amazon has successfully established in India.

The ability to fulfil a high number of orders in a single minute showcases the efficiency of Amazon’s operations and its commitment to meeting customer expectations.In preparation for the Prime Day sale, Amazon India announced in June that it would involve various sellers and entrepreneurs from multiple programs.

Over a million artisans and weavers associated with the Amazon Karigar program were set to participate. Additionally, more than 6.8 lakh women entrepreneurs from the Amazon Saheli program were also expected to be part of the event.
Amazon India planned to include over 50,000 neighbourhood stores through the Local Shops on Amazon. The initiative. This initiative aims to empower small retailers by enabling them to sell their products online and reach a larger customer base.

Furthermore, Prime Day was set to feature a large number of new sellers from across India who had recently joined the Amazon platform. This participation provides these sellers with an opportunity to showcase their products and leverage the Prime Day event to expand their customer base and boost sales.
In addition to established sellers, Amazon India intended to highlight emerging brands from Indian start-ups through the Amazon Launchpad program. This program supports young and innovative brands by providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience and gain recognition.

The inclusion of such a diverse range of sellers, artisans, entrepreneurs, neighbourhood stores, and emerging brands signifies Amazon India’s commitment to fostering an inclusive marketplace and promoting entrepreneurship. By providing these sellers and entrepreneurs with access to a large customer base and the visibility offered by Prime Day, Amazon India aims to support their growth and success.

The involvement of over a million artisans and weavers from the Amazon Karigar program highlights Amazon’s efforts to promote Indian handicrafts and traditional craftsmanship. By facilitating the sale of their products on a global platform, Amazon helps these artisans gain recognition and expand their market reach.
Similarly, the participation of women entrepreneurs through the Amazon Saheli program underscores Amazon’s commitment to empowering women in business. This program provides a supportive ecosystem and resources to help women entrepreneurs succeed and thrive in the e-commerce space.

Overall, the participation of various sellers, artisans, entrepreneurs, neighbourhood stores, and emerging brands during Prime Day reflects Amazon India’s efforts to create an inclusive marketplace that supports the growth and success of diverse businesses. By providing these sellers with access to a large customer base, Amazon India aims to drive their sales, promote entrepreneurship, and contribute to India’s economic development.



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