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Afthonia Lab pulls in investor interest to build corpus upto 5Cr; provides access to investor community for its incubated fintech startups

Panel of investors; Gilda VC, Itigo and Shridham extend access for a seed fund raise; share Afthonia Lab’s vision to build sustainable fintech businesses of the future
Mumbai, October 3, 2019: Afthonia Lab, the first of its kind fintech incubator in India, shared how it has taken strides to pull together key players in the investor community to build a corpus INR 3Cr -5Cr. The incubator has pioneered in providing unparalleled access to global mentors and key industry veterans for its incubated startups since its launch in May 2019 in order to help innovative fintech startups build strong and sustainable businesses. Continuing in this vein, Afthonia Lab has now partnered with key players in the investor community to provide access to funds by building a corpus with empaneled investors who will evaluate Afthonia incubated businesses. This move is in line with the overall objective of creating a seamless ecosystem and encouraging growth for fintech player’s intent on driving innovation in the financial industry.  The panel includes Gilda VC, Itigo and Shridham and other angel investors as well. 
The funding opportunity being extended to Afthonia incubated startups will be used to help these early stage fintech startups build solid businesses, solve operational and team related challenges and also find the right product-market fit as they test out efficacy across different use cases in the financial industry and also across geographies. The investor panel will additionally work in tandem with Afthonia to help these businesses reach markets and gain a foothold in the competitive and dynamic fintech industry.  

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