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Amid the Celebrations of 73rd Independence Day, Secondhandkart to Unveil its own Refurbishment Unit in Gurgaon

Independence Day is not a day to be taken as a granted holiday for watching TV, and everyone at Secondhandkart truly believes this. It’s the day to stand with our head high under our National Flag, and to set our hearts on fire with our energetic National Anthem, and to reflect on how our activities are going to contribute to the development of India, a country gifted to us by the sacrifice of thousands of our Freedom Fighters.
For the day of 15th August, the office of Secondhandkart has been turned with the theme of Gandhiji’s teachings of Truth and Non-violence. Everyone is expected to turn up in dresses and badges resonating with the tri-color of our National Flag.
The day will start with the flag-hoisting and singing of our National Anthem. The celebrations will kick off with each staff member representing their own view of Independence Day and how they’ve celebrated it in their schools and colleges. This has been planned to be light and humorous.
After this, there will be a short speech session, where everyone has agreed to talk of one major problem looming over our country. ‘But this is not going to be about just complaining and rambling,’ said Amandeep, the Head Digital Marketer of Secondhandkart, ‘as others have to talk about how they can take the initiative to do something about the problem. He said further, ‘Even if we find that we cannot create a sudden revolution, the point is to understand where we stand in the quest of solving the problems.’
In the second-half after a delicious lunch of Traditional Indian Dishes, there’s going to a group discussion on another great teaching of Gandhiji: ‘Mother Nature has enough for Our Needs, but Not our Greed.’ This is a topic chosen by collective opinion since in today’s context of excessive exploitation of Natural Resources and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, this is exactly what we need to learn.
The biggest announcement has been kept for the end of the day, when Arbob Mehmood, the CTO of Secondhandkart will unveil Secondhandkart’s plan to start its own Refurbishment Unit in Rural Gurgaon. Till now, Secondhandkart has dealt only as a seller, but now it will be refurbishing devices as well.
‘We always believe in quality and establishing trust when it comes to our Unique selling Proposition,’ said Arbob while discussing the vision behind this new venture.
Starting in early 2019, Secondhandkart has always employed Trust to build relationships with its customer, and this has also helped Secondhandkart to secure top ranks in the list of leading Start-up organizations such as Google Start-ups, NASSCOM 10000 Start-Ups, Headstart Kickstart, Y Combinator and UPSTART 2019 to name a few.
The aim of Secondhandkart behind this new Refurbishment Unit is to take the quality of refurbished electronics to the next level. Secondhandkart will hand-pick the returned devices and will make them new again with best quality products.
This unit will also have a special cell where the freshly refurbished devices will undergo several testing procedures. Meanwhile, Secondhandkart already has a fully-functioning quality-checking unit where all devices are passed through 40+ steps of rigorous checking.
With this announcement, Secondhandkart will conclude its Independence Day celebration.

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