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Gill Sir- Making Studying Abroad Easier

While English is the second most used medium in an educational institution, after a regional language used for communication, it is becoming really challenging to stand apart from the crowd when it comes to being an expert at the English language. Exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a mandatory exam which needs to be cleared in case one wants to study abroad or wants to work at visa/permit. While other exams include TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) which one can clear to avail an opportunity of studying overseas.
A seminar was conducted on 20th of October,2018 by Gill Sir, one of the best IELTS coaching class in Ahmedabad, in the state itself where he informed the audience about various things relating to the mentioned examinations and other related subjects. The information included queries about IELTS. Why one should choose IELTS? Who needs IELTS? What are its possible advantages?
As for IELTS, there exists a 9-Band score. A candidate is scored from 1 to 9 for each part of the test- speaking, reading, writing and listening. One with a 6.5 band score is considered a competent one. It is the minimum requirement for visa or immigration offices in many countries. However, one needs to score better to get admission to foreign Universities. PTE and TOEFL are two other significant English exams which test one’s fluency in the language. Different Universities prefer different test scores. Each test is distinct from the other. For instance, in the TOEFL and PTE tests, speaking sections take place on the computer, one would hear a recorded question and then give his/her response into a microphone, which will then be recorded and submitted for review whereas IELTS is conversation based, it is a live interview with an examiner. How the speaking section is evaluated in TOEFL and PTE is also different. There are various other differences between the three of them which are required to be known by a candidate. Gill Sir compared the three of them in his seminar while providing a better understanding of the tests.
Apart from tests, those who want to migrate overseas are required to have a student visa. The processes might vary from country to country. A thorough discussion on this was also held during the event to save the time and efforts of potential candidates. Sometimes, we prepare for an exam without knowing if we are even eligible for the same or not, which can turn out to be disappointing. Knowing the eligibility criteria for any examination is one of the most important aspects and one needs to know about it much before preparing for the exam, making it a crucial part of the discussion held. Next thing to be done is to apply for it, for which the steps are stated clearly yet people tend to make mistakes while applying. Time was also devoted to guiding the students about the mistakes that people generally make while applying and how to avoid them. The complete process takes place at Gill Sir with the lowest fees and lowest charges. Topics like SOP, LOR, and backlogs were also covered during the seminar. Some candidates require financial assistance from outside sources which is where student loans come into existence. The seminar was not limited to examinations, but also included a detailed discussion on student loans and their rate of interests to help the students.
An application was recently launched by Gill Sir which offers free lessons, information and important links on studying abroad, visa and IELTS/TOEFL training information. Gill Sir also offers free assessment for student visa/Canada PR and IELTS training and English Skills.
They can be contacted via call/whatsapp on – 9898334999, or via email on for any query.

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