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Headsup to Launch Idea Management Software to Address Employee Grievances

New Delhi, 05th September 2019: Employee grievances significantly affect the productivity of an organization, so does the tacit knowledge of the idea who is working in the organization; hence an effective and strategic platform is required to ensure smooth business operations. As a resolution to this issue, Headsup Corporation has created a unique SAAS based product which is to be launched on September 15th, 2019.

Mr. Sumit Kumar, Founder and Director of Headsup Corporation has created this product called Insight. The program is not solely committed to posting grievances, but also suggestions and ideas to develop the system. It helps both the manager and the employees to identify common organizational problems, which in turn will escalate overall improvement via better engagement and employee satisfaction. This product is beneficial for the Startups, SMEs and even big organizations to observe and analyze the problem areas affecting employees in their organization and give them a platform to voice their opinions.

Speaking about the software Mr. Sumit Kumar said, “This unique product is a tried and tested concept that offers one’s employees to remain anonymous. Once posted on the platform, other employees will be able to see it and can take actions. One of Headsup’s clients which has over 2000 employees have tried the basic version of the product and has greatly benefited from it, especially for the non-HQ employees. Each month the platform receives more than 100 posts that have helped the organization to find a new direction to grow and have established a better culture and bring a sense of participation.


About Headsup Corporation

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Established in the year 2017, Headsup Corporation is an HR consulting agency. Headquartered in New Delhi, it is a one-stop solution for all the predicaments related to Human Resource. With their assistance, one will not only get optimum productivity in their organization but will also find interested candidates bustling at the door without a speck of effort. Growing by leaps, the organization flaunts a long list of clienteles. Targeting start-ups and SMEs, the company even offers incubator services and employer branding.

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