Annapurna Pariwar, a real support for Pariwars in Slums


Annapurna Pariwar, a group of 5 NGOs working for the uplift of slum dwellers in Pune and Mumbai. Annapurna celebrates its Founder’s day in the month of August.  The function is a celebrated as a tribute to Late Dada Purao (Com. Narendra S. Purao) whose birthday falls in August and who was visionary leader with a deep sense of commitment for the emancipation of all the toiling masses of the country. This year, a book on ‘Future of Public Sector Banks in India’ released by Mr. Devidas Tuljapurkar, Joint Secretary, All India Bank Employees Association and Chief Guest of the event.

After having participated in India’s freedom struggle, he realized that political freedom bereft of economic freedom, particularly for ordinary masses, is futile and meaningless.  Therefore, he devoted his energies for organizing  Bank employees, textile workers in the city of Mumbai and in a short span earned  respect as an accomplished Trade Union Leader and rose to prominence as a vanguard national leader of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) a biggest and prominent Trade Union Organisation of middle class bank employees  of the country.

Annapurna’s Dada Purao Research & Training Institute (DPR&TI) undertakes special studies, research projects and allied activities at local, regional and state level and works out models of micro finance and combines with other ancillary and other related activities to ensure social security and dignified life to the deprived sections of the society.  Needless to say that towns and cities cannot grow and sustain themselves without resolving the problems of urban poverty.

Every year DPR&TI publishes a book based on its social interventions showing the impact of its various programs and the challenges ahead.  This year, Annapurna has released a book on ‘Future of Public Sector Banks in India’ written by Mr. M.K. Datar, former General Manager, IDBI Bank.

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Dr. Medha Purao Samant, Founder Director, Annapurna Pariwar, said, “DPRC has now been registered as a legal entity – a Trust which will undertake training of students and publication of books.”

Mr. Devidas Tuljapurkar praised Dada Purao’s work for welfare of bank employees, He also said “Today is the age of Finance – as it plays a very important role. Recent banking frauds exposed weaknesses of bank systems. But the main problem was of loan overdues of big borrowers. Privatisation to bail them out was not the option.”

Com. Bhalchandra Kango, who published the quarterly magazine said, “People’s money needs to be used for people’s welfare. Actual problem is that the government elected by us does not work for us. Banking sector is facing bad times today with the common man being taxed for the purpose.

Economic literacy needs to be imparted to the common man and Annapurna is one of the organisations doing this successfully”.

Other guests at the function were, Mr. V.C. Joshi, IOB Chief Regional Manager, Mr. Mohanto and Mrs. Vandana Savadi.


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