How will technology turn your finger into a smartphone in 2018?


Dynamically enhance the way we live, anytime and anywhere

Mr. Vigneshwar KG, Founder & CEO of Rajmall Inventives Private Limited, claims to bring feature of a smart wearable to a human finger in the year 2018. This year 2018, is not going to be a benchmark for technical innovations only but the combination of humanity and technological innovation, in a way which has never been done before, will be proved by Xenxo. Though Xenxo has redefined technology carrying smart wearable features and it was derived from the intense human emotion of avoiding rape incidents.

“Not only doctors can save someone life, EVEN ENGINEERS CAN DO”

Xenxo brand holders assure the product is going to change the mindset of startups and especially engineers who had developed a confined mindset of not focusing on human causes, unknowingly. Xenxo S- Ring, the world’s smart wearable is going to be one of the valuable products in the market, and will attract technology lovers and seekers to consume this device stating smartness, uniqueness and security.  Xenxo S Ring will be the symbol and style of a new generation having multiple features along with safety and security methodologies.

Journey of Security threat to Xenxo Technology

The idea of developing and creating a device, which can save female more easily without being noticed from the attacker, emerged from 2012 gang rape incident (Delhi) followed by rape inside IT tech park at Chennai, young girl murder in Nungambakkam(Chennai) Railway station. Indeed, the industry already had products but ambiguity had to be resolved by providing multiple and better features in one device. Xenxo performed an intense research how any technical innovation can help females or anyone to avoid and fight a critical situation. It felt like a loss to Xenxo on personal levels when they found that engineers cannot help a society or make it better anyway. Thus, the engineering in souls of Xenxo found a ray in the industry of smart wearable that could enhance the security of females. The design architecture came up with a solution of clubbing fashion spirit and technical innovations and gave it to a shape of Xenxo S- Ring, which is easy to wear on a finger.

Multiple solutions

CEO of Rajmall Inventives Private Limited, the visionary, geared up its innovation and spruced up its team for creating Xenxo S –Ring; a perfect solution in shape of ring, replacing your needs of multiple devices like Bluetooth Headset, Flash Drive, fitness tracker, Access Card, home keys and wallets, possessing functions like alarm system, connection to helpline, calling, personal phone assistant, data storage and much more.

The product is going to be launched in early 2018 after rigorous testing and development of four years.  It inspires intelligent, intellectuals and smart class of any part of society and demographics to have a smart wearable like a ring having the functionality of Bluetooth Headset, Flash Drive, fitness tracker, Access Card, wallet and Home keys possessing smart functions in an easier way. 

“We didn’t just design the technology; we have crafted it with realtime solutions.”

 Xenxo S – Ring will be choice of consumers who look for performing multiple tasks of a daily life through a smart wearable along with robust security and safety features. Thus, the uniqueness of this smart device is incomparable and never been introduced to the market ever before. Smart devices are expected to do you every job and Xenxo Ring is ready to capture the market of consumers who would prefer to have more than 12 functions of six accessories into a single device along with taking care of your security needs.

Innovation at its best

The feature list of Xenxo S- Ring surprises consumers by introducing, implementing and launching a unique mixture of features like receiving calls on the go, storing your important files and controlling music with your gestures. The diversity of functionality and features, which could never be combined, have been brought together into the shape of smart wearable as a ring, fashionable and easier to handle. This is how Xenxo refined safety and security of society through its unthinkable product. 

The device of Xenxo is a smart wearable, going to expand its application and implementation in consumers’ life to a major scale for their safety and security. Its usage methodology is perfect in context of battery life, make quick calls, and control music on gestures, fitness goal tracks, reminders, alarms, payments, storing your important files, easy to handle, call for help, and have your personal phone assistant and some more features are left for you to explore during launch.  If you have any doubt what exciting 2018 going to bring then Xenxo is going to wash all? Xenxo campaign is announced from 6th February 2018 and details are provided at  Since a technology is beyond detailing and explanations, certainly Xenxo S – Ring will be a product worth exploring and adding value to our society and honor all idea of enhancing female security which gave birth to this unique innovation.

The backers who are signing up using this link will be getting special offer link, 2 hours before the launch through an email from the Xenxo Team, only using that link backers can purchase their Xenxo S-Ring, at a very special price. And only first 300 backers who purchase during the launch can be able to use it.

Join Xenxo campaign at  for generating a smarter and safer future. To know and get more details, kindly reach us at



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