With Brevistay You Can Get Hotel Room For Few Hours

As Shakespeare said we all are the visitors on this planet and one day we have to go back, it also connects me to another very famous quote life is a journey, with these two quotations, you can easily understand the importance of traveling in life.
Some travel for the sake of business and some travel for personal reasons, some travel just to explore the world and some travel due to their job.
Some travel with excitement and some travel due to roles and duties. But we all travel, sometimes within the city, sometime to other parts of the city, state or country.
But at the same time, we all need to rest in order to prepare ourself for the task we have travelled for?
Where to stay? Is always a question on everyone’s mind.
Place of stay whether during the day or night should be economical, pocket friendly, safe and secure.
Many frequent traveler stay in India at some relatives or friends place, but almost 80% stay in hotels. Now the biggest problems with hotels in India are the prices, availability and services. is one stop solution to all your needs. is a hotel booking website with which you can book hotels online with just few clients. The especiality is that they offer hotels for microstay for all sort of business and personal stays.
Imagine you are a business visitor who would like to book a hotel room for a meeting for only 3-4 hours, why pay for the whole day?
You are a couple who would like to spend some precious and private time with your partner and do not need hotel rooms for the entire day? offers hotels stays for 3-6-12 hours at a very pocket friend prices.
They offer-
Hourly stay
Best Prices
Couple stay with absolute privacy
Flexible checkin and checkout time
With Round the clock customer support
What else can you expect? is the best option for
Frequent Travellers for Business & Personal trips
Night stay is partnered with more than 3000+ hotels in 1200+ cities in all tier1, tier2 & tier3 cities and are expanding their network at a very rapid speed. is completely free for the users and they don’t have any hidden charges or policies. They are safe, secure, economical and pocket friendly to anyone and everyone.
If you have any questions regarding your booking or any services related to, just give us a call:
+91-9717386056, +91-9501880647 Do visit their website at

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