Creating A Local Online Hypermarket & Connecting Local Buyers & Retailers Is The Dream Of BuyFI

Today is the world of internet No longer is it just a source of information but you can shop through the internet, pay your bills, plan your finances, avail online courses, find jobs, work from home, promote your business, reach to people etc. There is no denial to the fact that the internet has not only made our lives better but hassle free as well. Gone are the days when you used to waste hours in roaming around for shopping or standing in a queue for bills or getting the movie tickets. Now, you just have to go online and book your tickets and that too in less time. The social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest Google plus etc are not only useful for business but personal contacts as well. You can easily make new friends and find your old pals and get connected with them. the internet has certainly filled a wide gap and it is difficult to stay away from it. Do use the internet and find a solution to every problem.
Keeping this concept alive BUYFI has come with a excellent concept of online platform. Buyfi is a platform, which connects local retailers and customers. It is a brick and motor business which connects retailers, dealers & shopkeepers as well as local business with their consumer online.
In Buyfi when a customer posts his requirement in online platform, retailers who all are registered in that category will be notified. Then all the retailers from that locality, who all registered with them can give reply (if they have that product available) about the minimum order quantity, delivery time, pricing etc.
Advantages of Buyfi
Easy to find interested Product in your locality- (no need to roam for their required product/service)
Virtual Bargaining from Multiple Retailers
Price Comparison within local market
correct information like price and contact information
Right now they are operational in Vijayawada (Newly formed state capital in India) and Guntur. BuyFi is set to bring the newly formed state fully digital by connecting Retailers/Service providers with Customers.
They are soon expanding their operations to more cities and states and are going in rapid expansion plans and in talking terms with vendors online in other cities as well.
Buyfi was launched with a sole aim to make shopping a hassle free experience so that people do not have to run from pillar to post to buy products and get better prices under one roof.
In one line, you can say that this is an online mall for all the vendors and retailers which is available on your laptop or computer as well as mobile from the comfort of your home.
So next time, you do not have to run to the local market in extreme heat, Just have your favorite tea and snacks at home and enjoy your shopping online with buyfi

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