“kya khana hai?” se “waah! Kya khana hai”

How many hours have been lost to the “Kya khana hai?” conundrum during every lunch? You are in the IT Capital of India and your preference is a cuisine from the North of India and choice a vegetarian meal then you are left with very little options. Options that are not close to your office and are mostly higher in cost and not very healthy.
Kya Khana hai is a brand that tries to eliminate this by providing healthy and tasty food at a pocket friendly price right at your doorstep. With its subscription service you never have to worry about where to eat and what to eat. Even before the week starts you get to know what is being planned for lunch for you on a particular day. The menu is dynamic with no repetitions in primary dishes over weeks. It is planned by a highly skilled team keeping in view the seasonal availability and a well-balanced meal in each box. Once the team completes this step the “Smart Menu System” takes over and creates order for each individual user. It accounts for the meal type chosen, any specific preference of the user or any dislikes that user has mentioned. Yes the system considers your likes and dislikes while planning out your individual meal.
Oh wow! you may say; but what if I have to go out/miss office on a particular day or have a planned vacation in between the subscription. This has also been taken care in the system by giving “Skip Order” and “Add Vacation” features so that you do not lose out on any of your subscribed meals. And you like something or have any feedback the integrated support features along with ability to raise tickets keeps you connected with the team.
Serving close to 1000 orders in a month just after a few months in operation and only serving in a closed area of Koramangala, HSR, MG Road and surrounding. Kya khana hai has perfected the process and is now looking to aggressively start awareness campaigns and marketing so that more and more people can savour our service.
With a highly skilled technology team of IdeaApplied Technologies building and maintaining the platform there has been close to no errors or availability issues of The platform is hosted on AWS cloud with a highly scalable and secure architecture. The team plans to launch a mobile app in the coming month so that users can subscribe or orders with just a few taps.
Kya khana hai strives to serve authentic North and South Indian dishes that are every ones favourite but not readily available. The best-selling menu has most of the times been the simplest ones like ‘Rajma’, ‘Daal makhni’, ‘Kadhi’, ‘Massoppu Saru’, ‘Kadlekaalu Sambhar’. The customer base has been loyal and the growth majorly due to reference and word of mouth promotion.
The company has also tied up with few corporates to let their employees order from the platform as a perk. This helps the companies avoid cap-ex required to setup their own cafeterias and gives the employees flexibility of choice.
Kya khana hai is able to promise quality as it owns the complete cycle from demand to fulfilment. The kitchen cooks and serves only vegetarian meals in hygienic and microwave friendly boxes. All the food is cooked fresh so there is no added preservative or any colouring. All ingredient used are of reputed brands and procured from upscale malls.
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