Two young entrepreneurs to bring incredible changes to customer relationship and loyalty program


Bangalore-based customer rewards and referral platform named SALELOGICS is helping firms to provide curated deal, allowing customers to save more and increase their earnings. Salelogics Founders, Rishad Bangalath and Sanoop Joy Started the company in 2017 which helps small business owners to increase the customer traffic With the help of existing customers and attract more customers through their referral program.

The company raised their first round of seed funding from Y capital.

The founders told ,’Customer acquisition is one of the hottest term in the market now. Brands are spending huge resources to acquire new customers from a very competitive market. This gave birth to many new strategies. But according to latest research, customer retention will be the ‘next big thing’.The value generation from a new customer is very low compared to a repeated customer.

A 5 per cent increase in customer retention can increase profit up-to 75 per cent. This is a very interesting data. This explains the importance of channelising the available resources for customer retention than customer acquisition.Big brands and startups irrespective of the size and the domain are now facing the same problem with customer engagement. Also the modern customer is aware of latest industry trends’. So as a result of studies salelogics was developed….SALELOGICS is integrated crm loyalty and referral program which allow vendors to send messages through whatsapp and text message, presently more than 1000 plus vendors had already boarded with salelogics.

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