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‘Releasing the Inner ARTIST’ will help you clear your intentions. Often times we forget why we were drawn to paint in the first place and perhaps it’s to free up, express yourself plus having fun and travelling to the most amazing country – GREECE. It is pretty uncharted territory when you decided to start painting and to be creative because this is the unknown factor, so you will be nervous and unsure of how to go about it. That is why I am offering this course to YOU!

My course involves showing you the Colour Wheel and perspective along with introducing you to what I do before each of my painting session which is mediation and Focusing beforehand. This helps so much in giving you a ‘Clear Canvas’ to work on. Remember it is JUST PAINTING and letting go with moving with colour around a canvas. This journey of exploration, releasing while playing will bring together your paintings. Be Gentle on yourself is the most important item while growing and learning from me. Your creativity is a gift to yourself and the world.

Where do I hold these amazing art courses, on the Greek island of Aegina which is only one hour away from the port of Piraeus/Athens.

The island of Aegina has a lot of trees and beautiful beaches with sand or small rocks. There are a lot of places to visit such as Alpha temple, Markello’s tower and Agios Nektario the biggest church in the Balkan countries.

My courses start on a Sunday with a met and greeting then an introduction, plus a hand out with all the information on Aegina, the surround area of Agia. Marina and Aegina, WIFI information etc. Time for questions to be answered then too. In the evening a wonderful welcome dinner after you settled down into your rooms at the Apollo Hotel in Agia. Marina, Aegina.

The course is to be held at the Apollo Hotel each day, starting on Monday though to Friday, at 10am until 1pm with a coffee/tea break in-between. After lunch we will come back at 3:15pm until 7pm with another break in-between coffee/tea etc. Saturday will have the morning lesson then a Farwell lunch.

Classes are for 6 to 8 people, so that I am able to give my full support and guidance.

Included in the courses will be 6 medium size canvases to fit into our suitcase to take home plus a drawing pad. I will supply the following items: Acrylic paintings, brushes, charcoal and the Colour Wheel. You are most welcome to bring along your own supplies too.


20th May until 26th May

3rd June until 9th June 17th June – 23rd June

16th September – 22nd September

7th October until 13rd October 21st October until 27th October

Cost of the 5 or 7 days:

7 days 890euros – NZD$1500.00

5 days with 2 days free – 690euros – NZD$1165.00

This offer includes all art materials, Welcome and Farewell meals plus all tea/coffee breaks. It does NOT include accommodation and other meals.

A special Offer if booked before 20th March, 2018 of 10% discount

Deposit is required which is non-fundable after the 20th March, 2018 of 200euros – NZD$340.00


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Sue MacDougall: “Brush strokes give my paintings energy”

I was born in New Zealand and moved to live in Greece many years ago, and come back to New Zealand at least once or twice a year now. I do speak English and Greek.

As I am recognized for my bold and colourful work in different mediums that create structure, depth, movement and texture, nothing excites me more than taking up my brushes and directing my energy into every stroke on a canvas. This is a slow progress of building up the image, in which time has no relevance in the creation of my work, which absorbs me completely.

Light is an important factor when using colours especially for myself and that is why living on the island of Aegina in Greece, which is famous for the luminosity and clarity of its light, is an ideal place for my studio.

The landscape and sea around the island makes for an invaluable addition in my life which inspires my work.



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