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Simple and automated service to find the best paperless financial advise – Findvise


Findvise is synonymous with personalized investment advisory associated with financial goals along with a professional overview. On this one platform, we offer financial planning, investment advisory, goal track, tax computation and portfolio analysis. Our behavioral analysis and real time progress updates gives a complete financial solution.

This team is now focused on developing a complete robo advisory platform in India. We want to change the entire investment pattern of any potential investor and create 10 million crorepatis within next 20 years.


According to latest reports, only 3.37 crore, i.e., around 2.6% of the total population of 130 crore has made investments in the last FY. However, 66.6% of the population earning less than 50K pm (which is about 2.67 million in India, {according to NCAER}), is saving around 40% of their income, but they are not so keen to invest the maximum amount of savings.

The average cost of getting a complete financial planning consultation in India is around 10K p.a., which is very high for any upper middle class family. So, either they make investment based on their own knowledge or get misled by some financial product distribution agent. As a result, the average asset holding in India is only $3,835, whereas it is $52,819 for the world. (Ref: Credit Suisse Global Wealth report 2016)

We aim to mitigate this with professional guidance, proper and customized financial planning and investment advisory, which is simple, analytical and cost effective.

Market Opportunity:

We want to capture the untapped market in India, which is around 97.3% of the total Indian population. But initially, our focus will be more on the Metro and Tier 1 cities as SEBI’s 4th investment survey report suggests that 70% of the total investments in India are from the Metro and Tier 1 cities. Notably, 27.8% of the total population lives in Metros, Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.

We will be more focused to acquire the middle-class population, meaning people in the income bracket of less than 50K per month, which is about 2.67 million in India (according to NCAER). Notably, more than 65% of the total population is aged below 35, of which more than 50% is aged 25.

Here is a simple calculation of the market opportunity that we are seeing:

Population in Metros, Tier 1 and 2 cities: 27.8% of 134 crore total population =37.25 crore

Population below the age 35 is 65% of 37.25 crore = 24.21 crore

Population in the income bracket between 10K- 50K is 25% of 24.21 crore = 6.05 crore

Projected market is 66.6% (as per SEBI report) of 6.05 crore= 4.029 crore

(Average Savings of income bracket <50K is 40% of their income = 20K

Average Savings of income bracket <20K is 40% of their income = 4K

Average Savings of income bracket <50K is = 12K

Potential market size to acquire as on 2017 = 12k*12*4.029Cr = 58017.6 Crore

Avg. investment made in MF =(70.6+40.8)/2= 55.7%

Expected Market Size= 58017.6 *55.7% = 32365.93 Crore)

But, our prime target is to acquire 6.05 crore, based on the 2017 census report. As a robo investment advisory platform, we primarily aim to cater to the income group of less than 50K pm with special emphasis on younger generation (age less than 35), who have started working or are newly married and are learning about the best investment channels to help them plan a secure future.

We must, however, add that using our platform, investments can be made from anywhere, irrespective of whether it is a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city or even the rural areas and irrespective of any age or income bracket.


Our aim is to provide complete financial solution and an intelligently smart platform on which a person can do any financial activity digitally, without the help of any other person at a very minimal cost. That is the only way to minimize wastage of time and to optimize productivity of any person.

Our future goal is to build a universal platform, to tap the growing private wealth of Asian countries, which is predicted to be 26% of the global financial wealth by 2019, with easy entry points and investment process for potential investors without any geographical barrier.


  • We are going to start paperless transaction in insurance and term deposits within next 6 month.
  • We are in the process of developing a chatbot with the support of AI to make a system where one’s finance will be managed from his pocket, anytime and anywhere.
  • Our next target is to provide report on user’s monthly income and expenditure. (We will start this feature after 3-4 months, once we have some data to analyze.)
  • Our aim is to develop a single point financial management solution for any Indian. To achieve that we will start digital banking setup in association with any bank. (Planning to launch it within 1 year)


Koushik Sur- Co founder- A PGDM and CFP in qualification having 6+ years of experience in Financial industry with specialization in personal finance domain.

Rajat Vishwakarma- Co founder- B.Sc in IT from Mumbai University having work experience of 3+ years in front end development.

Pratik Ghosh- Co founder- MCA in qualification having work experience of 5+ years in software development specialization.

Snehesh Choudhury- Marketing Head- A PGDM in qualification having 20+ years of experience in Marketing Management, Media Planning & Advertising.

Dipannita Chakraborty- Digital Marketing Consultant- A PGDM in qualification having 6+ years of experience in Web content management & Digital marketing.

The founding team worked together for one financial software development company in Mumbai and has successfully developed a financial software for all IFAs in India, which is now acquired by India’s one of the top mutual fund AMC.


  • Launched in October 2017, Findvise has been bootstrapped by the founders and till now the company is serving more than 50 clients with a total AUM of 25 Lakhs
  • Currently Findvise has 600+ registered users who have done financial planning from the website.
  • Findvise app was launched in the 1st week of Jan, 2018 & is available on Google play store only. ( Apple store process is going on)
  • Findvise is amongst the top 10 startup in East India conducted by ICC startup pad 2017
  • Findvise is selected among top startups from east India for Y4biz startup program conducted by US consulate.
  • Findvise has been recently shortlisted by Smart fifty startup program controlled by IIM-C.
  • Findvise was considered as India’s top 10 fintech startup in 2018 by silicon-valley India magazine.
  • Also selected as top 26 startups from India for Angel investment by Zonestartups.


Findvise has been bootstrapped by the founders, so there is no need for initial round of funding. But as it is growing in fast pace with MoM growth rate of more than 200%, now Findvise is in discussion with few renowned angel investors to raise angel round of funding.

website is: www.findvise.com
Android app:  https://goo.gl/VaAuUv
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